The Higgs Boson aka “God Particle” Located


Just one of the many things I find amazing.   How will this knowledge be utilized?  Why do we need to know where the “God Particle” is located?  How much did we spend to find out? <–  this will need to be updated. 

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I’m Still Growing


This was written about a week ago and I fully intended to post beautiful pics of how my garden has been progressing but I seem to need a new blackberry, camera, or laptop or perhaps all three!  And it’s not like I have time to shop even online.  So here’s a gorgeous pic of veggies until I can get mine to upload.  Haven’t had rain since this blog, really miss it already.


Today was weird and cold and rainy and it hailed too.  Harumph!  I did make it out to my garden for a moment when the clouds parted, but it began to rain again before I gathered my brunch veggies.  So, inside day spent making brochures for my buddy Farmer Dale.  They turned out pretty good, I’ll need to make a few changes, and make some flyers too.  They are for the Farmer’s Market.  He does woodcrafts as well as sells his organic fruits and vegetables.  It’s because of Farmer Dale and Jay aka Majah Blak of Heavenly Harvest Hydroponics that I even gave organic gardening a try this year.  Still learning, and still so much to learn, but one thing I know is I am hooked.  I will garden now every single day I can for the rest of my life.  I have always had flower beds and a few veggies here and there.  An asparagus patch, a couple of artichokes, some berries, but nothing like the task I’m taking on this year. And all 100% poison free!!!

I have now filled 37 out of 40 boxes in various sizes from 3.5′ sq  to 6′ sq.  The larger ones are very deep about 3′ or so.    There are also some shallow ones about 10″ – 1′ in depth.  I am proud to say all the wood was reclaimed.  Most from a local business called Nor-Cal, they are shipped machine parts in large wooden crates.  We intercepted them before they were hauled off to the “land-full”.   We used leftover siding, and other lumber as well.  My point being that none of the wood was purchased and I have actually 50 boxes.  I may fill all 50, but for now my goal is the first 40.  The soil is a rich mix of something a local mill sells called soil conditioner and lots and lots of cow dookie.  My other 10 boxes are mostly manure so I will be better off not putting anything in them until next year.  I am hoping some of my 40 boxes are not to hot.  It’s still too soon to really tell.

I began with some very easy crops and I recommend every beginner do the same.  Radish, collards, garlic,garlic chive, lettuces, onion, kale, mung beans, soy, pumpkins, corn, squash.  I planted many types of beans but the ones that seemed to do the best are the soy and mung.  I don’t know that any of the navy, black, pinto, kidney, or black-eyed peas will come up. Some of the harder things to grow from seed were the tomatoes, watermelon, some herbs, and cucumbers.  There were even some “sacrificial” seedlings that got up to a certain height and then decided not to live past the transplant.  I understand we have a short growing season and that requires plants to be a certain size before going out to be hardened off.  One of the challenges in our area is extreme weather. Yesterday was over 90 degrees F. and tomorrow the high is predicted at 57.  There will be a frost warning so every tender plant will be covered with straw or plastic water bottles donated from Farmer Dale.  Just cut off the top at the neck for a temporary mini “greenhouse” or cut off the bottom and save the cap top for a mini greenhouse to go through the winter.  Unscrew cap on nicer winter days and keep caps somewhere you won’t lose them. You’ll want to replace them at night and leave them on during snowy days.

I want to share some of the organic tricks of the trade that I have learned from my farmer buddies.  The first amazing thing I was taught was from Farmer Dale who told me to pour all of my pickle juice, pepper juice and any types of brines into a 5 gallon bucket with a lid.  Adding vinegar to this bucket is fine also.  I named this concoction herbacider.  You could actually drink it.  I don’t know who would want to, but the point is it won’t kill anything but weeds.  And it does!!!  Crazy!!  There is no need for poisons.  You have to reapply frequently and make sure not to get any on the plants you want to keep.  Herbacider does not distinguish, it just wipes out everything.  Spray and notice the difference in minutes the weeds start to wilt.  Come back the next day and you’ll notice a definite browning on the edges and more wilting.  Spray as often as you like but I find once every other week is good.  We are burdened with star thistle in our area and people try all kind of poison to no avail. I found this to be an excellent way to get rid of them.  Frequent reapplication is recommended.  I expect as soon as this news gets out the price of vinegar will sky rocket, or Monsanto will buy up all rights to it and make it toxic. 

Another great gardening lesson learned was from my buddy Jay, he was recommending to someone on Facebook that they spray their lettuces with a molasses and water mixture to prevent bugs from eating them up.  I was having the same problem so I did as advised.  Not only did the bugs go away and leave the plants alone, the plants grew about an inch a day for about 4 days.  I wanted to spray again based on the results, but Jay let me know every 2 weeks is fine.  He also helped me understand that the bugs are just doing their job.  They are working to eradicate sick plants from the garden.  So if a plant is getting eaten it is most likely because it is lacking in some nutrient.  The molasses provides the plant sugars needed to promote health.  Spraying it directly on the leaves is the best way, but do this early in the morning rather than in the heat of the day.  Water droplets acts like little magnifiers, and where they stay the sun heats up the leaf and burns it leaving little spots.  Just like taking a magnifier and burning a hole in paper by focusing the rays of the sun to a point.  If you notice the plant is sticky cut back on the amount of molasses in your mix.

Let’s see, weeds, feeds, some bugs, let’s talk more about that.  If you have ants Farmer Dale says to pour cornmeal on the top of  the anthill until it resembles a snow capped mountain.  The ants will eat themselves to death on the meal as it expands and suffocates them from the inside. It also sucks them dry because they can’t get enough water into a bloated, squeezed shut abdomen, and what they can ingest further swells the cornmeal. 

