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Why You Cryin’?


We as Americans have never witnessed any POTUS in the history of POTUS’ cry in a public forum.  At least not to my knowledge.  So it begs the question. . . what?  Really?  Did he need a nap?  Buck up Barack, you’re leading a nation already!  A nation so wrought with economic despair and vulnerability to destruction from multiple sources within our own borders that it’s making our heads spin. We need strong. Why you cryin’?  I mean I understand why you were cryin’ back in 2008 when your Grammy passed away. Wait, where are all of the pics of your daughters with their GG?  Oh, there are none? Why, because they never met the woman you were so close to that when she shed her mortal coil you couldn’t contain yourself in public?  None of the photos of you with her are less than a 1/4 of a century old, that in and of itself is a puzzle.

Hmmmm,  interesting. . .hadn’t really thought of it in 2008, but now considering he’s cryin’ again, I believe I’m seeing a pattern.

If you believe any other nation is more of a threat to our people than our own, please examine our arsenal vs anyone elses in the world.  We win.  Game over.  We make the wars, and the lies behind the wars.  Wars are for one thing and one thing only, PROFIT for the greedy.  They sacrifice our youth, twists the minds of those watching the regurgitated propaganda on their “tell-lie-vision”, and kill innocents for land, power, and money.

Which brings me to my point.  I didn’t vote for BO this time around.  Although in 2008, I cried real tears of real hope when the guy I was rooting for won, I couldn’t bring myself to vote for him again.  Not that I voted for Rmoney ~ oh, haaaayell no.  I voted Green knowing it would mean but a drop in the bucket for the party.  We did end up with something like .5%, not that much, but enough to show there are some of us who are actually paying attention to the state our nation, nay our planet is in.

Barack had to win.  It was never really a contest.  Had I thought there was a chance that the greater of two evils would have had a remote possibility of winning, I may have spent my vote unwisely and went for Obomber.  I went with my gut, then voted my heart. I would have loved another choice, but this year the GOP kicked it’s own butt.  Firstly, an arrogant running mate with Eddie Munster’s hairline talking about how he believes in the philosophies put forth in Ayn Rand’s writings, was not a real good idea.  What was he saying?  Ayn Rand herself said she hoped her predictions didn’t come true and that she was frightened by what she foresaw.  Paul Ryan is a sophomoric idiot, that hurt the GOP with his poorly planned photo-ops among other lies,  and Rmoney is an unfeeling robot, concerned with only one thing.  Profit, no matter how it’s gained.  I mean really, kennel the dog you cheap bastard!  Or let it ride inside!

For myself it’s the fact that BO was going to get us out of war and he made it even more horrific with drones, and the fact that he hired a bunch of bad guys to overlook exactly what they are destroying that prevented me from voting for him this time around.  A good example would be his ex-Monsatan hirees. Scientific Advisors Sharon Long worked 5 yrs for the M-word before joining Obama’s staff, and plant geneticist Barbara Schaal, was editor of a study done in 2005 claiming a prior study done in ’01 was incorrect in saying GMOs had contaminated native Mexican maize, before she joined the staff. Not surprising she would let lies be spread concerning this atrocity, given she is a former member of the BOD for Monsanto.  Roger Beachy was Dir. of Monsanto’s Danforth Center and now our Dir. of USDA/NIFA, cool right? Islam Siddiqui once a lobbyist for the evil that is Monsanto, now serves as Ag. Negotiator & Trade Rep. Michael Taylor was VP at Monsanto, right before he came to work under Obama as our Sen. Advisor for the FDA and Dep. Commissioner.  And then there’s Hillary, our US Sec. of State, and Senator of the great state of New York. Her Rose Law Firm (yes the one involved in Whitewater) served as counsel for Monsanto.  You can’t make this stuff up.

It becomes clear very quickly as to who pulls our leader’s puppet strings.

