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Off to See the Wizard


gun control

As with most things in life there are no absolutes, therefore for me to say I’m always one way or another, or never a way or the other would not be factual. I envy the close-minded somewhat, in that they have the ability to shut down the thought process and form bigoted opinion that prevents them from ever having to give it any brain energy. Follow, follow, follow, follow, follow the yellow . . .aahh you know the rest.
So this whole gun control issue, it seems to have stirred up quite the controversy here in the States. People are working on an entirely material/physical level and not at all looking at the real picture. The majority aren’t getting that we really don’t need automatic weapons. Of course, the crazier the flying monkeys in the government get the more folks want to protect themselves from them in any way that they can. Who can blame people?
I think that weapons aren’t as necessary as we’ve been led to believe. Put in the wrong hands, as they often are, they have proven to be more of a detriment to our society than a help. And by wrong hands I mean the majority of the cops, (not all, remember the absolutes thing) who maybe have issues with power. Isn’t there a psych test for that??? If they only had a brain. . .a heart. . .a soul. . . some morals. . .
Let me tell you about someone I’ll call the Tin-Man. When we brought my stepson to our home in the country for the first time he was 9. His Dad had purchased a quad-runner to occupy his time. His first ride out into the hills he came across a suicide by carbon monoxide. The county sent out the Tin-Man who seemed nonplussed and shook his head when I asked if he thought this would be something we might want to get a 9 yr-old a counselor for. In retrospect I should have followed my own instincts. It was later I found out that on another day the Tin-Man had been driving the comp’ny SUV full of cases of beer and guns out on the river road to the rifle range. Good ol’ boys mentality ~ day off, do as ah’ damn please. He’d already knocked back a few and his senses must have been dulled when the little old lady came around the tight corner in the opposing lane. If he’d only had a heart. The tragedy intensified by his promotion to Sergeant immediately after. The family of the little old lady was never given solace nor compensation, not even for her funeral. Tin-Man was later let go when (again driving drunk) he got into another wreck. The damage was minor, and not a soul was lost in the fender-bender, but Tin-Man had made the mistake of hitting another cop car during a small town night parade. We definitely cannot have that. Here you see guns may not have had a part in the killing of the victim but rather promoted a sense of false power in a man who otherwise had none. Guns + socio/psychopath = not a good idea.
Now for the Cowardly Lion, remember his needs are courage, and maybe a little something for his hyper-salivation. My first-born and his father came home from a ride with their eyes wide and shaken up from what they had just experienced. They were well within the confines of law in regards to safety mechanisms attached to their vehicles. In other words their bikes were legal and safe, with no chance of catching any dry grass or woods on fire from wayward sparks. The Cowardly Lion had been given credence by the Neighborhood Watch folks as their leader, and he had his flock of middle-aged groupies surrounding his lawn chair, as well as his arsenal and enough beer to make the Tin-Man jealous, to prove it. It seems that in his drunken stupor he felt it was a good idea to fire shots from his .44 magnum over the heads of my husband and son to get their attention. He got it and later, mine too. His logic for his actions? He wanted to make sure they had spark protectors on the bikes. I made a few phone calls and that was his last day in the lawn chair. I still get mad when I think about it and it was over a decade ago. He never would return my calls, didn’t have the courage I guess. Small town, word gets out and back around anyway. He stayed hid, and we never (that’s one true absolute) heard from the Cowardly Lion again.
The Straw Man could be so many brain-dead gun carriers it’s hard to fill his role with a single player. He could be the other Neighborhood Watch Commander who pulled a carload of us over because he thought we were drinking in the car. I was in the back, seated between two large men, trying to discourage the driver from stopping the car for another civilian. That was when I saw him get out of the car and draw down, it was all the two men could do to hold me back. By the time the ancient ball of fart dust made his way to the car, I had already told him my rights, his rights, and a couple of what I had lefts. He was a shaky old fuss budget and he had no business being behind the wheel of a car with the same description, let alone packin’ heat. Neighborhood Watch doesn’t exist in our sub-division any longer. If they’d only had a brain.
These stories of tragedy and near tragedy are paled by comparison to the current events and recent history events of mass shootings by so-called “lone gunmen”. Truth is truth, we have more weapons than we will ever need. Yeah, guns are cool, they make loud noise, they’re powerful. But what else are they? Overused. Treated as playthings. The cause of so much sorrow and pain.
I don’t think I’m afraid of the “Gun” part of “Gun Control” as much as the “Control” part. Yes, I agree we need better regulations. Something that would prevent guns from being used in the same time frame one consumes alcohol would be a good start for instance. Maybe a built-in breathalyzer on the scope? At present it seems guns and booze go together like a redneck jigsaw puzzle. Yeee haaaww! Do we drink and do other dangerous sport? Drunk sky-diving? Bungee jump baked? Surfing sloshed? So how is it that the marriage of guns and booze seems to be accepted as natural?
The other concern I would address would be guns in the hands of power-hungry oddballs behind a badge. What is really going on here? Increased and regularly repeated psych evaluation for any cop who wants to pack. Otherwise grab your tazers boys and girls, and a stick and a badge, but leave the gun in the lock box. And the first sign of unnecessary aggression and there goes the bang bang. Earn those bullets back like Barney Fife if actions require it for the safety of others. So many have lost their lives at the hands of over zealous cops that it tends to deter from any heroics performed that may truly honor them. Please let me be clear here by saying there are still heroes on the force, and the fact they are in the minority makes them all the more brave for their actions. I would like to see this turn around in my lifetime, is it just a dream?
Can I click my heels together now?
My father taught me to shoot when I moved to the country. I wasn’t as interested in learning as I could have been. He felt safer for me learning and so I did. I’m an okay shot. I never felt the need to use a fire arm yet. The cougar that had eaten all of my grandfather’s pet pygmy goats was still at large long after the grandparents and the goats were gone and living in the cave behind the property. I wanted to feel safe when my children went down by the creek. Rather than hunt her down I spoke to her in the ways of the Traditional People. Heart to heart, after deep prayer, I explained that as a cougar she was wise but not as wise as a human and the wisest thing to do for a cougar in her situation was to move it’s habitat so as not to be a perceived threat or danger to my children. I gave the message that this would end badly for her. The cougar was never seen after that day. I didn’t need the gun, others may have rather used it, I like my way better.
Not exactly pro or con guns, I can see how for some they might need them to feel safe from wild animals or other intruders. For way too many though they seem to be extensions of a sick society that praises power and war over love for one another and peace. Which is where the “Control” part needs to be addressed. I in no way think the government should have all of the guns and civilians none. That is trouble waiting to happen, it’s the absolutes thing. We want a natural balance. We might never get it perfect, but we can strive toward that goal, absolutely.

