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Off to See the Wizard


gun control

As with most things in life there are no absolutes, therefore for me to say I’m always one way or another, or never a way or the other would not be factual. I envy the close-minded somewhat, in that they have the ability to shut down the thought process and form bigoted opinion that prevents them from ever having to give it any brain energy. Follow, follow, follow, follow, follow the yellow . . .aahh you know the rest.
So this whole gun control issue, it seems to have stirred up quite the controversy here in the States. People are working on an entirely material/physical level and not at all looking at the real picture. The majority aren’t getting that we really don’t need automatic weapons. Of course, the crazier the flying monkeys in the government get the more folks want to protect themselves from them in any way that they can. Who can blame people?
I think that weapons aren’t as necessary as we’ve been led to believe. Put in the wrong hands, as they often are, they have proven to be more of a detriment to our society than a help. And by wrong hands I mean the majority of the cops, (not all, remember the absolutes thing) who maybe have issues with power. Isn’t there a psych test for that??? If they only had a brain. . .a heart. . .a soul. . . some morals. . .
Let me tell you about someone I’ll call the Tin-Man. When we brought my stepson to our home in the country for the first time he was 9. His Dad had purchased a quad-runner to occupy his time. His first ride out into the hills he came across a suicide by carbon monoxide. The county sent out the Tin-Man who seemed nonplussed and shook his head when I asked if he thought this would be something we might want to get a 9 yr-old a counselor for. In retrospect I should have followed my own instincts. It was later I found out that on another day the Tin-Man had been driving the comp’ny SUV full of cases of beer and guns out on the river road to the rifle range. Good ol’ boys mentality ~ day off, do as ah’ damn please. He’d already knocked back a few and his senses must have been dulled when the little old lady came around the tight corner in the opposing lane. If he’d only had a heart. The tragedy intensified by his promotion to Sergeant immediately after. The family of the little old lady was never given solace nor compensation, not even for her funeral. Tin-Man was later let go when (again driving drunk) he got into another wreck. The damage was minor, and not a soul was lost in the fender-bender, but Tin-Man had made the mistake of hitting another cop car during a small town night parade. We definitely cannot have that. Here you see guns may not have had a part in the killing of the victim but rather promoted a sense of false power in a man who otherwise had none. Guns + socio/psychopath = not a good idea.
Now for the Cowardly Lion, remember his needs are courage, and maybe a little something for his hyper-salivation. My first-born and his father came home from a ride with their eyes wide and shaken up from what they had just experienced. They were well within the confines of law in regards to safety mechanisms attached to their vehicles. In other words their bikes were legal and safe, with no chance of catching any dry grass or woods on fire from wayward sparks. The Cowardly Lion had been given credence by the Neighborhood Watch folks as their leader, and he had his flock of middle-aged groupies surrounding his lawn chair, as well as his arsenal and enough beer to make the Tin-Man jealous, to prove it. It seems that in his drunken stupor he felt it was a good idea to fire shots from his .44 magnum over the heads of my husband and son to get their attention. He got it and later, mine too. His logic for his actions? He wanted to make sure they had spark protectors on the bikes. I made a few phone calls and that was his last day in the lawn chair. I still get mad when I think about it and it was over a decade ago. He never would return my calls, didn’t have the courage I guess. Small town, word gets out and back around anyway. He stayed hid, and we never (that’s one true absolute) heard from the Cowardly Lion again.
The Straw Man could be so many brain-dead gun carriers it’s hard to fill his role with a single player. He could be the other Neighborhood Watch Commander who pulled a carload of us over because he thought we were drinking in the car. I was in the back, seated between two large men, trying to discourage the driver from stopping the car for another civilian. That was when I saw him get out of the car and draw down, it was all the two men could do to hold me back. By the time the ancient ball of fart dust made his way to the car, I had already told him my rights, his rights, and a couple of what I had lefts. He was a shaky old fuss budget and he had no business being behind the wheel of a car with the same description, let alone packin’ heat. Neighborhood Watch doesn’t exist in our sub-division any longer. If they’d only had a brain.
These stories of tragedy and near tragedy are paled by comparison to the current events and recent history events of mass shootings by so-called “lone gunmen”. Truth is truth, we have more weapons than we will ever need. Yeah, guns are cool, they make loud noise, they’re powerful. But what else are they? Overused. Treated as playthings. The cause of so much sorrow and pain.
I don’t think I’m afraid of the “Gun” part of “Gun Control” as much as the “Control” part. Yes, I agree we need better regulations. Something that would prevent guns from being used in the same time frame one consumes alcohol would be a good start for instance. Maybe a built-in breathalyzer on the scope? At present it seems guns and booze go together like a redneck jigsaw puzzle. Yeee haaaww! Do we drink and do other dangerous sport? Drunk sky-diving? Bungee jump baked? Surfing sloshed? So how is it that the marriage of guns and booze seems to be accepted as natural?
The other concern I would address would be guns in the hands of power-hungry oddballs behind a badge. What is really going on here? Increased and regularly repeated psych evaluation for any cop who wants to pack. Otherwise grab your tazers boys and girls, and a stick and a badge, but leave the gun in the lock box. And the first sign of unnecessary aggression and there goes the bang bang. Earn those bullets back like Barney Fife if actions require it for the safety of others. So many have lost their lives at the hands of over zealous cops that it tends to deter from any heroics performed that may truly honor them. Please let me be clear here by saying there are still heroes on the force, and the fact they are in the minority makes them all the more brave for their actions. I would like to see this turn around in my lifetime, is it just a dream?
Can I click my heels together now?
My father taught me to shoot when I moved to the country. I wasn’t as interested in learning as I could have been. He felt safer for me learning and so I did. I’m an okay shot. I never felt the need to use a fire arm yet. The cougar that had eaten all of my grandfather’s pet pygmy goats was still at large long after the grandparents and the goats were gone and living in the cave behind the property. I wanted to feel safe when my children went down by the creek. Rather than hunt her down I spoke to her in the ways of the Traditional People. Heart to heart, after deep prayer, I explained that as a cougar she was wise but not as wise as a human and the wisest thing to do for a cougar in her situation was to move it’s habitat so as not to be a perceived threat or danger to my children. I gave the message that this would end badly for her. The cougar was never seen after that day. I didn’t need the gun, others may have rather used it, I like my way better.
Not exactly pro or con guns, I can see how for some they might need them to feel safe from wild animals or other intruders. For way too many though they seem to be extensions of a sick society that praises power and war over love for one another and peace. Which is where the “Control” part needs to be addressed. I in no way think the government should have all of the guns and civilians none. That is trouble waiting to happen, it’s the absolutes thing. We want a natural balance. We might never get it perfect, but we can strive toward that goal, absolutely.