The good bugs are to be recognized and respected.  If you find a few praying mantis eggs in your yard leave them be. I have counted over 20 in my yard and veggie garden.  I feel very blessed as I know each egg will bear 100’s of baby mantis in a month or two.  I love the praying mantis.  It is one of the most beneficial bugs we can have in our garden.  Another is the ladybug, I found a hoard of them and harvested all I could catch (about a dozen) and transferred them to my garden, which already has quite a few.  Never too many ladybugs I always say.  We always called them roly-polys, and as children we would roll them like marbles .  Thank goodness for the pillbug another helper for the gardener.  Leave them be and you won’t regret it.  Of course any pollinator is worth it’s weight in gold in our day and time, learn to recognize them.  It’s not just honey bees that spread the pollination love.  Scary creepy things do too, like bats, and some wasps.  And beautiful butterflies, and hummingbirds are worth welcoming into your garden.  They provide another much needed avenue of transportation for precious pollen.

Plants can be used to deter pests as well.  Onion, garlic, chives, cabbage, brocoli, kale, seem to not only be bug free but are preventing bugs from eating the plants they are in bed with.  This is not 100% but is seems to help quite a bit. When used with the molasses mixture bugs are greatly diminished. A batch of stubborn aphids in the collards is getting a misting of  50-50 Isopropyl alcohol and water.  If that doesn’t do it I’ll add a couple of tablespoons of dishsoap to the next batch of spray and see what the aphids have to say about that! 

Squirrels are a different story.  And dogs who chase them and dig for them in your precious plants, well let’s just say God made canines cute for their own self preservation. . . .spoiled Rottenweiler.

PHONY 2012 or The Oxymoron of War as a Humanitarian Effort


For whatever reason, I was put off by the KONY 2012 video before I even watched it. It just didn’t “feel” right to me.  After about a week or so of seeing it virally posted everywhere, I succumbed to the peer pressure and clicked on it. I was immediately sorry.

I had first heard about the “Invisible Children” project a few years ago when my daughter brought home a t-shirt with the name of the program on it.  The logo was simple and looked as if it could have been created by one of those they were trying to save.  I loved the idea and the t-shirt.  My daughter still has it. I think the message is a good one.

I don’t however think propaganda is anything other than what it is. Bullshit.

A really good sign of this is when the creator of the film wigged out and danced in his underwear on the freeway or peed on someone or roped his doggie in the middle of town or whatever it was he did when he couldn’t live the lie any longer.  Folks’ll do that.  They’ll just wig all the way out if the brainwash doesn’t hold.  Good example = that guy.  I’d be lookin’ for him in the obit section anytime now from an “apparent self-inflicted” whatever it is, or an “accidental fall” from a high window of an old hotel.  Or maybe that was how he saved himself.  Convince people you’ve lost it and your no longer considered a threat to the operation.  Crazy like a fox ~ that masturbates in public. 

As I watched the video, I instantly caught on to how they were promoting violence. We don’t need to fight fire with fire.  We need to quench those hateful fires with peaceful protest, and demonstration. As a people we are convinced that the way to achieve any goal is by bullying and force.  Not true, that is the way to continue a problem. Picture this, trying to “save” the bad guy from running off a cliff by butting heads with him, when all that does is hurt our head. We can simply move aside and let him run off of the cliff. We pompous Americans do not have to fix the world. Give it time, it will fix itself.

Another thing I’d like to address about this propaganda vid is the fact that our government is capable of tracking anyone down anywhere at anytime, (don’t think they can’t) yet really, really bad guys like Kony, Ghaddafi, Bin Laden et. al. seem to somehow elude them with duct tape and palm fronds.  That is, when it’s convenient.  When a boogie man is needed to divert the attention of those who are enthralled with MS media and the fountain of deceit it spouts.  Bait and switch fraud at it’s finest.  Bait = we’re gettin’ us a villain.  Switch = or these 10’s of thousands of civilians that are on mineral rich real estate, so we can rob them of it all.  It’s almost the same thing.   

Fact is most people feel compassion for children if they have none otherwise.  Appeal to that part of our nature and it’s a shoo-in, we will follow the leader who saves kids from bad guys.  Even if it means doing something we wouldn’t in other situations.  Like pick up a weapon and shoot people.  Not that the propaganda vid came right out and said that was the point. The message was hidden (not from me and other truthers) in the plight of “Invisible Children” when it’s really about what they have that we want.

If out government was about protecting children we would never have had the “Monarch Project” where underprivileged children farmed from  charitable organizations like Boy’s Town, are drugged and pimped off to corrupt political leaders to be sexually abused at secret parties and underground meeting places.  Our government only cares about children if they can bring in money for war or satisfy even more perverse needs.   But didn’t Pelosi look good up there when she first came into office?  With a flock of kiddies surrounding her like a veritable Mother Goose.  Then we have Angelina Jolie with all of her kiddies, bringin’ sexy to the battlefield.

Question: How does a whack job who used to wear Billy Bob Thornton blood in a vial around her neck, and by her own father’s admittance, is out there, end up an ambassador of any type for our country?  Can you say Illuminati?  (side note: I don’t know what heroin makes you feel like, but I do know that all the heroin in the world wouldn’t make me feel like doing Billy Bob.)

So, appeal to the women and parents with the Phony 2012 Invisible children propaganda, then grab the others with sex appeal. George Clooney is on the bandwagon too by the way. What level of evil allows these “stars” to promote killing?  Libya, Syria, Afghanistan, are among the many places with resources desired by the greedy warmongers that make money off of death. They are the ones killing children everyday!!! The real truth is these places and the people who inhabit them pose not one ounce of threat to America.  Try telling that to the average Faux News faithful. They will react with violence I bet. It’s been fed to them like pabulum.  They are victims of brainwashing.   How we are in danger of the “Boogie Man” of the year, and need our Big Brother to save us.  Don’t try to tell them anything different.  A great avenue to vent displaced anger, the boogie man.