Why You Cryin’?


We as Americans have never witnessed any POTUS in the history of POTUS’ cry in a public forum.  At least not to my knowledge.  So it begs the question. . . what?  Really?  Did he need a nap?  Buck up Barack, you’re leading a nation already!  A nation so wrought with economic despair and vulnerability to destruction from multiple sources within our own borders that it’s making our heads spin. We need strong. Why you cryin’?  I mean I understand why you were cryin’ back in 2008 when your Grammy passed away. Wait, where are all of the pics of your daughters with their GG?  Oh, there are none? Why, because they never met the woman you were so close to that when she shed her mortal coil you couldn’t contain yourself in public?  None of the photos of you with her are less than a 1/4 of a century old, that in and of itself is a puzzle.

Hmmmm,  interesting. . .hadn’t really thought of it in 2008, but now considering he’s cryin’ again, I believe I’m seeing a pattern.

If you believe any other nation is more of a threat to our people than our own, please examine our arsenal vs anyone elses in the world.  We win.  Game over.  We make the wars, and the lies behind the wars.  Wars are for one thing and one thing only, PROFIT for the greedy.  They sacrifice our youth, twists the minds of those watching the regurgitated propaganda on their “tell-lie-vision”, and kill innocents for land, power, and money.

Which brings me to my point.  I didn’t vote for BO this time around.  Although in 2008, I cried real tears of real hope when the guy I was rooting for won, I couldn’t bring myself to vote for him again.  Not that I voted for Rmoney ~ oh, haaaayell no.  I voted Green knowing it would mean but a drop in the bucket for the party.  We did end up with something like .5%, not that much, but enough to show there are some of us who are actually paying attention to the state our nation, nay our planet is in.

Barack had to win.  It was never really a contest.  Had I thought there was a chance that the greater of two evils would have had a remote possibility of winning, I may have spent my vote unwisely and went for Obomber.  I went with my gut, then voted my heart. I would have loved another choice, but this year the GOP kicked it’s own butt.  Firstly, an arrogant running mate with Eddie Munster’s hairline talking about how he believes in the philosophies put forth in Ayn Rand’s writings, was not a real good idea.  What was he saying?  Ayn Rand herself said she hoped her predictions didn’t come true and that she was frightened by what she foresaw.  Paul Ryan is a sophomoric idiot, that hurt the GOP with his poorly planned photo-ops among other lies,  and Rmoney is an unfeeling robot, concerned with only one thing.  Profit, no matter how it’s gained.  I mean really, kennel the dog you cheap bastard!  Or let it ride inside!

For myself it’s the fact that BO was going to get us out of war and he made it even more horrific with drones, and the fact that he hired a bunch of bad guys to overlook exactly what they are destroying that prevented me from voting for him this time around.  A good example would be his ex-Monsatan hirees. Scientific Advisors Sharon Long worked 5 yrs for the M-word before joining Obama’s staff, and plant geneticist Barbara Schaal, was editor of a study done in 2005 claiming a prior study done in ’01 was incorrect in saying GMOs had contaminated native Mexican maize, before she joined the staff. Not surprising she would let lies be spread concerning this atrocity, given she is a former member of the BOD for Monsanto.  Roger Beachy was Dir. of Monsanto’s Danforth Center and now our Dir. of USDA/NIFA, cool right? Islam Siddiqui once a lobbyist for the evil that is Monsanto, now serves as Ag. Negotiator & Trade Rep. Michael Taylor was VP at Monsanto, right before he came to work under Obama as our Sen. Advisor for the FDA and Dep. Commissioner.  And then there’s Hillary, our US Sec. of State, and Senator of the great state of New York. Her Rose Law Firm (yes the one involved in Whitewater) served as counsel for Monsanto.  You can’t make this stuff up.

It becomes clear very quickly as to who pulls our leader’s puppet strings.