Controlled Opposition


What is the purpose of “Controlled Opposition”?  Is it possible the Occupy Movement was begun by “Big Brother”?  Does it matter who starts a movement if the outcome is beneficial?  Will we see positive changes this spring?

At first glance it looks like America and the rest of the planet is coming to it’s senses.  It would appear we are “mad as hell, and we’re not going to take it anymore”.  And then you might begin to add 2 and 2.  The first thing that struck me as funny is the whole “anonymous” issue.  Here we are wanting freedom and justice for Julian Assage and his Wikileaks business, and Bradley Manning for exposing military corruption, yet a good portion of the activists are running about incognito.  That, for me, did not jive.  Then I saw it was founded by a group called AdBusters.  Right away the name made me question what would they be doing creating an entire global movement, they sound like they should be clipping coupons for Ralph Nader.  Next I began to notice small things that sort of gave it away.  For instance, the propaganda catch-phrase for the era, the “new normal”.  (Hey Jamie Lee Curtis, you know where you can pack your Activia?)  It is pumped out of the ms media like they’re trying to make it real. Another item not enough people are noticing is the government making preparations for an emergency of immense proportions. One that they need ammunition for. Lots of it. More than rubber bullets and pepper spray. There has also been a lot of preparation of FEMA camps for some reason.  Hmmm, 2 + 2, are we seeing the pattern here people?

