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Dig a Little Deeper


I’ve recently seen pictures sent by a friend via fb that shows where he is staying in Katmandu.  There is a community well there that has been there for perhaps centuries.  Beautifully sculpted stone lions serve as spouts with water flowing from their mouths.  The colorfully dressed people were lined up waiting with the equally colorful plastic jugs neatly in rows beside them.  It looked like maybe 75-100 people at the well. I think some were washing babies and rinsing out clothes.  It sent my mind wondering about what that would be like to live with no running water.  Be careful what you think, it may come true.

I broke the well.  The dishwasher was going, the babies were watering the flowers for me,  pots and pans being washed in the sink, and the sprinkler was sprinkling.  Little did I know I was a toilet flush away from disaster.  The Hubster replaced some do hickies, tested other do hickies with a yellow plug-in thing with a gauge of some sort, and here we are with brand new parts for everything, and 80 hrs later he’s figured out it’s the breaker that switches on the pump.  YIKES!  So, it could be worse but not much.  Off to Medford to get a new one and then I’ll have water again.  Meanwhile, I used my emergency water and rainwater to get the plants the babies missed,  and in the toilet tank. The hubby is refilling the jugs for me at the farmhouse.  I can now shower with only 2 gallons of water! The worst part is we are having much warmer weather and my garden really needs extra  today.  I’ll have to make up for it all after the pump is back on.  C’mon Hubster, you can do it.  ( I really don’t know how he does these miracle repairs without prior experience or knowledge, must be some kind of savant) (It’s cool tho’)

It has been a wonderful lesson for me.  Out here in the mountains my water is free.  I only pay for the electricity to power the pump. So, I haven’t really been conserving it like I know I should for the sake of the planet. I do catch some rainwater and  I am great at conserving everything else, but I need a lot of water.  Large garden in the high desert, and I’m a woman that loves her bubbles, ’nuff said. I considered it my daily “hydrotherapy”.   Good place for meditation, planning the day ahead, making mental notes.  I learned much in the past 80 horas.  I don’t need so many bubbles.  You can do all the same in a lawn chair, or at the dining table.

I also had to harvest a bunch of kale to make into chips and sort of got carried away.  Coming back instead with a wheelbarrow full of not only kale, but about 25 lbs of cabbage, close to 30 lbs of broccoli, loads of chard and some snow peas.  Then after lugging it all back up to the house, I remembered I didn’t have water.

So this is me with no running water.  Now I have true empathy for the people at the community well.  Being as how I’m almost exactly like the villagers.  Well, my jugs aren’t as colorful.  There are a few other differences.   I don’t have a very long walk to the village square.  The big jugs are already in the garden, and the gallons are lined up on the kitchen counter.  My toilets flush. (I have toilets.) And I know it’s only a temporary situation. Sort of like we are camping, but at the house.

All that being said, I wonder how they do it day in and day out?  I did get my kale chips in the dehydrator and my cabbages chopped and crocked for kraut despite being thrown back a bit by having no running water.  I used what I had in my pantry, feel free to adapt the recipe to suit your taste.  It was a bit “Little House on the Prairie” but all in all things turned out and it sure didn’t slow me down.

Pizza flavored Kale Chips

Approx. 20 large kale leaves washed and ripped into chip size pieces.

1 C. almonds, cashews or hazelnuts

1C. water

1 Tbls. organic Italian Seasoning

15-20 sun-dried tomatoes

1 Tbls nutritional yeast

pinch of kosher salt

dash of cayenne

dash of vinegar (red wine is best, use what you have)

Put everything but the kale in a blender, and turn into a paste.  Wash kale, shake and pat dry, then tear into pieces. Scoop up a handful of paste  and massage into the leaves.  Make sure all leaves are covered evenly, cover and refrigerate any remaining paste.  Place leaves in the dehydrator on 115 for 8-10 hrs. rotate racks every 2 hours and check for crispness after 6 hours.  Turn leaves over on racks periodically.  In oven bake for 1-1/2 to 2 hrs at 200 degrees F.  When kale chips are done they should be crispy through and through with no soft areas.