While the first lady is out (pre-)tending an organic garden on the white house lawn, and Monsanto is busy only serving non-GMO food in their cafeterias, one begins to get that we’re being played.  GMOs are not safe, or the people who work for Monsanto would have an in-house GMO menu, and Sasha and Malia’s momma would be growing an all GMO garden.

So, why you cryin’ BO?  Who you sheddin’ tears for? Are you really filled with joy to overflowing, or are you sad for the future that you know is ahead?  Maybe you are relieved you weren’t assassinated during your first term, or perhaps you know that by stretching the strings the Oligarchy has tied to you, you may indeed snap one and end up very JFK, or RFK, or even MLK for that matter.

I’m not saying BO hasn’t made a few good decisions, he has.  A few. . .

And perhaps we will see the economy turn around before he steps down.  However if that is going to happen we better see some significant changes very soon, or I’m afraid he won’t have time to reverse this spiral downward in the next four years. That is the least of our worries, believe it or not.

The facts remain that he is advancing Agenda 21, has shown very little regard for the innocent lives he has authorized drone attacks against, and he’s freakin’ killing us with the GMOs! He should be cryin’, tears of shame.

Allegory of the Cave


Plato’s parable is one that speaks of ignorance as a preference.  Out of cowardice those who have a choice to be educated or not, choose not to be.  In “The Republic” Plato narrates Socrates’ fictitious dialogue with Glaucon which describes a group of prisoners chained to the wall of a cave in darkness.  They are all facing the wall and can only see shadows cast by forms carried by puppeteers that stride between the mouth of the cave and a light just beyond.  They create their own reality which  overwhelms that which is true, and continue on in ignorance rather than break free when given the opportunity, or even turn their heads to see what is truly casting the shadow.  I think they (the masses) rather enjoy the show.

When the majority of the population chooses to make their own reality from shadows cast upon them rather than turn around and seek the truth we have our modern day America.  Left hand chained by Dempublicans. Right hand chained by the Republocrats. Heads chained watching the shadow of the the evening news projected onto the walls of their darkened caves by CNN and Faux, and all MS media broadcast in our modern time.  It’s scary to “turn around”,  the boogie man of the shadows must be so much worse a nightmare to see in actuality.   Or not. . . maybe it’s all a ploy to keep people facing the wall of the darkened cave.  To keep them prisoner, to keep them in fear, chained in place, so they don’t start any trouble.  And how long has this been going on?  Ask an ancient philosopher.

On the “Theory of Forms” ~ As a child I would stare into the night shadows and see horrors that in the light of day were only that . . . shadows.  As I grew I realized I had the choice to seek out the source of the shadow and find out what there was to be afraid of, if anything, or to hide my head under the covers.  It never turned out to be the monster claws or beastly talons reaching to burst glass panes of my imagination, but rather a pencil jar or hairbrush in the moonlit windowsill.

As we grow we discover our fears are our own creation.  That is some of us do.  Others just seem to settle in.  Comfortable in the shackles of lies handed to them in between MMA matches and Honey Boo Boo episodes,  Sucking down the Pepsi, eating GMOs for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Totally puzzled when the doctor bills start pouring in.  Drinking fluoride, and breathing Chemtrails, acting like this is all normal.  Choosing to believe the Twin Towers imploded upon themselves magically and despite the fact the debris from Flight 77 has yet to show up anywhere around the Pentagon nor has the remains of even one of the passengers of that flight, we’re still blaming some brown guys swinging box cutters with minimal flight training.  Poof, like magic gone, not one leg, or arm or even pinky toe to be found.  Not one piece of the plane.  Not to mention the convenient location of the “crash”.  Ouch, right in the books.  That must be what they mean when they say “cookin’ the books”.  Poof, up in smoke, more magic.

The shadows projected by the puppeteers are so scary the prisoners refuse to see what it really is. Waiting for a leader to instruct them, guide them towards inaction. It’s much easier for the masses to follow the leader.  Even if that leader leads them to battle over and over and over again for no good reason.  Even when the leader George W’s us right out of our economic surplus.  Like fake Disney lemmings heading for a cliff.  Nooo, little lemmings come back, don’t . . . ahh, too bad, so fluffy.

Watching the few minutes of the debates that I did, I was reminded of this parable of Socrates as told by his faithful student Plato.  Chained by both parties, left and right, Americans refusing to see the truth. Preferring to be entertained rather than informed. We do have other choices.  If you turn around you can see it’s mostly your imagination feeding your fears.  It was hard to find out there is no Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy, Santa.  But we got over it, and we can move on from all shocking truth eventually.

A prisoner does break free and escapes the cave.  Temporarily blinded by the brightness he slowly begins to make out the forms for what they really are.  Seeing the reality he’s no longer fearful, and looks up to the sun, discovering finally the light source. However upon reentry to inform his fellow cave-dwelling captives of the truth, said escapee is ridiculed and made a fool.  The detainees are more comfortable in their chains.

Dig deep, seek answers rather than take the word of others (including me).

Turn around and see the source.  Face the light.

My Aluminum Hat


click for instructions on how to make your own

I think when I do make my aluminum hat it will be the wide-brimmed Scarlett O’Hara style, with a satin ribbon band that hangs to my ass, so when the winds of change do blow it will fly lazily behind me as I take flight through the lea. I hope the wake of hummingbirds and butterflies fluttering behind aren’t blinded by the glare of my shiny headpiece.

