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Make Your Own Candy


I used to make tons of candy for the holidays, but not so much anymore.  I’ve been thinking I could do some up for Valentine’s Day coming up, but I need to make some recipe changes.

Would you like to make this?

                                                         Without any of this . . . .

All you need is 3 (or 4) ingredients:

A bag of unsweetened, shredded coconut,

1/4 C. syrupy sweetener like agave, brown rice syrup, or honey,

1 bag of OG dark chocolate chips or chunks,

small bit (maybe 1/4 C.) of honey comb or beeswax (optional)

Bring the sweetener to a rolling boil and remove from the stove.  Add coconut into pan and stir quickly to coat all of the shreds well.  Slightly oil your hands and begin shaping bars as soon as the mixture is cool enough.  You can scoop out spoonfuls while it’s still hot and let them cool on a piece of parchment or a plate before you shape each one.

Chill bars for an hour or so, and slowly melt chocolate on medium heat over a double-boiler, or 2 pans that can act as a double-boiler.  If you aren’t careful you can burn the chocolate and it will turn grainy and crumbly.  Not what you want.  So watch it carefully, and if it gets too thick, drizzle the tiniest amount of non-GMO veggie oil into the chocolate and watch it come back to creamy smoothness.  It’s like a chocolate miracle.  Adding the beeswax to the chocolate makes the candy harden easier and melt slower. You can skip it though, and have a dandy candy with out it.  If you do decide to use honeycomb or beeswax, drop it in with the unmelted chocolate and blend thoroughly as it melts.

If your bars are solid enough stick a fork in them and dip into melted chocolate.  You can also just drop the bars into the chocolate and fish them out with a fork or a candy dipper. Let the  excess chocolate drip off back into the pan before you place them aside to cool and harden.     ENJOY!