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Allegory of the Cave


Plato’s parable is one that speaks of ignorance as a preference.  Out of cowardice those who have a choice to be educated or not, choose not to be.  In “The Republic” Plato narrates Socrates’ fictitious dialogue with Glaucon which describes a group of prisoners chained to the wall of a cave in darkness.  They are all facing the wall and can only see shadows cast by forms carried by puppeteers that stride between the mouth of the cave and a light just beyond.  They create their own reality which  overwhelms that which is true, and continue on in ignorance rather than break free when given the opportunity, or even turn their heads to see what is truly casting the shadow.  I think they (the masses) rather enjoy the show.

When the majority of the population chooses to make their own reality from shadows cast upon them rather than turn around and seek the truth we have our modern day America.  Left hand chained by Dempublicans. Right hand chained by the Republocrats. Heads chained watching the shadow of the the evening news projected onto the walls of their darkened caves by CNN and Faux, and all MS media broadcast in our modern time.  It’s scary to “turn around”,  the boogie man of the shadows must be so much worse a nightmare to see in actuality.   Or not. . . maybe it’s all a ploy to keep people facing the wall of the darkened cave.  To keep them prisoner, to keep them in fear, chained in place, so they don’t start any trouble.  And how long has this been going on?  Ask an ancient philosopher.

On the “Theory of Forms” ~ As a child I would stare into the night shadows and see horrors that in the light of day were only that . . . shadows.  As I grew I realized I had the choice to seek out the source of the shadow and find out what there was to be afraid of, if anything, or to hide my head under the covers.  It never turned out to be the monster claws or beastly talons reaching to burst glass panes of my imagination, but rather a pencil jar or hairbrush in the moonlit windowsill.

As we grow we discover our fears are our own creation.  That is some of us do.  Others just seem to settle in.  Comfortable in the shackles of lies handed to them in between MMA matches and Honey Boo Boo episodes,  Sucking down the Pepsi, eating GMOs for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Totally puzzled when the doctor bills start pouring in.  Drinking fluoride, and breathing Chemtrails, acting like this is all normal.  Choosing to believe the Twin Towers imploded upon themselves magically and despite the fact the debris from Flight 77 has yet to show up anywhere around the Pentagon nor has the remains of even one of the passengers of that flight, we’re still blaming some brown guys swinging box cutters with minimal flight training.  Poof, like magic gone, not one leg, or arm or even pinky toe to be found.  Not one piece of the plane.  Not to mention the convenient location of the “crash”.  Ouch, right in the books.  That must be what they mean when they say “cookin’ the books”.  Poof, up in smoke, more magic.

The shadows projected by the puppeteers are so scary the prisoners refuse to see what it really is. Waiting for a leader to instruct them, guide them towards inaction. It’s much easier for the masses to follow the leader.  Even if that leader leads them to battle over and over and over again for no good reason.  Even when the leader George W’s us right out of our economic surplus.  Like fake Disney lemmings heading for a cliff.  Nooo, little lemmings come back, don’t . . . ahh, too bad, so fluffy.

Watching the few minutes of the debates that I did, I was reminded of this parable of Socrates as told by his faithful student Plato.  Chained by both parties, left and right, Americans refusing to see the truth. Preferring to be entertained rather than informed. We do have other choices.  If you turn around you can see it’s mostly your imagination feeding your fears.  It was hard to find out there is no Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy, Santa.  But we got over it, and we can move on from all shocking truth eventually.

A prisoner does break free and escapes the cave.  Temporarily blinded by the brightness he slowly begins to make out the forms for what they really are.  Seeing the reality he’s no longer fearful, and looks up to the sun, discovering finally the light source. However upon reentry to inform his fellow cave-dwelling captives of the truth, said escapee is ridiculed and made a fool.  The detainees are more comfortable in their chains.

Dig deep, seek answers rather than take the word of others (including me).

Turn around and see the source.  Face the light.


Bohemian Boy’s Club


You can ignore the truth if you choose to, but when it’s been exposed so vividly from behind the lies that have been perpetuated for so long, it does become much harder to deny.

click image to read summary

check out what wikipedia has to say about it

And just what is this “Cremation of Care Ceremony”?

I honestly couldn’t care less if a bunch of bourgeois  wind bags  got together to worship a moss covered owl named Molech, and burn effigies to show how they despise compassion.  My concerns are they are  the world leaders and they aren’t playing a game.  If it were a game why go to all the trouble to get everything so precise.  Because it is a ritual, not game play.  It is acted out for a specific purpose.  The audience of males only is caught up in the over the top Disney production-like drama of the experience and really becomes a collective spirit.  Now if this were a spirit that promoted kindness and say, didn’t burn in effigy something that represents compassion, I’d be like – whoo hoo!  Spread that love and kindness nature freaks. However, that doesn’t seem to be the case does it?  No it seems that our world leaders think it’s foolish to care or to have compassion for your fellow humans.  They put more value in dressing in drag and having an all boy party.  Not that there’s anything wrong with that.  Unless, it’s mean . . . which is evil.  And therein lies the rub.