I’ll need feathers too, big Ostrich and Emu and Peacock feathers, for extra added flair.  Ah will neva’ go GMO a-gay-un.

A little like this but with feathers

Honestly, I’ve been so busy lately I haven’t been doing as much blogging or posting of anything.  I have put out a few posts on Facebook recently that provoked one of my fb buddies to insinuate the message was garbage because he either didn’t agree with it or didn’t understand it.  He believes I am raising fear. I believe I’m raising awareness.  ( I’ll take this time to say that I’ve had much more positive feedback about my posts than his couple of negative ones).  Of course, this is a man that lives in fear.  And in denial of that fear. That doesn’t mean I don’t love him.  But, I think he’s too scared to acknowledge emotion of any type so that is the sad part.  And therein lies the rub, if you stop feeling ~ you do just that.  You can’t segregate and only feel the good emotions. Doesn’t work that way. If you want to feel the change that is occurring feel it.  If it scares you, find a good place to hide.  ‘Cause it’s comin’ honey, and fear won’t turn it back.  “Duck and cover” as they used to advise. That will achieve about the same effect as an aluminum hat.


If by relaying or writing messages concerning chem-trails, GMO’s, Monsatan, Illuminati, etc. I can be regarded as a fear-mongerer that’s unfortunate.  I want to know what is going on in the sky and the fields and the government.  If others choose the ostrich approach that is for them. (Leave me your butt feathers.)  I would advise anyone with their head in the sand to get off of the internet.  It’s chock full of information that you’re not going to want to know.

That was another argument brought up by my fb buddy.  He wants proof from a “reputable news source”.  My gut does not qualify.   At that point I was not willing to go into why television is the least “reputable” of all news sources and that unfortunately if we want to know what is going on in our nation we need to turn to RT from Russia or other similar stations via internet.  The only live feeds to be trusted are those broadcast by average citizens without censors purchased by the corporations that own the entire broadcast system.   Of course corporate America is going to censor what ruffles their feathers.  (last bird reference, honest)  Thereby eliminating anything from airing that would show themselves in a bad light.  Why would anyone trust MS media?  I don’t get that. . . well, that and why there are poor Republicans.  Where’s my tin foil and the glue gun?  I have a hat to make.

Think I’ll do an Aussie outback version next

PHONY 2012 or The Oxymoron of War as a Humanitarian Effort


For whatever reason, I was put off by the KONY 2012 video before I even watched it. It just didn’t “feel” right to me.  After about a week or so of seeing it virally posted everywhere, I succumbed to the peer pressure and clicked on it. I was immediately sorry.

I had first heard about the “Invisible Children” project a few years ago when my daughter brought home a t-shirt with the name of the program on it.  The logo was simple and looked as if it could have been created by one of those they were trying to save.  I loved the idea and the t-shirt.  My daughter still has it. I think the message is a good one.

I don’t however think propaganda is anything other than what it is. Bullshit.

A really good sign of this is when the creator of the film wigged out and danced in his underwear on the freeway or peed on someone or roped his doggie in the middle of town or whatever it was he did when he couldn’t live the lie any longer.  Folks’ll do that.  They’ll just wig all the way out if the brainwash doesn’t hold.  Good example = that guy.  I’d be lookin’ for him in the obit section anytime now from an “apparent self-inflicted” whatever it is, or an “accidental fall” from a high window of an old hotel.  Or maybe that was how he saved himself.  Convince people you’ve lost it and your no longer considered a threat to the operation.  Crazy like a fox ~ that masturbates in public. 

As I watched the video, I instantly caught on to how they were promoting violence. We don’t need to fight fire with fire.  We need to quench those hateful fires with peaceful protest, and demonstration. As a people we are convinced that the way to achieve any goal is by bullying and force.  Not true, that is the way to continue a problem. Picture this, trying to “save” the bad guy from running off a cliff by butting heads with him, when all that does is hurt our head. We can simply move aside and let him run off of the cliff. We pompous Americans do not have to fix the world. Give it time, it will fix itself.

Another thing I’d like to address about this propaganda vid is the fact that our government is capable of tracking anyone down anywhere at anytime, (don’t think they can’t) yet really, really bad guys like Kony, Ghaddafi, Bin Laden et. al. seem to somehow elude them with duct tape and palm fronds.  That is, when it’s convenient.  When a boogie man is needed to divert the attention of those who are enthralled with MS media and the fountain of deceit it spouts.  Bait and switch fraud at it’s finest.  Bait = we’re gettin’ us a villain.  Switch = or these 10’s of thousands of civilians that are on mineral rich real estate, so we can rob them of it all.  It’s almost the same thing.   

Fact is most people feel compassion for children if they have none otherwise.  Appeal to that part of our nature and it’s a shoo-in, we will follow the leader who saves kids from bad guys.  Even if it means doing something we wouldn’t in other situations.  Like pick up a weapon and shoot people.  Not that the propaganda vid came right out and said that was the point. The message was hidden (not from me and other truthers) in the plight of “Invisible Children” when it’s really about what they have that we want.