The TRUTH is that Kony hasn’t even been seen for about 5 years now, believed to be dead already, and his territory of terror was far, far away from where we are looking.  He liked the forest in the North of Uganda.  Yet we’re looking for him where?  Is that him beside that natural gas deposit?  Oh, is he over there behind the oil derrick? I was sure he was just swimming in that pool of precious metals.  It is sick and disturbing.  I am beyond repulsed.  Anyone paying attention sees it’s the same old story. 

If anyone is fooled by this and think we are actually looking for Kony or doing good for the “invisible Children” . . .  they are not fulfilling their full potential as a human being.  And by that I mean check for yourself, stop depending on others for the truth.  With mainstream media twisting and spinning every lie they can in the faces of those who are too tired or flouridated to get up off the couch and do the research for themselves, is it really any wonder?  Honestly, I just want to slap brainwashed Americans awake. But if I do, that means the terrorists win.



There is some argument as to the origin of this healthy beverage, some say it comes from Asian cultures ( you’ll get the pun later), while others say the Japanese and Chinese acquired it from the Russians.  However it came to be I’m grateful.  It is another of the food items usually purchased for far more money than it actually costs to make at home.  It tends to over ferment on the store shelves also, causing it to become very vinegary and unpleasant.  This is not the way to drink Kombucha.  An ideal serving of Kombucha should have only a slightly apple cider vinegar taste, with a hint of effervescense.   There is really no need to wait until it’s so fermented you can use it for rocket fuel.  You won’t want to drink it, it will turn into a large batch of starter, and all your hard work and groceries will have just gone to waste.  Make it to suit your individual taste.  If you like it stronger, by all means let it ferment for a longer time.  I prefer it more palatable.

So, what exactly is Kombucha?  It’s a fermented drink made traditionally from black tea, sugar, and a SCOBY.  You simply make up a gallon of sweet tea using any sweetener, with the exception of artificial sweeteners and honey.  There are some people that say you can use pasteurized honey, however honey is a natural anti-bacterial agent and it will kill the SCOBY so you’re better off not using it.  You can use white, brown, raw, cane, maple crystal, or any of a number of others.  We use whatever we have most of in the pantry at the time.

Umm, and what exactly is a SCOBY?  That’s a little more complicated.  It’s often mistakenly called a mushroom, and in fact in Japan “kombucha” is actually seaweed tea, and the tea we call kombucha is called “kocha kinoko” or “red-tea mushroom”.  It is not however a mushroom.  It is a Sybiotic Culture Of Bacteria and Yeast, hence the acronym.

it looks a little somethin’ like this

The photo above shows a SCOBY ready for shipping.  I used a recycled plate shipper of styrofoam.  The SCOBY pictured above is about the size of a small decorator plate so it is perfect.  If you are interested in mailing these to friends and family I would recommend finding a Granny with a nice plate collection and asking nicely for any mailers that she can spare.  Sanitize them thoroughly with hot, soapy water in case the zip-loc rips, and SCOBY becomes exposed to surface of the styrofoam.  (So far it has never happened, but better safe than sorry right?) This culture was just under 1″ thick.  Quite a beautiful baby, if I do say so myself. Below is a much younger culture. If you look very closely you can see that it is almost see-thru.  This particular baby was less than an 1/8th of an inch thick.   Don’t be afraid you’ll hurt this thing.  It is tougher than it looks.  As a matter of fact I understand there are some types of SCOBYs that are being used to replace leather.  Science is still working on the water absorbance issue.  But still, leather . . . pretty tough stuff.  So no need to put on the kid gloves.  (Which one day could be made of SCOBY, hello).

new baby

If you can’t obtain a full grown SCOBY with starter from a friend, contact me and I can send you some for a fee.  Overnight shipping is mandatory.  If you have saint-like patience you can do as I’ve recently learned is possible, and buy a bottle of raw kombucha as starter and wait for the SCOBY to form on top of your tea. This takes a great deal of time and effort, but the rewards of growing your own mother must be nice.

Now, what do you do with this stuff?

To begin with you will need the following:

1 gallon sweet tea in glass container (sweet tea = filtered water* + 8 bags or 6 tsp. loose leaf tea + 3/4 to 1 C. sugar.) Please do not boil the water before you make the tea.  Heat it to just before boiling and steep tea 5 min for black or longer if using green or white.  Strain into glass gallon jar with sugar.  Stir to melt sugar. Let come to room temp.  (70-72 degrees)

1 pint of starter (fermented kombucha from previous batch or store bought bottle of raw kombucha)

1 SCOBY (not needed if you have raw kombucha combined with the patience of a saint)

Remove a pint or so of tea to make room for starter.  Add starter to room-temperature tea, gently place  SCOBY evenly onto top of tea/starter blend.  it’s okay if it sinks, but better if it floats. If for no other reason than you don’t have to fish for it when it’s time to make a new batch. Cover opening with unbleached coffee filter (ideal) or cotton cloth.  I like to attach with raffia or cotton string, you may use rubber bands or whatever you have.   Kombucha needs oxygen to ferment so please use something suitable to cover it.

Now just wait. . . hmm, hmm, hmm . . .hmm, hmm, hmm.  About 5-7 days in the summer, hmm, hmm,hmm, and up to 10 days in the winter.  It’s best kept at around 70 degrees while in the process of fermenting.  After fermentation is accomplished, remove SCOBY and 1 pint of starter for new batch.

You may add fruit juice to it at this point.  Make sure to use a non-GMO, no HFCS fruit juice if you do.  To add juice you can adjust the ratio to suit your individual taste.   I would recommend no more than 60% juice to 40% kombucha tea.  Of course if you want a stronger tea flavor use less juice.