While the first lady is out (pre-)tending an organic garden on the white house lawn, and Monsanto is busy only serving non-GMO food in their cafeterias, one begins to get that we’re being played.  GMOs are not safe, or the people who work for Monsanto would have an in-house GMO menu, and Sasha and Malia’s momma would be growing an all GMO garden.

So, why you cryin’ BO?  Who you sheddin’ tears for? Are you really filled with joy to overflowing, or are you sad for the future that you know is ahead?  Maybe you are relieved you weren’t assassinated during your first term, or perhaps you know that by stretching the strings the Oligarchy has tied to you, you may indeed snap one and end up very JFK, or RFK, or even MLK for that matter.

I’m not saying BO hasn’t made a few good decisions, he has.  A few. . .

And perhaps we will see the economy turn around before he steps down.  However if that is going to happen we better see some significant changes very soon, or I’m afraid he won’t have time to reverse this spiral downward in the next four years. That is the least of our worries, believe it or not.

The facts remain that he is advancing Agenda 21, has shown very little regard for the innocent lives he has authorized drone attacks against, and he’s freakin’ killing us with the GMOs! He should be cryin’, tears of shame.


The Day Obama Cried

English: Seal of the President of the United S...

English: Seal of the President of the United States Español: Escudo del Presidente de los Estados Unidos Македонски: Печат на Претседателот на Соединетите Американски Држави. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today was a first for me and I’m sure most of America.  We watched as our POTUS shed tears.  In a very white state like Ohio our first black President cried a little bit.  Gone are the days when men holding positions of high power appear to remain stoic in emotionally impacted situations.  For instance, surviving a 4 year term and still feeling the love in crowds amassing 5 times the size of those gathering on behalf of your opponent.  Gathering voluntarily in Obama’s case, rather than being held in chilly temperatures for hours, then being given grief for wanting to leave as reported to have occurred at a rally for Romney.  What a mind-twisting, game the two parties play.  As council in a court of law, acts one way in front of their client as if they are fighting with all of their muster for justice, when in fact after it’s over both sides prosecutor and defender go off to dinner or cocktails or golf.  Never again to think on the client or how they deceived them into thinking the system is worthy of such extreme investment, both emotionally and financially.  When it’s not.

What most people still refuse to realize is that the POTUS has not got the power they would like to give him.  Believe it or not ~ he has “handlers” and they are instructed by higher echelon who really do run the world. If Obama or any member of high office chooses to buck this well established ancient society of elite. . .Pow! Another dead Kennedy.  Tough truth to be sure, but I needed to get that off of my chest. I’ve said it many times before and every once in awhile it seems to sound with some resonance on those who will listen.  It seems as though the phrase “conspiracy theorist” isn’t as condescending as it used to be.

I’m a mail-in voter. I don’t do lines if I can help it. I live in a rather small town so the lines would be short, but I like it this way.  From the comfort of my own home I can study each issue for days if I wish and color in the bubbles at my leisure. People wonder why I vote at all when I believe the way I do about our government.  As if voting for one of the two parties is what today is all about.  Most people don’t even know that voting for a third party candidate increases funding for future campaigns.  Rates are determined according to the percentage of votes a candidate receives.  In other words, the more Americans that pay attention to a particular third party, the more that particular third party gets paid.  True, these amounts are morsels among the feasts enjoyed by Dems and Reps, yet a morsel is sustenance still.  So, if we only vote for the 2 major parties we limit our options considerably.  We could even eliminate other parties completely, their extinction caused by indifference and apathy.

I believe the two party system is in deep trouble and getting deeper.  I do not in any way believe any of the third party candidates will become POTUS, however I had to vote my heart.  I was unable to vote the lesser of two evils as most chose to do.  I did vote Obama the 1st time around hoping for that change he represented so many years ago. This time I’m a little older and a lot wiser.  Obama will win, this isn’t even a contest.  He doesn’t need my vote.  He does need a little cricket on his shoulder telling him how to shut down the war machine, nuclear power plants, banksters, and more.  I HOPE this time around we do see change.