If out government was about protecting children we would never have had the “Monarch Project” where underprivileged children farmed from  charitable organizations like Boy’s Town, are drugged and pimped off to corrupt political leaders to be sexually abused at secret parties and underground meeting places.  Our government only cares about children if they can bring in money for war or satisfy even more perverse needs.   But didn’t Pelosi look good up there when she first came into office?  With a flock of kiddies surrounding her like a veritable Mother Goose.  Then we have Angelina Jolie with all of her kiddies, bringin’ sexy to the battlefield.

Question: How does a whack job who used to wear Billy Bob Thornton blood in a vial around her neck, and by her own father’s admittance, is out there, end up an ambassador of any type for our country?  Can you say Illuminati?  (side note: I don’t know what heroin makes you feel like, but I do know that all the heroin in the world wouldn’t make me feel like doing Billy Bob.)

So, appeal to the women and parents with the Phony 2012 Invisible children propaganda, then grab the others with sex appeal. George Clooney is on the bandwagon too by the way. What level of evil allows these “stars” to promote killing?  Libya, Syria, Afghanistan, are among the many places with resources desired by the greedy warmongers that make money off of death. They are the ones killing children everyday!!! The real truth is these places and the people who inhabit them pose not one ounce of threat to America.  Try telling that to the average Faux News faithful. They will react with violence I bet. It’s been fed to them like pabulum.  They are victims of brainwashing.   How we are in danger of the “Boogie Man” of the year, and need our Big Brother to save us.  Don’t try to tell them anything different.  A great avenue to vent displaced anger, the boogie man.

The TRUTH is that Kony hasn’t even been seen for about 5 years now, believed to be dead already, and his territory of terror was far, far away from where we are looking.  He liked the forest in the North of Uganda.  Yet we’re looking for him where?  Is that him beside that natural gas deposit?  Oh, is he over there behind the oil derrick? I was sure he was just swimming in that pool of precious metals.  It is sick and disturbing.  I am beyond repulsed.  Anyone paying attention sees it’s the same old story. 

If anyone is fooled by this and think we are actually looking for Kony or doing good for the “invisible Children” . . .  they are not fulfilling their full potential as a human being.  And by that I mean check for yourself, stop depending on others for the truth.  With mainstream media twisting and spinning every lie they can in the faces of those who are too tired or flouridated to get up off the couch and do the research for themselves, is it really any wonder?  Honestly, I just want to slap brainwashed Americans awake. But if I do, that means the terrorists win.

Bohemian Boy’s Club


You can ignore the truth if you choose to, but when it’s been exposed so vividly from behind the lies that have been perpetuated for so long, it does become much harder to deny.

click image to read summary

check out what wikipedia has to say about it

And just what is this “Cremation of Care Ceremony”?

I honestly couldn’t care less if a bunch of bourgeois  wind bags  got together to worship a moss covered owl named Molech, and burn effigies to show how they despise compassion.  My concerns are they are  the world leaders and they aren’t playing a game.  If it were a game why go to all the trouble to get everything so precise.  Because it is a ritual, not game play.  It is acted out for a specific purpose.  The audience of males only is caught up in the over the top Disney production-like drama of the experience and really becomes a collective spirit.  Now if this were a spirit that promoted kindness and say, didn’t burn in effigy something that represents compassion, I’d be like – whoo hoo!  Spread that love and kindness nature freaks. However, that doesn’t seem to be the case does it?  No it seems that our world leaders think it’s foolish to care or to have compassion for your fellow humans.  They put more value in dressing in drag and having an all boy party.  Not that there’s anything wrong with that.  Unless, it’s mean . . . which is evil.  And therein lies the rub.

Controlled Opposition


What is the purpose of “Controlled Opposition”?  Is it possible the Occupy Movement was begun by “Big Brother”?  Does it matter who starts a movement if the outcome is beneficial?  Will we see positive changes this spring?

At first glance it looks like America and the rest of the planet is coming to it’s senses.  It would appear we are “mad as hell, and we’re not going to take it anymore”.  And then you might begin to add 2 and 2.  The first thing that struck me as funny is the whole “anonymous” issue.  Here we are wanting freedom and justice for Julian Assage and his Wikileaks business, and Bradley Manning for exposing military corruption, yet a good portion of the activists are running about incognito.  That, for me, did not jive.  Then I saw it was founded by a group called AdBusters.  Right away the name made me question what would they be doing creating an entire global movement, they sound like they should be clipping coupons for Ralph Nader.  Next I began to notice small things that sort of gave it away.  For instance, the propaganda catch-phrase for the era, the “new normal”.  (Hey Jamie Lee Curtis, you know where you can pack your Activia?)  It is pumped out of the ms media like they’re trying to make it real. Another item not enough people are noticing is the government making preparations for an emergency of immense proportions. One that they need ammunition for. Lots of it. More than rubber bullets and pepper spray. There has also been a lot of preparation of FEMA camps for some reason.  Hmmm, 2 + 2, are we seeing the pattern here people?

So why?  If they wanted to imprison us couldn’t they just start rounding us all up and hauling us off?  Why go through all of the trouble to create this facade?  Who would they get to haul us off?  If the word got out about the AGENDA, who would continue to work for the elite?  The 1% has no force without the people.  In order to get the sheeple to follow their lead they must first convince the masses that they are doing the right thing.  If you watch Faux news or really any ms media news broadcast you would see it in a completely different light than that portrayed in live feeds via the internet.  There is a definite bias in the way it is being presented to the public.  Very little was said about the 700 pilots who participated in the OWS movement early on.  Most of the televised news showed radical hippie types, some just there for the party.