Once tea is mixed with juice I bottle and cork.  I use recycled Patron bottles, wine bottles, or other corkables.  I also have some nice glass gallon jugs with finger rings (like cider comes in) that I fill up as well.  When you have it blended in the flavor and ratio you desire, place in refrigerator and drink each day.  You can drink kombucha without fruit juice if you’d like.  I prefer with.  I do the 60/40 blend and have been doing that for a long time now.

Make sure you are drinking 4 oz of pure kombucha each day.  So if you are doing a 60/40 that is 6 oz of juice to 4 oz of kombucha, for 10 total oz of beverage.  You may drink half in the morning and half in the evening or all at once any time of the day.  By the very next day your body will be eliminating toxins it’s been holdin’ onto since the 70’s. It’s really immediate and can be somewhat intense if you are really poisoned.  It works by producing something wonderful called glucuronic acid.  Our liver can make this naturally, if it’s not sick or sluggish.  The kombucha helps promote as well as add to the amount of glucuronic acid in the liver, thereby detoxifying and cleansing a very important organ responsible for eliminating poisons from our system.

Do not do kombucha if you take any hormone replacement drugs or are on remicade for Crohn’s or arthritis.  This could result in something called lactic acidosis.  You don’t want none ‘a that.

Have fun experimenting with different teas, juices, and sweeteners.  I hope you enjoy this drink and that it brings you optimum health.

*do not used distilled or purified.

I Got the Feva’


Whew, did I need me some springtime.  I haven’t been indoors long enough lately to be able to blog.  Had to hike and explore and clean and start my garden.  Oh, let me start there. . . my happy place.  Several raised beds varying in size from 3.5 sq. ft. to 6 sq. ft., enclosed in what can only be called a maximum security penitentiary for plants.  I teased the hubster that they weren’t going anywhere.  He scowled, (take a joke mister) and told me it was for the free range cattle and deer.  I looked around.  I didn’t see any.

I asked him to leave the pig-wire off of at least one box.  It makes for rather difficult access to my sproutlings. He did what I asked.

I hate it when he’s right.


One of the herd, that made herself right to home. I call her “Luck-bone”.                                                         As in: “get on home, Luck-bone, hyah”. . .  ’cause I’m all cowgirl like that.


This is at the top of 10′ poles.


Deer fur about 9 ft up, ‘nuf said

So, now after “Big Red” the free range heifer got caught up in the maze of boxes, (she was like a land bound whale with fur) and the deer made a meal or two of my spinach and kale, I’m beginning to understand the barbed wire. I drove Big Red out using my broom handle as a staff, but I never caught the deer. All they left behind was the evidence, nibbled plants, heart-shaped hoof prints, and a few little “gifts”. Honest to goodness, wild food flourishing by the creek, unfenced and open for the taking.  Yet, critters are drawn like magnets to the plants we throw our love and energy into.  It’s really a miracle when you think about it.  An irritating miracle.  Despite the fact animals are drawn to love energy, and I am fascinated by this, now, as the kids are saying, it is on. It’s gonna look like a FEMA camp around that garden, and  I’ll be like Papillon’s Dega without the piglets. (I’m practicing my Hoffman).

The rancher came and drove his cattle off of my land after so many times of them walking right through the fence.  It was not built to keep cattle in or out, and is in need of repair, (Big Red and the girls are not helping!) so that is a project on the list.  The fence posts are all still good and we have new wire, it’s just a matter of having the time to string it.  Oh, not me, no I’m never gonna’ be that country.  I’m a little country, but it hardly shows. Maybe when I get my boots.

Being drawn to the country makes me a little bit so, but if it’s extremely dangerous like barbed wire, I go all East Bay instantly.  I can get hurt out here people, I ain’t lyin’.  I smashed my pointer finger moving boulders the other day so hard, I honestly thought I would faint dead away from the shock.  I literally staggered into the house trance-like and into the kitchen for a bowl of ice water, as blind as Stevie Wonder the whole time. The freezing water numbed it, but otherwise didn’t help much. The pain traveled up my arm into my chest and back and ribs, it was so intense!  There are so many nerve endings in the tip of the finger, I was made instantly aware of every single one of them.


                                 Bad finger blues ~ see the lightning bolt? It’s still there.

Then it dawned on me, I’m a healer, I could heal me.  Hey, what an idea.  So I did my bid’ness, and the pain subsided after about 5-10 minutes. The finger was still wicked purple, and so swollen I couldn’t bend it, but the blinding pain was gone. I should heal me more often. So now here it is about a week later, and there is virtually no sign of injury other than a teeny, tiny red lightning bolt at the end of the finger.  I’m not certain but I think this could mean that now I’ll be able to shock people at will (even without the aid of fuzzy socks and carpeting). Right out my bad finger.  ZZZzzaaappp!!  Watch out! Don’t try me now ~ I got a superpower y’all.  Hope I don’t hurt myself with it.

Another thing I’m doing that I have wanted to since I moved to the country more than 2 decades ago, is photo journal the wild food and medicine plants as they grow in their natural habitats.  Many books, blogs or other information on the subject seems to show the plant in it’s fully mature stage and most people don’t know what to look for otherwise.  My idea is to show how the wild flower or herb looks in several stages of it’s life so folks don’t accidentally remove a beneficial herb believing it to be a noxious weed.

I have so much to share, but first I need to get back outside, I’m wasting daylight.

Bohemian Boy’s Club


You can ignore the truth if you choose to, but when it’s been exposed so vividly from behind the lies that have been perpetuated for so long, it does become much harder to deny.

click image to read summary

check out what wikipedia has to say about it

And just what is this “Cremation of Care Ceremony”?