So why?  If they wanted to imprison us couldn’t they just start rounding us all up and hauling us off?  Why go through all of the trouble to create this facade?  Who would they get to haul us off?  If the word got out about the AGENDA, who would continue to work for the elite?  The 1% has no force without the people.  In order to get the sheeple to follow their lead they must first convince the masses that they are doing the right thing.  If you watch Faux news or really any ms media news broadcast you would see it in a completely different light than that portrayed in live feeds via the internet.  There is a definite bias in the way it is being presented to the public.  Very little was said about the 700 pilots who participated in the OWS movement early on.  Most of the televised news showed radical hippie types, some just there for the party.

Most of America will feel it is perfectly fine if the protesters are sent to FEMA camps and held there according to the new NDAA standards, indefinitely.  They are being brainwashed into believing it is for the safety of America.

Here’s the rub. . . it’s not working the way the powers that be had planned.  It seems to have taken off at a  much more local level that they would have previously imagined.  You see, they had a global event in mind.  One that would scare the pants off of the average Joe.  A threat of a WWIII perhaps.  Something that would make us want to be protected by a world leader.  Instead they got actual change, actual movement in the right direction.  Instead of producing the violent outbursts they have been provoking, people (cops included) are staging peaceful demonstrations and continuing to do so even under persecution and threat of attack.  The internet had exposed things that would have otherwise gone unnoticed, and folks are coming out to stand up for their beliefs and their rights.

There is a controlled opposition in process, however it’s not as big as the cosmic forces that guide us all.  We are in for a major change soon.  I for one, cannot wait to see what the future brings.  It’s not something to fear, it’s something to be in awe of.  History in the making, and we are part of it.

What’s the Plan Man?


In case of emergency, would you

A ~ Run to Mommy

B ~ Cry out, “APOCALYPSE” and faint

C ~ Continue watching “Hoarders”

D ~ Grab your pre-prepared “emergency kit” and follow your “safety plan”.

For those who choose D, I may be able to help.

I have a pantry that is pretty much emergency ready with dry goods that could last for many months if not years, so our best bet would be to “hold out” for as long as we could in our own country home.  We have a well too. The pump runs on electricity so there needs to be an alternative power source, and then the water supply would also be plenty.

If you have a place to hold out you are fortunate. Your “hold out” should have a reliable and well-tested, alternate source of power.  A generator is recommended if you aren’t on solar or other alternative energy source. However this takes gas so seriously consider the daily requirements for your emergency needs.

It is good to have a wood stove, BBQ, or alternative cooking source that would help save gas for powering lights if needed. Keep wood stockpiled in a dry place, away from the exterior wall of your house.  This helps prevent bugs from traveling from the wood into your home, as well as preventing mildew where the wood traps moisture against the house.

Keep a fully stocked pantry if possible.  Most homes are built with a pantry.  If you have one, do yourself a favor and keep it well stocked.  I don’t mean with Snickers and Lay’s.  You will need real food if you want to survive a disaster of any sort.  Dehydrated foods are the best if forced to travel simply because they are light-weight. However regular dry goods are perfect for the hold outs. Even if you don’t live in a home with a pantry, somewhere in your home is a space you can designate for this purpose.  Storm cellars, or basements are perfect for stocking a survival pantry. Take advantage of these spaces if you have them available. Don’t just use them to store Grandpa’s neckties, or Aunt Lulu’s troll doll collection. Look at ways to make the space livable also. You could be there awhile, so stock it with books, board games, art and writing supplies. Anything to keep you busy.

Here are a few items from my pantry:

Beans ~ there are approximately 100 lbs in my pantry at this moment of various kinds.

Rice ~ I also have many pounds of rice in different types.  (Brown and wild rice will turn stale after a while so use them up regularly, and replace with fresh)

Grains ~ take your pick there are so many to choose from, main grain in my pantry is Oats, and there are perhaps 40 plus pounds in gallon size glass jars.  Use a grain that can be made into flour fairly fast and easy.  Oats are soft and easy to pulverize into a great flour. Keep plenty of flour made and ready too.

Canned Foods ~ this is up to your individual taste, but I would say once again to think healthy.

Water ~ this is actually out in the pump-house in 5 gallon jugs which would take up too much space in the house. Fill now, filter later I say. Oh yeah, get a water filter.  They’re not that expensive unless you go all out.  Depends on whether you’re a Brita or a Berkey type of person. You can spend $20 or $2000.