Most of America will feel it is perfectly fine if the protesters are sent to FEMA camps and held there according to the new NDAA standards, indefinitely.  They are being brainwashed into believing it is for the safety of America.

Here’s the rub. . . it’s not working the way the powers that be had planned.  It seems to have taken off at a  much more local level that they would have previously imagined.  You see, they had a global event in mind.  One that would scare the pants off of the average Joe.  A threat of a WWIII perhaps.  Something that would make us want to be protected by a world leader.  Instead they got actual change, actual movement in the right direction.  Instead of producing the violent outbursts they have been provoking, people (cops included) are staging peaceful demonstrations and continuing to do so even under persecution and threat of attack.  The internet had exposed things that would have otherwise gone unnoticed, and folks are coming out to stand up for their beliefs and their rights.

There is a controlled opposition in process, however it’s not as big as the cosmic forces that guide us all.  We are in for a major change soon.  I for one, cannot wait to see what the future brings.  It’s not something to fear, it’s something to be in awe of.  History in the making, and we are part of it.

One Race ~ Human


Sweet tea, Skittles, an emergency alert medical pendent . . . in America today these things can get you shot to death.  That is if you’re black.

Richard Chamberlain Sr. fought for our country, HIS country . . . and where did it get him.  He raised a respectable, intelligent son that seems through his television appearances, letters and fb posts to be both strong and kind.   Some of that had to have come from his father.

Richard Chamberlain Sr.

So how does it happen? How is a man murdered by those very men his taxes paid to protect and serve him?  And in the “safety” of his own home, where he should have felt secure.  How does a good man accidentally alert the police through a “medical” alert pendant?  Is White Plains, NY so strapped for cash that a medical team wasn’t available?  And let’s say it is entirely appropriate for cops to respond in a situation like this. I wouldn’t know, I don’t have a medical alert pendant and I’ll damn sure not get one now.  If I’ve fallen, I’ll just stay the hell there.

It seems logical that NY cops would be trained to handle medical as well as many other types of emergencies.  It would therefore hold to reason that in the process of that training the officers would be shown proper procedure for responding to a medical as well as any other type of emergency. Maybe these guys were absent from cop school that day.

Or maybe racism is still rampant in the good ol’ USofA.

If not for Treyvon would we even have known of the Richard Chamberlain Sr. case?

Treyvon and his father

Zimmerman is an example of how the system really works.  If your daddy is a Judge you can do any crime you want, including murder and nothing at all will be done about it. Zimmerman literally stalked Treyvon Martin, then chased him down and shot him in cold blood.  He stood astride him and watched as he lay dying in the rain soaked street.   This was a thrill kill.  Zimmerman is also the product of his raising just the same as Mr. Chamberlain Jr is.  Judge Zimmerman has gotten his son out of trouble many times in the past.  Meanwhile pics of Treyvon flipping the bird and flashing a gold plate “grill”, are meant to make us think he was some kind of thug.  And the empty baggie in his pocket with traces of marijuana in it that’s supposed to show us he was a drug dealer too.  I don’t care if the baggie was full of weed.  That’s still not a good reason to kill a kid.  There aren’t words to describe this feeling I have when I see his mother before the cameras trying her best to hold it together. One mother to another, I can only imagine her pain.  The hopelessness of realizing your son’s murderer may walk, scot free.  Not to mention the added pain of seeing how the media is doing such a great job of portraying Treyvon as the criminal, and his murderer as the victim.

So what in the name of all that is holy happened?  How is it that a man, a veteran at that, is in his comfortable bed asleep one moment and in the next he’s taken from this earth, just gone.  Nothing left but a memory.  His death brought on by unneccesary egotism, misplaced power, racism, and ignorance.  And it took 5 months for us to hear about it.  We may have never heard about it if not for the Trayvon Martin tragedy. Is it a coincidence the “99%  Spring” is upon us?  I can’t make sense of any of it.  Of course, there are theorists who would say it is all part of the “controlled opposition” plan.  It would in theory be the beginning of a government “created” uprising.  This would then, (in theory,) be good cause for masses to be detained and transported to the FEMA camps throughout the nation. Then the theorists claim humans will systematically be killed off, saving only the finest specimens for future breeding.  Several flaws in that plan gub’ment, not the least of which is that you are having humans do your bidding.  Humans have feelings, well, some still do.  So they recognize things like love, and pain, and loss of freedom, and sorrow about the state of the world in the faces of the protesters.  Another thing not taken into consideration is that the world is watching now. Through social media we are able to see things the media moguls who pull the politicians puppet strings would otherwise censor.  We see you gub’ment.  We are watching you.

Boooo, boooooo, Mayor of White Plains, you’re not doing your job.  An apology? A verbal apology? Five months later?  That’s all you got?  I hope you don’t expect to be re-elected. It should never have taken so long for us to hear about this, let alone our rights be recognized, action be taken, or justice in any way served.  Shame on the White Plains city officials. Shame on you. I hope you are soon held accountable and the officers who committed this murder brought to justice while the world watches.