I honestly couldn’t care less if a bunch of bourgeois  wind bags  got together to worship a moss covered owl named Molech, and burn effigies to show how they despise compassion.  My concerns are they are  the world leaders and they aren’t playing a game.  If it were a game why go to all the trouble to get everything so precise.  Because it is a ritual, not game play.  It is acted out for a specific purpose.  The audience of males only is caught up in the over the top Disney production-like drama of the experience and really becomes a collective spirit.  Now if this were a spirit that promoted kindness and say, didn’t burn in effigy something that represents compassion, I’d be like – whoo hoo!  Spread that love and kindness nature freaks. However, that doesn’t seem to be the case does it?  No it seems that our world leaders think it’s foolish to care or to have compassion for your fellow humans.  They put more value in dressing in drag and having an all boy party.  Not that there’s anything wrong with that.  Unless, it’s mean . . . which is evil.  And therein lies the rub.

Controlled Opposition


What is the purpose of “Controlled Opposition”?  Is it possible the Occupy Movement was begun by “Big Brother”?  Does it matter who starts a movement if the outcome is beneficial?  Will we see positive changes this spring?

At first glance it looks like America and the rest of the planet is coming to it’s senses.  It would appear we are “mad as hell, and we’re not going to take it anymore”.  And then you might begin to add 2 and 2.  The first thing that struck me as funny is the whole “anonymous” issue.  Here we are wanting freedom and justice for Julian Assage and his Wikileaks business, and Bradley Manning for exposing military corruption, yet a good portion of the activists are running about incognito.  That, for me, did not jive.  Then I saw it was founded by a group called AdBusters.  Right away the name made me question what would they be doing creating an entire global movement, they sound like they should be clipping coupons for Ralph Nader.  Next I began to notice small things that sort of gave it away.  For instance, the propaganda catch-phrase for the era, the “new normal”.  (Hey Jamie Lee Curtis, you know where you can pack your Activia?)  It is pumped out of the ms media like they’re trying to make it real. Another item not enough people are noticing is the government making preparations for an emergency of immense proportions. One that they need ammunition for. Lots of it. More than rubber bullets and pepper spray. There has also been a lot of preparation of FEMA camps for some reason.  Hmmm, 2 + 2, are we seeing the pattern here people?

So why?  If they wanted to imprison us couldn’t they just start rounding us all up and hauling us off?  Why go through all of the trouble to create this facade?  Who would they get to haul us off?  If the word got out about the AGENDA, who would continue to work for the elite?  The 1% has no force without the people.  In order to get the sheeple to follow their lead they must first convince the masses that they are doing the right thing.  If you watch Faux news or really any ms media news broadcast you would see it in a completely different light than that portrayed in live feeds via the internet.  There is a definite bias in the way it is being presented to the public.  Very little was said about the 700 pilots who participated in the OWS movement early on.  Most of the televised news showed radical hippie types, some just there for the party.

Most of America will feel it is perfectly fine if the protesters are sent to FEMA camps and held there according to the new NDAA standards, indefinitely.  They are being brainwashed into believing it is for the safety of America.

Here’s the rub. . . it’s not working the way the powers that be had planned.  It seems to have taken off at a  much more local level that they would have previously imagined.  You see, they had a global event in mind.  One that would scare the pants off of the average Joe.  A threat of a WWIII perhaps.  Something that would make us want to be protected by a world leader.  Instead they got actual change, actual movement in the right direction.  Instead of producing the violent outbursts they have been provoking, people (cops included) are staging peaceful demonstrations and continuing to do so even under persecution and threat of attack.  The internet had exposed things that would have otherwise gone unnoticed, and folks are coming out to stand up for their beliefs and their rights.

There is a controlled opposition in process, however it’s not as big as the cosmic forces that guide us all.  We are in for a major change soon.  I for one, cannot wait to see what the future brings.  It’s not something to fear, it’s something to be in awe of.  History in the making, and we are part of it.

One Race ~ Human


Sweet tea, Skittles, an emergency alert medical pendent . . . in America today these things can get you shot to death.  That is if you’re black.

Richard Chamberlain Sr. fought for our country, HIS country . . . and where did it get him.  He raised a respectable, intelligent son that seems through his television appearances, letters and fb posts to be both strong and kind.   Some of that had to have come from his father.

Richard Chamberlain Sr.

So how does it happen? How is a man murdered by those very men his taxes paid to protect and serve him?  And in the “safety” of his own home, where he should have felt secure.  How does a good man accidentally alert the police through a “medical” alert pendant?  Is White Plains, NY so strapped for cash that a medical team wasn’t available?  And let’s say it is entirely appropriate for cops to respond in a situation like this. I wouldn’t know, I don’t have a medical alert pendant and I’ll damn sure not get one now.  If I’ve fallen, I’ll just stay the hell there.

It seems logical that NY cops would be trained to handle medical as well as many other types of emergencies.  It would therefore hold to reason that in the process of that training the officers would be shown proper procedure for responding to a medical as well as any other type of emergency. Maybe these guys were absent from cop school that day.

Or maybe racism is still rampant in the good ol’ USofA.

If not for Treyvon would we even have known of the Richard Chamberlain Sr. case?

Treyvon and his father

Zimmerman is an example of how the system really works.  If your daddy is a Judge you can do any crime you want, including murder and nothing at all will be done about it. Zimmerman literally stalked Treyvon Martin, then chased him down and shot him in cold blood.  He stood astride him and watched as he lay dying in the rain soaked street.   This was a thrill kill.  Zimmerman is also the product of his raising just the same as Mr. Chamberlain Jr is.  Judge Zimmerman has gotten his son out of trouble many times in the past.  Meanwhile pics of Treyvon flipping the bird and flashing a gold plate “grill”, are meant to make us think he was some kind of thug.  And the empty baggie in his pocket with traces of marijuana in it that’s supposed to show us he was a drug dealer too.  I don’t care if the baggie was full of weed.  That’s still not a good reason to kill a kid.  There aren’t words to describe this feeling I have when I see his mother before the cameras trying her best to hold it together. One mother to another, I can only imagine her pain.  The hopelessness of realizing your son’s murderer may walk, scot free.  Not to mention the added pain of seeing how the media is doing such a great job of portraying Treyvon as the criminal, and his murderer as the victim.