I realize that the above plan may not be an option in a forced evacuation situation, so I have a list of items to go into large bins to carry out in that case.  This is what we would be taking:

Water : 1 gallon, per person, for an estimated 3-7 days. (I like to have 30 gallons on hand for the 4 of us which is more that DHS recommends of 1 gal per person for a 3 day period.) FYI, in most homes the water heater is a 50-75 water tank. You can use the water in the tank in case of emergency*

Food:  This is where it pays to know about wild foods and where they’re located in your area.  In an emergency you won’t be eating the same amount you would in a relaxed situation.  Take this into consideration.  You may be able to get by on 2 meals a day rather than 3.  If you bring dehydrated foods make sure you bring extra water to re-hydrate your meals.  Also, look carefully at what you have to bring. Is it nutritious, or is it empty calories?  Do you have the right things to cook the food with? (can opener, knife, spatula, etc.)  How about to eat it with?

Fire: If you can, get a magnesium fire starter with a striker. There is also a very cool device called a Sunlighter that I’d like to try. Check it out here.  If neither of these are available get a bunch of water-proof matches, or at the very least a pack of lighters in an air-tight container. (Option for hold-outs would be tiki torches with plenty of oil). Fire is very important. You will need it to cook, to keep warm and for emergency signals.

Clothes: Think camping trip.  Layer upon layer of clothes that can also be used as protective wear. Durable pants, and coats with lots of pockets.  Shoes that are comfortable and sturdy, you’ll want to be ready for walking.  Also, it wouldn’t hurt to bring a hat and plenty of bandanas.

Signaling and Communication Devices: Of course a huge bonfire is going to get attention, however what if it isn’t possible to build a bonfire. In that case you’ll need a small mirror or another flat, shiny metal plate to reflect light with.  This is to aim at rescue teams in the air or across terrain. Flash it by moving it up and down to catch sunlight.  Other items you may want to include are hand-cranked flashlight, and radio.  There are solar-powered options for radios and flashlights, however you would need to be in the sun for those to work.  Sunshine may not always be available. 

First Aid Kit:  These are available pre-made or you can put one together yourself.  I have an herbal kit from a local supplier Bear Wallow Herbs.

But it’s not impossible to put one of your own together if for some reason you can’t get it already made.  I’ll post later on how to put one together.  Make sure you add tapes, gauze, ace bandages, scissors, alcohol wipes, butterfly band-aids, regular adhesive band-aids (best to get cloth type, instead of plastic) and any family medications you might need.

Some extras:  I think it’s a good idea to burn important docs to disc or a mem card.  Also think about doing this for family pictures. You’ll need a water proof container to store these in.  And make sure to keep them in the safest place possible, to reduce the chance of losing them.  If you or a family member has any medication that they need to bring also put in water proof container.  Consider folks in wheelchairs or with prosthesis and give extra time for evacuation in these cases. A very solemn decision is to be made when considering whether or not the pets will travel with you. Some will have run off so the hard choice is made for you, but if possible I would take the family pet. I understand this goes against the advice of many a survivalist, however it’s the way I would have to do it. And one more thing, a sturdy heavy-duty needle and some very strong thread. (very handy for shelter building)

It is a good idea to hold a family meeting to discuss where you will all meet up if you are apart when the emergency occurs.  You can print info cards for each member to have on them at all times. With little kids this isn’t as easy but keep trying. (make extra cards)  These cards should include the individual’s name and address, with any special considerations such as allergies, or illness like asthma or diabetes.

It’s a very positive thing to prepare for a negative situation.

* Most modern water heater tanks hold enough water to keep an average person alive for a month or more. This is a great reason to keep it sediment free. There is a valve on it that looks just like a garden faucet.  Attach a hose to that drain valve and turn to open it. If you haven’t done so already, make sure you run water out of the tank to remove any built up sediment that has collected at the bottom. Save this water to flush toilets or for initial cleaning. (rinse with the purer stuff.) Make sure you turn off the electrical breaker to the tank or unplug it to prevent damage when electricity comes back on.