(you may layer the chips carefully in the racks or pile them in randomly, either way is fine.  Of course if you pile you could have 2 or 3 stick together when you go to snack on them, not such a bad thing)



High Dessert Sauerkraut

Finely chop cabbage, layer in crock, wide mouth jar or food grade plastic container, alternating with kosher salt.  I do about a 2″ layer, then a fine sprinkle of salt, another 2″ of cabbage and a sprinkle of salt.  When you are done layering, place a sheet of plastic over the top and place a plate or saucer on top of the plastic. It has to fit inside of the container, rather than perch on top.  Place a heavy weight on the plate like a gallon of water, or clean (boiled) stone.  Then cover the whole thing with  a cloth or plastic cover to keep out pests. Make sure there are no gaps for ants, flies, or others to get into and ruin your batch.  Uncover and check after 24 hours if brine hasn’t naturally occurred and covered cabbage, add to it with cup of good water and a tablespoon of salt.  Stir to dissolve and then pour on top of kraut.  You can add caraway seed and juniper berries as I did or you may leave it as is.  For 4  large heads of cabbage I added 1/2 Tbls. of caraway and 8 fresh picked juniper  berries.  If you would like a stronger flavor by all means add more. You can also add other veggies like carrots, beets, purple cabbage, onion, turnips, or any winter veg really.  I hope you enjoy making your own and eating it too!

(Happy to report that our water is back on and pump is working better than ever!)

Controlled Opposition


What is the purpose of “Controlled Opposition”?  Is it possible the Occupy Movement was begun by “Big Brother”?  Does it matter who starts a movement if the outcome is beneficial?  Will we see positive changes this spring?

At first glance it looks like America and the rest of the planet is coming to it’s senses.  It would appear we are “mad as hell, and we’re not going to take it anymore”.  And then you might begin to add 2 and 2.  The first thing that struck me as funny is the whole “anonymous” issue.  Here we are wanting freedom and justice for Julian Assage and his Wikileaks business, and Bradley Manning for exposing military corruption, yet a good portion of the activists are running about incognito.  That, for me, did not jive.  Then I saw it was founded by a group called AdBusters.  Right away the name made me question what would they be doing creating an entire global movement, they sound like they should be clipping coupons for Ralph Nader.  Next I began to notice small things that sort of gave it away.  For instance, the propaganda catch-phrase for the era, the “new normal”.  (Hey Jamie Lee Curtis, you know where you can pack your Activia?)  It is pumped out of the ms media like they’re trying to make it real. Another item not enough people are noticing is the government making preparations for an emergency of immense proportions. One that they need ammunition for. Lots of it. More than rubber bullets and pepper spray. There has also been a lot of preparation of FEMA camps for some reason.  Hmmm, 2 + 2, are we seeing the pattern here people?

So why?  If they wanted to imprison us couldn’t they just start rounding us all up and hauling us off?  Why go through all of the trouble to create this facade?  Who would they get to haul us off?  If the word got out about the AGENDA, who would continue to work for the elite?  The 1% has no force without the people.  In order to get the sheeple to follow their lead they must first convince the masses that they are doing the right thing.  If you watch Faux news or really any ms media news broadcast you would see it in a completely different light than that portrayed in live feeds via the internet.  There is a definite bias in the way it is being presented to the public.  Very little was said about the 700 pilots who participated in the OWS movement early on.  Most of the televised news showed radical hippie types, some just there for the party.

Most of America will feel it is perfectly fine if the protesters are sent to FEMA camps and held there according to the new NDAA standards, indefinitely.  They are being brainwashed into believing it is for the safety of America.

Here’s the rub. . . it’s not working the way the powers that be had planned.  It seems to have taken off at a  much more local level that they would have previously imagined.  You see, they had a global event in mind.  One that would scare the pants off of the average Joe.  A threat of a WWIII perhaps.  Something that would make us want to be protected by a world leader.  Instead they got actual change, actual movement in the right direction.  Instead of producing the violent outbursts they have been provoking, people (cops included) are staging peaceful demonstrations and continuing to do so even under persecution and threat of attack.  The internet had exposed things that would have otherwise gone unnoticed, and folks are coming out to stand up for their beliefs and their rights.

There is a controlled opposition in process, however it’s not as big as the cosmic forces that guide us all.  We are in for a major change soon.  I for one, cannot wait to see what the future brings.  It’s not something to fear, it’s something to be in awe of.  History in the making, and we are part of it.