So what in the name of all that is holy happened?  How is it that a man, a veteran at that, is in his comfortable bed asleep one moment and in the next he’s taken from this earth, just gone.  Nothing left but a memory.  His death brought on by unneccesary egotism, misplaced power, racism, and ignorance.  And it took 5 months for us to hear about it.  We may have never heard about it if not for the Trayvon Martin tragedy. Is it a coincidence the “99%  Spring” is upon us?  I can’t make sense of any of it.  Of course, there are theorists who would say it is all part of the “controlled opposition” plan.  It would in theory be the beginning of a government “created” uprising.  This would then, (in theory,) be good cause for masses to be detained and transported to the FEMA camps throughout the nation. Then the theorists claim humans will systematically be killed off, saving only the finest specimens for future breeding.  Several flaws in that plan gub’ment, not the least of which is that you are having humans do your bidding.  Humans have feelings, well, some still do.  So they recognize things like love, and pain, and loss of freedom, and sorrow about the state of the world in the faces of the protesters.  Another thing not taken into consideration is that the world is watching now. Through social media we are able to see things the media moguls who pull the politicians puppet strings would otherwise censor.  We see you gub’ment.  We are watching you.

Boooo, boooooo, Mayor of White Plains, you’re not doing your job.  An apology? A verbal apology? Five months later?  That’s all you got?  I hope you don’t expect to be re-elected. It should never have taken so long for us to hear about this, let alone our rights be recognized, action be taken, or justice in any way served.  Shame on the White Plains city officials. Shame on you. I hope you are soon held accountable and the officers who committed this murder brought to justice while the world watches.

Here is the NPR account of the Chamberlain murder

Below is a letter written by Richard Chamberlain Jr. to his father

Dear Dad:   Words cannot explain how much “I MISS YOU.” I know that in our last conversation you told me you loved me before getting off the phone and I told you the same but I also live with a feeling that I could and should have done some things differently in our relationship. Although I was independent as a very young child I always knew you were there in the background and maybe subconsciously it made things a little better but one thing is for sure you never realize just how much you miss someone until they are not there anymore. As each day goes by I miss you more and more.   I am apologizing Dad for not being the best son that maybe I could have been. I think of you every day and every night as I lay my head down to rest I still don’t know why it had to be this way, but God knows why and maybe one day it will be revealed to me. Is God trying to get my attention? Well he definitely has it and whatever steps have been ordered I am no longer afraid to follow. You will always be in my heart and in my soul and I guess it’s true that I am more like you than I realized. All of the strength that I have; you instilled in me. I love you for the person that I have become today. When you died it felt like a piece of me went with you.

You will be forever missed and loved. So until we meet again, DAD. I LOVE YOU and MISS YOU DEARLY.

You’re Son Kenneth Chamberlain Jr.



My daughter crafted this candle in 2005, I placed it in a windowsill and it was March of ’07 before we noticed how the sunlight came through the bent glass of the jar to form this shape.

When I see hearts I’m reminded of one I’ll cherish always.


I walked into the Charter School site with my two youngest. They ran off to join their peers as my eyes searched the room for a place to busy myself in volunteerism.  I scanned the room and our eyes met.  There he was, a smile as bright as the sun, eyes that twinkled with mischievous excitement, and a face that lit up the room,  It was love at first sight.

Nevermind I was in my early 4o’s, and he was a 13-year-old gay kid.  He walked right up to me and started touching my long hair. At the time it was down to the top of my thighs.  We became fast friends and from that day forward whenever we saw each other his hands were in my hair.  He would tie it in knots, tie it to chairs, ladder rungs, cabinet doors, and drawer handles.  He tied pencils into it, and bangle bracelets, feathers, pipe cleaners, legos, ribbon, (yes tied my hair around ribbon, not ribbon around my hair) and a plethora of other small items. Some days I looked like a voodoo wind chime.

He asked me for a ride home the first day we met, and I said fine as long as it was okay with his mother.  It became a regular occurrence.  Once when Michael was home from working away he decided to drive the kids to and from the site.  We were going down a back road discussing which bills were paid, and which still needed to be, when Jeremiah and I spotted the runaway horse heading right for the road.  There was a very worried cowboy on a quad-runner trying to catch up before it made past the gate.  Mike’s reaction was to speed up to try to beat the horse to the crossing point.  (He has issues.)  The rest of the family including Jeremiah didn’t think that was a good idea. We were right.  As I screamed obscenities while in solemn prayer, Mike hit the brakes hard to avoid crashing into the horse. It ran in front of our van with only inches to spare. Jeremiah’s body lunged painfully forward, his head instantly appeared in between the front seats.  In a split second, he looked me in the eye and asked calmly, “did you say the car insurance is paid?”.   And plop, just as fast he was thrown back into his seat.  Just like that what could have gotten very ugly, (I was ready to tear into Michael) became nothing more than a hilarious memory.  That was my Jeremiah.

On one of our rides home without Michael, he told me he’d been taken from his mom at some point and put into a hospital. He showed me his arms and said he’d fallen into a window while jumping on his bed and cut them both. I turned my arm over and showed him what it looks like when your arm actually does go through a window accidentally.  We were both silent as I placed my arm next to his to compare the jagged scar on mine to the neat uniform cut marks on both of his.

I told him how much I loved him and how much I would suffer if anything at all were to ever happen to him. I held his hand for a few seconds.  We drove the rest of the way home in silence.