The Gates of Hell


Click on the face of evil and read "Bill Gates Pays Media to Portray Him as a Saint"

When a man promotes GM foods, as well as deadly vaccinations, and then buys 500,000 shares of Monsanto stock, he’s pretty much coming right out in the open with his agenda isn’t he?  I was sad and sick to see Bono partnering with the Gates’ as I truly  believed him to be an environmentalist and now I feel he’s one of them.  I wonder how long he’s been brainwashed. His “Bullet the Blue Sky” is supposed to have been written about the horrors of war in El Salvador, however listen to the lyrics.  It could just as easily be talking about Monsanto (feeding us GM foods for almost 1/4 of a century now), and chemtrails, which would have been starting to happen right after that song came out in 1987, so he would have had to have had prior knowledge of the agenda.

One of these things is not like the others, one of these things just doesn’t belong.  How does a musician rate along side politicians? Do pop stars make good diplomats?

Bad Bono, bad. . .

Bono in his "MacPhisto" persona.

This is even worse than that lipstick/eye-liner phase he went through, where he left his shirt open and you could see his Robin Williams, way too hairy chest. You got to wax that stuff Butch, if you’re gonna glitter it.  So take some time to do your own research, see for yourself, and THINK  for yourself.  We live in some very wierd times, and we have clowns like this in power.  Don’t follow the crowd.  Stand out among them.

Think And It Shall Be


The first time that I can remember this happening for me was when I was 7.  The elementary school I went to sent me home with a note one day because I had worn culottes.  The school had a no-pants on girls dress code.  My Mother read the note and made a little phone call to the school the next morning, and I wore culottes any day of the week.  Next thing you know other girls were too.  And shorts, and pants. . . . we almost burned our training bras.  Thus I began my 2nd grade year feeling very empowered. (Way to go Mom!)  It made me feel like anything was possible.

M. Bascaglia was in 3rd, his little sister was in my grade I think, and he wasn’t very nice to her.  She was really sweet too. I didn’t get that at all. I loved my little brothers to pieces and they were ornery as hell.  Bascaglia was the marble boss, he ruled the 2 long, brick flowerbeds up against the wall of the auditorium that nothing (not even weeds) would grow in.  (We were most likely playing in a pesticide infested batch of dead soil.) (We’re lucky to be alive.)  It was the hub of the playground.  Which seemed as big as a city block to a kid that age, but was empty except for the ones in the flowerbeds, and their observers.

No girls dared even ask to play in the flowerbeds until the day I so boldly did.  There were gasps and giggles, as Bascaglia turned his little, black eyes on me. “You can’t play,” he sqawked, “you ain’t got no marbles”.  Then all the boys laughed at the innuendo.  I squinted and smiled.  Then I focused on how to get what I needed to get in the game. 

My birthday was too far away and Christmas was even farther, so that left only one option. I needed the angels to drop them. Of course I knew they would.  For days on my way home from school I looked everywhere. I knew they were coming I just needed a clue as to where to look so I could get there before Bascaglia found them.  Then one day I was all by myself, walking home lost in the beauty of the world. I had forgotten to even look that day when I saw it.  There  it was shining in the sun, peeking out from a leaf pile.  The most beautiful “boulder puree” in the world.  I was holding it up in the sun after I wiped it off on my culottes, telling God thank-you when I remembered my mission.  I was supposed to beat Bascaglia, the marble boss.  I definately needed more than one marble.  This was going to be tough, even with a Divine Boulder Puree.  (insert angel song here)

The next day at recess, I pulled her out.  Bascaglia’s greedy little eyes opened from their usual squint of meaness.  He wanted that puree so much, he broke his own rule and let a girl play in the flowerbeds.  The kids gave us plenty of room. The playground grew silent.  I adjusted my culottes, and put my knee in the dirt.  I looked him dead in his face and took every marble he had.  He called “do-overs” on some, so I did him over.  Then the next boy tried to take me, and the next, and the next.  I had so many marbles I started giving them away to the other girls and they were challenging each other in the newly liberated flowerbeds.  Then I suddenly got bored with it all and stopped playing. It was too hard to keep the dirt off my clothes, I had some nice culottes.  I kept that big marble though for years and years.  It reminded me to believe. It still does.

You Are Worthy


Here’s an excellent TED video that was posted by a friend (ty Rajiv) on facebook.