The “Forever 27 Club”


l-r : Kurt Cobain, Jimi Hendrix, Amy Winehouse, Jim Morrison, Janis Joplin, Brian Jones, Robert Johnson

Is it just a coincidence that so many famous people in the music industry have died in the 27th year of their life?  When I heard the news of Amy Winehouse’s passing at the age of 27, my first thought was, “they got another one”.

She had reportedly stopped drinking and drugging right before her death.  There is no official OD reported. The news never really said how she died did they?  I remember the insinuations that her drug abuse may have been the cause, however that was never said right out.

Her neighbors reported strange sounds coming from Winehouse’s place the night she was murdered.

I don’t watch much MS news, however you’d think we would have heard something about this over on our “side of the pond”.

Another bit of the telling tale, is Kurt Cobain’s mother’s words the day after he died. In this incident it would seem membership is voluntary, as he had obviously mentioned the “club” to her prior to his suicide.  It is assumed (how would we really know what motivates a person to insanity of this caliber) they enter the club believing the 27th year of life to be the year our bodies are at optimum mentally, physically, in every way.   It is believed that they think by ending their life in their prime they will live forever at that age in the afterlife.  Can you say ~ fuh-reeeee-eeks.  Sheesh, you’d think they could find a better hobby group. Here’s another account of Cobain’s mom letting the cat out of the bag.

Ultimately you’ll need to decide for yourselves whether this is a valid claim, and that groups like this do exist, or if it’s all just a big bunch of coincedences strung together over the decades.  Please continue to research this topic on your own.

Jones and Hendrix

Manchurian Candy


Who is Candy Jones?  Is her story important? Is it true?  You’ll have to decide that for yourself.  Click the pic for a short bio.

There is a very distinct pattern in cases like Candy’s, beginning with early abuse in childhood, and including “black-out” moments when the puppet is unaware of their own actions for certain periods of time.  It’s also very practical to make the victim seem crazy, or in some way unstable.  While Candy was a well known model, and author among other things, she was also known as quirky, and married her second husband, “Long John” Nebel almost as if to prove this.  He was known in the ’70’s for his radio show where he discussed the paranormal, UFO’s, and of course psy-ops.  So it was assumed by most that he, by suggestion through hypnosis, was responsible for the mental torture which his wife experienced.  This is actually another chain link in the brain-washing method of mind-control developed in Nazi Germany, and passed onto us as part of Operation Paperclip. Don’t take my word for it, look into it yourselves.

Toppling Tesla’s Tower of Power


click the tower to go to a great site on Tesla

Jack Warden was a wealthy banker and lawyer who lent Nikola Tesla 200 acres to develop a “Radio City” around his “Wardenclyffe Tower”.   J.P. Morgan backed him for awhile, but pulled out before the project could be completed.  Coincidently, around that same time Morgan and other venture capitalists such as George Westinghouse and John Jacob Astor all backed out at once, Tesla’s lab was destroyed mysteriously by fire.  All of his work ~ up in smoke.  He went into a severe depression right after, and it’s no wonder.

This structure was a wireless telecommunications tower Tesla intended to build to show how radio waves could be transmitted without the use of wires. That’s right we could have had wi-fi from the get go.  Tesla coils, Tesla turbines, alternating current motors. Think of all the other things that could have made life easier for us over 100 years ago, but have never been developed for public use.  These other technologies have however been developed into weapons. What kind of logic is that? Greedy logic, that’s what kind. The kind that makes the most money for the 1% ers. Tesla wasn’t in the plan for that.  He was going to make it less profitable for the oil and coal barons.  He had a plan to give the world FREE energy.  He had to go.

So, Otto Skorzeny (Hitler’s ex-bodyguard) who was living in the US at the time, went to his hotel room with Reinhard Gehlen (another Nazi), tricked Tesla into revealing secrets of his knowledge, and then smothered the 86-year-old man to death. We get Skorzeny’s deathbed confession via Eric Berman aka Eric “Orion” who dated Skorzeny’s daughter during the Nazi’s final days. It seems ol’ Otto was a little more than pissed at his buddy George HW Bush for confiscating about $100 million that Eva Peron had bequeathed her lova’ lova’ when she died. Otto did the wild thing so well, Evita left him all that Nazi stolen, Swiss bank and Vatican laundered, Argentinian moolah.  Then the GHWB CIA took it. That was it for ol’ Otto and he decided to spill the beans. So he told his daughter’s boyfriend everything. Including the confession that he was the CIA hit-man responsible for Tesla’s murder, and at one time a Nazi bodyguard for Hitler.