Here is the NPR account of the Chamberlain murder

Below is a letter written by Richard Chamberlain Jr. to his father

Dear Dad:   Words cannot explain how much “I MISS YOU.” I know that in our last conversation you told me you loved me before getting off the phone and I told you the same but I also live with a feeling that I could and should have done some things differently in our relationship. Although I was independent as a very young child I always knew you were there in the background and maybe subconsciously it made things a little better but one thing is for sure you never realize just how much you miss someone until they are not there anymore. As each day goes by I miss you more and more.   I am apologizing Dad for not being the best son that maybe I could have been. I think of you every day and every night as I lay my head down to rest I still don’t know why it had to be this way, but God knows why and maybe one day it will be revealed to me. Is God trying to get my attention? Well he definitely has it and whatever steps have been ordered I am no longer afraid to follow. You will always be in my heart and in my soul and I guess it’s true that I am more like you than I realized. All of the strength that I have; you instilled in me. I love you for the person that I have become today. When you died it felt like a piece of me went with you.

You will be forever missed and loved. So until we meet again, DAD. I LOVE YOU and MISS YOU DEARLY.

You’re Son Kenneth Chamberlain Jr.



My daughter crafted this candle in 2005, I placed it in a windowsill and it was March of ’07 before we noticed how the sunlight came through the bent glass of the jar to form this shape.

When I see hearts I’m reminded of one I’ll cherish always.


I walked into the Charter School site with my two youngest. They ran off to join their peers as my eyes searched the room for a place to busy myself in volunteerism.  I scanned the room and our eyes met.  There he was, a smile as bright as the sun, eyes that twinkled with mischievous excitement, and a face that lit up the room,  It was love at first sight.

Nevermind I was in my early 4o’s, and he was a 13-year-old gay kid.  He walked right up to me and started touching my long hair. At the time it was down to the top of my thighs.  We became fast friends and from that day forward whenever we saw each other his hands were in my hair.  He would tie it in knots, tie it to chairs, ladder rungs, cabinet doors, and drawer handles.  He tied pencils into it, and bangle bracelets, feathers, pipe cleaners, legos, ribbon, (yes tied my hair around ribbon, not ribbon around my hair) and a plethora of other small items. Some days I looked like a voodoo wind chime.

He asked me for a ride home the first day we met, and I said fine as long as it was okay with his mother.  It became a regular occurrence.  Once when Michael was home from working away he decided to drive the kids to and from the site.  We were going down a back road discussing which bills were paid, and which still needed to be, when Jeremiah and I spotted the runaway horse heading right for the road.  There was a very worried cowboy on a quad-runner trying to catch up before it made past the gate.  Mike’s reaction was to speed up to try to beat the horse to the crossing point.  (He has issues.)  The rest of the family including Jeremiah didn’t think that was a good idea. We were right.  As I screamed obscenities while in solemn prayer, Mike hit the brakes hard to avoid crashing into the horse. It ran in front of our van with only inches to spare. Jeremiah’s body lunged painfully forward, his head instantly appeared in between the front seats.  In a split second, he looked me in the eye and asked calmly, “did you say the car insurance is paid?”.   And plop, just as fast he was thrown back into his seat.  Just like that what could have gotten very ugly, (I was ready to tear into Michael) became nothing more than a hilarious memory.  That was my Jeremiah.

On one of our rides home without Michael, he told me he’d been taken from his mom at some point and put into a hospital. He showed me his arms and said he’d fallen into a window while jumping on his bed and cut them both. I turned my arm over and showed him what it looks like when your arm actually does go through a window accidentally.  We were both silent as I placed my arm next to his to compare the jagged scar on mine to the neat uniform cut marks on both of his.

I told him how much I loved him and how much I would suffer if anything at all were to ever happen to him. I held his hand for a few seconds.  We drove the rest of the way home in silence.

He tried so hard not to be gay.  It almost made me angry.  He’d been convinced by his grandmother (who by the way loved him very much and thought she was doing the right thing), and her church, that gay people are evil and are all bound for hell. He was a very good boy, and wanted to please God and did every good deed imaginable to show it.  If only he’d been given faith to match his works.

Once during an election year, the assignment was to make campaign posters concerning issues the kids felt strongly about. I walked into the room to see the posters laid out everywhere. One was on adoption rights for gays. I was so proud of Jeremiah.  I thought he had come out. Not to the world, we already knew. I was happy he had come out to himself and stopped trying to hide who he was.  I went to look for him to offer my support and to tell him how brave he was, but he was gone.  The poster had offended him and so had the girls who invited him into their poster making team.  I wanted to find him, track him down, let him know it would all be okay.  I had to deal with my own kids though and never got around to it that day.

He always had a comment about my shoes or my bag, and he would grab my hands and carefully examine them to see the mani, and polish. He called me Karen after the character on “Will and Grace”.   I was bent over him helping him on his computer, our faces were inches from each other.   Something I said made him giggle and call me Karen Walker.  Our eyes met and held.  “Who does that make you then, my dear,” I said solemnly.  I could see him thinking, I hugged his back and we continued his assignment.

My best friend works in the system and for whatever reason felt compelled to report to me on each suicide that year.  By March 22nd our small community had been plagued by them. We were hearing of them on average of about one per week. It was unheard of.  That morning she called to report another tragedy.  “Why are you telling me this?” I asked her, annoyed that she felt it necessary.

“Well, I think this one . . . is one of yours.”