It’s all in how we see ourselves, and how we tolerate our own insecurities and imperfections.  If we can understand ourselves and still be able to love us, then loving others will be more natural.

I absolutely love this video, and hope you do too.

Namaste, my babies ~ let cha’ little light shine.



I am going to forgive!  There are some folks out in the world that will hate you if you are too happy.  (learned that the hard way. I used to be way too happy.) Now that I’m half a hundred, I think it’s time for a new perspective on life. Sort of a “back to the future” look at things. I used to love everyone initially. (That doesn’t mean I liked them all.) They really had to work hard to get me to stop. Then something occured over the years that made loving people icreasingly more difficult. I won’t bore you with the details, let’s just say . . . it happens that way sometimes.

Now, I have a choice to stay where I am or return to the place of unconditional love for all mankind good or evil.  This goes along with my not so typical New Year’s resolution.  As I’ve said before, it’s a bit harder than cutting down on chocolate, but I may be able to do this.   Can I pick some person who is seemingly rotten to the core and find it in my heart to overlook their misgivings (especially those that were misgiven to me in particular), without harboring a grudge in any way at all?  Ten years ago I wouldn’t have had enough people to make a list here, but things do change.  Things like the world, the people in it, myself, my choices . . . I can do this.

Fogiveness, not a problem. Breathe in . . .breathe out . . . release.  Namaste my babies!



Those are my daughter’s initials. Sequoia Opal Aurora Rose and then the last name too.  I couldn’t make up my mind. I was on my way to work as a counselor at the Domestic Violence shelter one morning right before she was about to be born, and decided that was one too many names.  I had to keep Opal that was my Grandmother’s name.  And no way I could give up Rose, I decided it would have to be Aurora.

That was it Aurora would be the sacrificed name.  I was very happy with myself that I made the decision so quickly, I am usually very indecisive.  As I beamed proudly I approached my turn at a place called “four-corners”.  Only I couldn’t turn.  I was mesmerized by what I saw about 3 miles ahead of me to the side of the road.  I instantly heard Stevie Wonder singing “there’s a ribbon in the sky for our loooooove”, and my jaw dropped.

There in front of me, stretching from about 10 feet off of the ground, going a mile into the sky easily, was the Aurora Borealis!  I had seen it twice before here in California, on cold, clear winter nights at around 10pm each time.  Both times the sky became a scarlet, rippling, iridescent curtain, shining across the horizon, against the coal-black, star-speckled, darkness.  This was very different. It was only one thin strip, in the middle of the morning, and it was green and blue and purple and yellow, but mostly green.  It wasn’t red at all.

I went right past my turn and was a little late for work, but when I told everyone what I had seen, it was agreed that was a good reason to be late.  I wish 16 years ago I would have had a handy camera phone but alas I didn’t.  However there were witnesses for the 2 red Auroras viewed at night from my back deck, so I know I didn’t imagine them.

I understand it is rare, but it does happen that the Aurora comes down this far.  I definitely consider it a blessing and a gift as well as a message.  My daughter loves her name, she’s called Quoi or Sequoia by everyone, but for her art she uses Aurora.

Lemon Ale


I know they say when life gives you lemons, make lemonade.  It’s just some days I need something a little bit stronger.

How to accept that which we cannot change.  It takes some work.

Forgiveness and Gratitude seem to be helpful attitudes to have.  Forgive yourself . . . much harder to do than forgiving others. We will go right back to a negative scene in our memory at the first given opportunity.  It could be as easy to give yourself the opportunity to remember the best times of your life.  If you don’t think you have any good memories, start to sing.  Anything you know the words to.  Your brain will benefit from the resonance even if you are not the best singer.  And you will start to feel better. Try it!

Think about the best part of your now. Start with the top of your head and be grateful for the hair on it (if you have some), be grateful if you don’t have hair on it (be grateful for the money you save on products). If you can read this, that is something to be thankful for ~ the brain, the eyes and ears, and the other gifts you’ve been given. All the way down to the feet that take you where you want to go.

Today did not start off that great so why am I smiling?  I found the best part of my now, I think I’ll stay here.

Namaste, my babies.  Hang in there.