The modalities I favor as a holistic therapist are Aqua-Chi in combination with Reflexology as this seems to take care of the whole body at once, and Jin Shin Jitsu which is another great way to balance the energy in your body so it is able to heal itself. I am working up Tong Ren folders upon request as well. These folders will show the individual a sequence of applications to be done at their leisure by themselves or a helper.  It’s my desire that we all learn to heal ourselves in the most ancient and most easy way.  Naturally, without Big Pharma pushing garbage down our throats with side affects more horrific than the actual disease it’s being prescribed for.  I feel it’s time to wake up and take responsibility for our own health.  Hopefully this page will pass on some of what I have to offer and also be a place where others come to offer their gifts and knowledge as well.

Blessings and kindest regards,


 Mt. Shasta, California taken December, 2011

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