Of course, she didn’t mean a child I had birthed, she meant one of my many non-biological children that I treated as if they were my own. I couldn’t find my breath.  I whispered into the phone for her to tell me who.  She said Zackary Duff was his name and he was a senior from the same charter school I took my kids to. Relieved I told her no, that I didn’t know him, although I was unusually and deeply touched with sadness.  Much more than if it were someone I hadn’t known. Twelve suicides in as many weeks in our small town, it was starting to get to me.

That’s when the hearts started coming from everywhere.  Stones, clouds, puddles, ice chips, potato chips, they were everywhere! Once we were playing with a balloon and it popped. When I went to pick it up, we saw it landed in the shape of a heart. I took this picture.

The family would laugh at how many hearts would be thrown into my path in the next few days.  Then the laughter ended.

I found out he had changed his name.  He’d been going by his middle name and his father’s last name.  He had come out, and in the process reinvented himself. He’d gone and met his father and it changed his entire way of looking at life.  The kid I knew as Jeremiah Green had been calling himself Zachary Duff.

Jan Pickens ( she has since changed her name twice) called me to tell me about the funeral, that was when I found out it was Jeremiah.  The neighbors could hear me wailing from down the road.  I couldn’t stop, it just kept coming out of me. I was on my knees begging God, asking why, why my baby, why my good boy. He was the one who rushed to help little old ladies with their groceries, he was the one who was always there when you needed a hand, to help with any burden, he was a good one. . . why?

I had heard Jan Pickens make racial as well as gender biased slurs, which was one of the reasons she was no longer my children’s Educational Facilitator.  That and the fact she was an emotionally unstable pill-poppin’ nut bag. However, she was still involved in Jeremiah’s life through the charter.  He had met with her on Monday, March 21st, 2007, and during the one-hour meeting asked her which bridge would she jump from if she were going to do such a thing. The response given to this child by someone I call a “whore of Satan’s harem” was to direct him to Pioneer Bridge.  She is a child murderer in my opinion.  She knew exactly what she was doing.

Jeremiah jumped from Pioneer on Thursday, March 22nd, 2007.  He was only 18. My Mother in an effort to console me days after the funeral said, “he was too good for this world”.  It is the truth. He was.  Far too good for the likes of Jan Pickens and other horrible cold-hearted monsters like her.  I miss him so much.  There will never be another ‘Miah.  Me, oh, ‘Miah . . . I miss you more than words can say.  It’s been 5 years and I still can’t listen to “Girls Just Wanna’ Have Fun” (any version) without tears. Not what you want as you stroll through the produce aisle at the local supermarket.

His funeral was packed. Standing room only. People were overflowing into the parking lot.  One of the most touching eulogies was given by an elderly woman with a walker and an oxygen tank. She was one of many older folks in attendance. She struggled and puffed to get up and into the aisle. Gathering her strength through her emotions she simply said, “Jeremiah, was my friend”.  I was trembling with sorrow.

In the way of the traditional people, I cut my hair in mourning.  I went to my hairdresser who had done it for me before.  In silence, she braided it tightly and sheared it to right above my elbows.  This time I didn’t wrap it in red cloth with sage sprigs, I didn’t bury it or burn it in a fire.  I gave it to Jeremiah’s Mother and told her to send it with him to his resting place.  It seemed like the right thing to do considering how much he enjoyed it while he was here.

Matthew 7:1

Is Ohio Going Down the Drain?


Well quasi-Dem Kaptur won the primaries, beating out Kucinich.  I understand she was endorsed by Republican newspapers as well as a few of their top dogs, including Bob Dole and Voinivich.  As if that’s not enough, she’ll be running against “JOE THE FREAKIN’ PLUMBER”!

I’m trying not to cuss. 

Why do I care what happens in Ohio?  After all I live in sunny California, where laid-back was invented.  I should just chomp my granola and get on with my life. Chomp and let live.  Our primaries aren’t even until June 5th.  Who cares about Ohio? 

Except it’s not just Ohio. It’s a global issue. They call it corruption.  It seeps into the souls of those susceptible to greed and avarice. And it’s rampant.  I don’t believe for a minute that Joe the Plumber got where he is the “good old-fashioned way”, nor do I think Kaptur gained her victory honestly.  I think Joe is a sad puppet in the play, and was a possible plant from the very beginning of his instant fame.  So sad.  Can we take back our government?  Was it ever our’s in the first place? Do our votes even count? Why even bother?

Because, that’s why.  It is an exercise of one of our last freedoms.  Even if the chit counters are full of chits, and the computer tallies are rigged, we still have a voice! It is what we have. We can express our desire for justice and freedom.  We have the choice to communicate that or not. I choose to let my small voice be heard.  I will vote, even if every one I vote for on my ballot has to be written in.  I can’t sit home and not do anything.   It depletes the small amount of hope I’ve retained through these many years of being exposed to the reality we are not a democracy at all.  We are and have been a plutocracy. 

So again, it’s seemingly a hopeless situation. Why bother to vote?  As I mentioned before it’s an exercise.  Think of it in those terms.  Exercise doesn’t always produce spectacular results instantly.  It takes time.  Especially for something so out of shape as our US government seems to be.  Keep exercising, it’s bound to show results sooner or later.

go here to keep up with things in the primaries