He tried so hard not to be gay.  It almost made me angry.  He’d been convinced by his grandmother (who by the way loved him very much and thought she was doing the right thing), and her church, that gay people are evil and are all bound for hell. He was a very good boy, and wanted to please God and did every good deed imaginable to show it.  If only he’d been given faith to match his works.

Once during an election year, the assignment was to make campaign posters concerning issues the kids felt strongly about. I walked into the room to see the posters laid out everywhere. One was on adoption rights for gays. I was so proud of Jeremiah.  I thought he had come out. Not to the world, we already knew. I was happy he had come out to himself and stopped trying to hide who he was.  I went to look for him to offer my support and to tell him how brave he was, but he was gone.  The poster had offended him and so had the girls who invited him into their poster making team.  I wanted to find him, track him down, let him know it would all be okay.  I had to deal with my own kids though and never got around to it that day.

He always had a comment about my shoes or my bag, and he would grab my hands and carefully examine them to see the mani, and polish. He called me Karen after the character on “Will and Grace”.   I was bent over him helping him on his computer, our faces were inches from each other.   Something I said made him giggle and call me Karen Walker.  Our eyes met and held.  “Who does that make you then, my dear,” I said solemnly.  I could see him thinking, I hugged his back and we continued his assignment.

My best friend works in the system and for whatever reason felt compelled to report to me on each suicide that year.  By March 22nd our small community had been plagued by them. We were hearing of them on average of about one per week. It was unheard of.  That morning she called to report another tragedy.  “Why are you telling me this?” I asked her, annoyed that she felt it necessary.

“Well, I think this one . . . is one of yours.”

Of course, she didn’t mean a child I had birthed, she meant one of my many non-biological children that I treated as if they were my own. I couldn’t find my breath.  I whispered into the phone for her to tell me who.  She said Zackary Duff was his name and he was a senior from the same charter school I took my kids to. Relieved I told her no, that I didn’t know him, although I was unusually and deeply touched with sadness.  Much more than if it were someone I hadn’t known. Twelve suicides in as many weeks in our small town, it was starting to get to me.

That’s when the hearts started coming from everywhere.  Stones, clouds, puddles, ice chips, potato chips, they were everywhere! Once we were playing with a balloon and it popped. When I went to pick it up, we saw it landed in the shape of a heart. I took this picture.

The family would laugh at how many hearts would be thrown into my path in the next few days.  Then the laughter ended.

I found out he had changed his name.  He’d been going by his middle name and his father’s last name.  He had come out, and in the process reinvented himself. He’d gone and met his father and it changed his entire way of looking at life.  The kid I knew as Jeremiah Green had been calling himself Zachary Duff.

Jan Pickens ( she has since changed her name twice) called me to tell me about the funeral, that was when I found out it was Jeremiah.  The neighbors could hear me wailing from down the road.  I couldn’t stop, it just kept coming out of me. I was on my knees begging God, asking why, why my baby, why my good boy. He was the one who rushed to help little old ladies with their groceries, he was the one who was always there when you needed a hand, to help with any burden, he was a good one. . . why?

I had heard Jan Pickens make racial as well as gender biased slurs, which was one of the reasons she was no longer my children’s Educational Facilitator.  That and the fact she was an emotionally unstable pill-poppin’ nut bag. However, she was still involved in Jeremiah’s life through the charter.  He had met with her on Monday, March 21st, 2007, and during the one-hour meeting asked her which bridge would she jump from if she were going to do such a thing. The response given to this child by someone I call a “whore of Satan’s harem” was to direct him to Pioneer Bridge.  She is a child murderer in my opinion.  She knew exactly what she was doing.

Jeremiah jumped from Pioneer on Thursday, March 22nd, 2007.  He was only 18. My Mother in an effort to console me days after the funeral said, “he was too good for this world”.  It is the truth. He was.  Far too good for the likes of Jan Pickens and other horrible cold-hearted monsters like her.  I miss him so much.  There will never be another ‘Miah.  Me, oh, ‘Miah . . . I miss you more than words can say.  It’s been 5 years and I still can’t listen to “Girls Just Wanna’ Have Fun” (any version) without tears. Not what you want as you stroll through the produce aisle at the local supermarket.

His funeral was packed. Standing room only. People were overflowing into the parking lot.  One of the most touching eulogies was given by an elderly woman with a walker and an oxygen tank. She was one of many older folks in attendance. She struggled and puffed to get up and into the aisle. Gathering her strength through her emotions she simply said, “Jeremiah, was my friend”.  I was trembling with sorrow.

In the way of the traditional people, I cut my hair in mourning.  I went to my hairdresser who had done it for me before.  In silence, she braided it tightly and sheared it to right above my elbows.  This time I didn’t wrap it in red cloth with sage sprigs, I didn’t bury it or burn it in a fire.  I gave it to Jeremiah’s Mother and told her to send it with him to his resting place.  It seemed like the right thing to do considering how much he enjoyed it while he was here.

Matthew 7:1

What’s the Plan Man?


In case of emergency, would you

A ~ Run to Mommy

B ~ Cry out, “APOCALYPSE” and faint

C ~ Continue watching “Hoarders”

D ~ Grab your pre-prepared “emergency kit” and follow your “safety plan”.

For those who choose D, I may be able to help.

I have a pantry that is pretty much emergency ready with dry goods that could last for many months if not years, so our best bet would be to “hold out” for as long as we could in our own country home.  We have a well too. The pump runs on electricity so there needs to be an alternative power source, and then the water supply would also be plenty.

If you have a place to hold out you are fortunate. Your “hold out” should have a reliable and well-tested, alternate source of power.  A generator is recommended if you aren’t on solar or other alternative energy source. However this takes gas so seriously consider the daily requirements for your emergency needs.

It is good to have a wood stove, BBQ, or alternative cooking source that would help save gas for powering lights if needed. Keep wood stockpiled in a dry place, away from the exterior wall of your house.  This helps prevent bugs from traveling from the wood into your home, as well as preventing mildew where the wood traps moisture against the house.