Otto & Adolph

Along with that confession came a box of more than a hundred photographs. Some of them showing Nazi war criminals aging comfortably through their American years on Kodachrome and Polaroid.  Among these photos appeared one in particular that might interest anyone who seeks TRUTH.  It shows a young George HW Bush in a German Navy uniform. Only his name at that time was Scherff, not Bush.

In this photo below you see in the very back is Joseph Mengele, with Otto Skorzeny to his left in t-shirt. Otto’s accomplice in the murder of Tesla, Reinhard Gehlen sits at the very left in a German sailor’s uniform. The other sailor is George H Scherff Jr.  with his parents to his left.  Coming to American as an “orphan” he was “adopted” by Prescott Bush, who many believe is Scherff Sr.  As Scherff Sr. was an accountant for Tesla, young “Curious George” was afforded the opportunity time after time to enter Tesla’s lab and get into things.  He was known to take documents from the lab. Bad boy Georgie. Curious George was also apparently linked to the JFK hit through his mafia, ahem, I mean CIA work, but that’s whole ‘nother story.  Seek the TRUTH.  It’s out there, go find it.  Knowledge conquers fear.  Educate to empower!

Hidden in Plain Sight


The other day I was telling a family member about the Georgia Guidestones.  I was really surprised to find out that they had never even heard of them. I have a hard time understanding why more people don’t know about this. It’s not at all hidden.  Go Here   As a matter of fact it dictates a clear agenda, and even has a signature of sorts that might lead one to believe it is a message of good.

In reading the stones message it doesn’t seem all together bad.  That is if you ignore the #1 item on the list of “commandments” which states we maintain a population of 500,000.  Only a drop in numbers by 6.5 billion, easy right?

Easy if you create vaccines to decrease the population or if you contaminate the food and water and air perhaps.

I don’t want to scare anyone.  I only want to make people aware of the TRUTH.  We all need to be prepared.  Turn off the TV for a start and see it for what it is, a distraction from reality.  Do your own research please.  And spread the truth as far as you can.

Some Say There Is No Connection


type in Illuminati backwards in your Google search bar and see where you end up.

Add a dot com and you go here:     Try it for yourself.  I think that is very odd.

The powers that be would have us believe it is a joke of some sort, and not at all a slap in the face of those who know the TRUTH.

I don’t think it’s all that funny.  Do you?

Crazy Town


Have you heard of the group of almost twenty high school girls who developed some strange neurological disorder all at the same time? Around a dozen of the girls all attend the same high school in Leroy, NY.  Erin Brokovich has entered the scene to explain her theory that it is the effects of a chemical spill some decade or so ago that have since then been latent.  A brief blurb on a 24 hr. mainstream news channel, mentioned Morgellon’s (although the newcaster mispronounced it) could be the cause. I am glad to see Morgellon’s being talked about as if it is a real concern and not “delusional parasitysis” as the powers that be would have us believe. What ever the cause, it is disconcerting and horrific for these girls.  I wonder why only one male has been effected by these “Tourette’s-like” symtoms. This makes me think it has something to do with hormones.

Deepak Chopra is saying it has to do with technology. Specifically internet addiction. That would be an easy fix ~ too easy if you ask me. I think it is something much more complex. Something that might not be an accident, or an addiction of any sort.

It has also been speculated that these girls are victims of the Gardasil vaccine. That would be a tragedy. It would not explain the boy becoming ill, as he would not have been given the shot.  This is a very strange sydrome and has to be very hard on the families as well as these children.

see the Today Show story on this here

The Gates of Hell


Click on the face of evil and read "Bill Gates Pays Media to Portray Him as a Saint"

When a man promotes GM foods, as well as deadly vaccinations, and then buys 500,000 shares of Monsanto stock, he’s pretty much coming right out in the open with his agenda isn’t he?  I was sad and sick to see Bono partnering with the Gates’ as I truly  believed him to be an environmentalist and now I feel he’s one of them.  I wonder how long he’s been brainwashed. His “Bullet the Blue Sky” is supposed to have been written about the horrors of war in El Salvador, however listen to the lyrics.  It could just as easily be talking about Monsanto (feeding us GM foods for almost 1/4 of a century now), and chemtrails, which would have been starting to happen right after that song came out in 1987, so he would have had to have had prior knowledge of the agenda.

One of these things is not like the others, one of these things just doesn’t belong.  How does a musician rate along side politicians? Do pop stars make good diplomats?

Bad Bono, bad. . .

Bono in his "MacPhisto" persona.

This is even worse than that lipstick/eye-liner phase he went through, where he left his shirt open and you could see his Robin Williams, way too hairy chest. You got to wax that stuff Butch, if you’re gonna glitter it.  So take some time to do your own research, see for yourself, and THINK  for yourself.  We live in some very wierd times, and we have clowns like this in power.  Don’t follow the crowd.  Stand out among them.