Keep a fully stocked pantry if possible.  Most homes are built with a pantry.  If you have one, do yourself a favor and keep it well stocked.  I don’t mean with Snickers and Lay’s.  You will need real food if you want to survive a disaster of any sort.  Dehydrated foods are the best if forced to travel simply because they are light-weight. However regular dry goods are perfect for the hold outs. Even if you don’t live in a home with a pantry, somewhere in your home is a space you can designate for this purpose.  Storm cellars, or basements are perfect for stocking a survival pantry. Take advantage of these spaces if you have them available. Don’t just use them to store Grandpa’s neckties, or Aunt Lulu’s troll doll collection. Look at ways to make the space livable also. You could be there awhile, so stock it with books, board games, art and writing supplies. Anything to keep you busy.

Here are a few items from my pantry:

Beans ~ there are approximately 100 lbs in my pantry at this moment of various kinds.

Rice ~ I also have many pounds of rice in different types.  (Brown and wild rice will turn stale after a while so use them up regularly, and replace with fresh)

Grains ~ take your pick there are so many to choose from, main grain in my pantry is Oats, and there are perhaps 40 plus pounds in gallon size glass jars.  Use a grain that can be made into flour fairly fast and easy.  Oats are soft and easy to pulverize into a great flour. Keep plenty of flour made and ready too.

Canned Foods ~ this is up to your individual taste, but I would say once again to think healthy.

Water ~ this is actually out in the pump-house in 5 gallon jugs which would take up too much space in the house. Fill now, filter later I say. Oh yeah, get a water filter.  They’re not that expensive unless you go all out.  Depends on whether you’re a Brita or a Berkey type of person. You can spend $20 or $2000.

I realize that the above plan may not be an option in a forced evacuation situation, so I have a list of items to go into large bins to carry out in that case.  This is what we would be taking:

Water : 1 gallon, per person, for an estimated 3-7 days. (I like to have 30 gallons on hand for the 4 of us which is more that DHS recommends of 1 gal per person for a 3 day period.) FYI, in most homes the water heater is a 50-75 water tank. You can use the water in the tank in case of emergency*

Food:  This is where it pays to know about wild foods and where they’re located in your area.  In an emergency you won’t be eating the same amount you would in a relaxed situation.  Take this into consideration.  You may be able to get by on 2 meals a day rather than 3.  If you bring dehydrated foods make sure you bring extra water to re-hydrate your meals.  Also, look carefully at what you have to bring. Is it nutritious, or is it empty calories?  Do you have the right things to cook the food with? (can opener, knife, spatula, etc.)  How about to eat it with?

Fire: If you can, get a magnesium fire starter with a striker. There is also a very cool device called a Sunlighter that I’d like to try. Check it out here.  If neither of these are available get a bunch of water-proof matches, or at the very least a pack of lighters in an air-tight container. (Option for hold-outs would be tiki torches with plenty of oil). Fire is very important. You will need it to cook, to keep warm and for emergency signals.

Clothes: Think camping trip.  Layer upon layer of clothes that can also be used as protective wear. Durable pants, and coats with lots of pockets.  Shoes that are comfortable and sturdy, you’ll want to be ready for walking.  Also, it wouldn’t hurt to bring a hat and plenty of bandanas.

Signaling and Communication Devices: Of course a huge bonfire is going to get attention, however what if it isn’t possible to build a bonfire. In that case you’ll need a small mirror or another flat, shiny metal plate to reflect light with.  This is to aim at rescue teams in the air or across terrain. Flash it by moving it up and down to catch sunlight.  Other items you may want to include are hand-cranked flashlight, and radio.  There are solar-powered options for radios and flashlights, however you would need to be in the sun for those to work.  Sunshine may not always be available. 

First Aid Kit:  These are available pre-made or you can put one together yourself.  I have an herbal kit from a local supplier Bear Wallow Herbs.

But it’s not impossible to put one of your own together if for some reason you can’t get it already made.  I’ll post later on how to put one together.  Make sure you add tapes, gauze, ace bandages, scissors, alcohol wipes, butterfly band-aids, regular adhesive band-aids (best to get cloth type, instead of plastic) and any family medications you might need.

Some extras:  I think it’s a good idea to burn important docs to disc or a mem card.  Also think about doing this for family pictures. You’ll need a water proof container to store these in.  And make sure to keep them in the safest place possible, to reduce the chance of losing them.  If you or a family member has any medication that they need to bring also put in water proof container.  Consider folks in wheelchairs or with prosthesis and give extra time for evacuation in these cases. A very solemn decision is to be made when considering whether or not the pets will travel with you. Some will have run off so the hard choice is made for you, but if possible I would take the family pet. I understand this goes against the advice of many a survivalist, however it’s the way I would have to do it. And one more thing, a sturdy heavy-duty needle and some very strong thread. (very handy for shelter building)

It is a good idea to hold a family meeting to discuss where you will all meet up if you are apart when the emergency occurs.  You can print info cards for each member to have on them at all times. With little kids this isn’t as easy but keep trying. (make extra cards)  These cards should include the individual’s name and address, with any special considerations such as allergies, or illness like asthma or diabetes.

It’s a very positive thing to prepare for a negative situation.

* Most modern water heater tanks hold enough water to keep an average person alive for a month or more. This is a great reason to keep it sediment free. There is a valve on it that looks just like a garden faucet.  Attach a hose to that drain valve and turn to open it. If you haven’t done so already, make sure you run water out of the tank to remove any built up sediment that has collected at the bottom. Save this water to flush toilets or for initial cleaning. (rinse with the purer stuff.) Make sure you turn off the electrical breaker to the tank or unplug it to prevent damage when electricity comes back on.