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gun control

As with most things in life there are no absolutes, therefore for me to say I’m always one way or another, or never a way or the other would not be factual. I envy the close-minded somewhat, in that they have the ability to shut down the thought process and form bigoted opinion that prevents them from ever having to give it any brain energy. Follow, follow, follow, follow, follow the yellow . . .aahh you know the rest.
So this whole gun control issue, it seems to have stirred up quite the controversy here in the States. People are working on an entirely material/physical level and not at all looking at the real picture. The majority aren’t getting that we really don’t need automatic weapons. Of course, the crazier the flying monkeys in the government get the more folks want to protect themselves from them in any way that they can. Who can blame people?
I think that weapons aren’t as necessary as we’ve been led to believe. Put in the wrong hands, as they often are, they have proven to be more of a detriment to our society than a help. And by wrong hands I mean the majority of the cops, (not all, remember the absolutes thing) who maybe have issues with power. Isn’t there a psych test for that??? If they only had a brain. . .a heart. . .a soul. . . some morals. . .
Let me tell you about someone I’ll call the Tin-Man. When we brought my stepson to our home in the country for the first time he was 9. His Dad had purchased a quad-runner to occupy his time. His first ride out into the hills he came across a suicide by carbon monoxide. The county sent out the Tin-Man who seemed nonplussed and shook his head when I asked if he thought this would be something we might want to get a 9 yr-old a counselor for. In retrospect I should have followed my own instincts. It was later I found out that on another day the Tin-Man had been driving the comp’ny SUV full of cases of beer and guns out on the river road to the rifle range. Good ol’ boys mentality ~ day off, do as ah’ damn please. He’d already knocked back a few and his senses must have been dulled when the little old lady came around the tight corner in the opposing lane. If he’d only had a heart. The tragedy intensified by his promotion to Sergeant immediately after. The family of the little old lady was never given solace nor compensation, not even for her funeral. Tin-Man was later let go when (again driving drunk) he got into another wreck. The damage was minor, and not a soul was lost in the fender-bender, but Tin-Man had made the mistake of hitting another cop car during a small town night parade. We definitely cannot have that. Here you see guns may not have had a part in the killing of the victim but rather promoted a sense of false power in a man who otherwise had none. Guns + socio/psychopath = not a good idea.
Now for the Cowardly Lion, remember his needs are courage, and maybe a little something for his hyper-salivation. My first-born and his father came home from a ride with their eyes wide and shaken up from what they had just experienced. They were well within the confines of law in regards to safety mechanisms attached to their vehicles. In other words their bikes were legal and safe, with no chance of catching any dry grass or woods on fire from wayward sparks. The Cowardly Lion had been given credence by the Neighborhood Watch folks as their leader, and he had his flock of middle-aged groupies surrounding his lawn chair, as well as his arsenal and enough beer to make the Tin-Man jealous, to prove it. It seems that in his drunken stupor he felt it was a good idea to fire shots from his .44 magnum over the heads of my husband and son to get their attention. He got it and later, mine too. His logic for his actions? He wanted to make sure they had spark protectors on the bikes. I made a few phone calls and that was his last day in the lawn chair. I still get mad when I think about it and it was over a decade ago. He never would return my calls, didn’t have the courage I guess. Small town, word gets out and back around anyway. He stayed hid, and we never (that’s one true absolute) heard from the Cowardly Lion again.
The Straw Man could be so many brain-dead gun carriers it’s hard to fill his role with a single player. He could be the other Neighborhood Watch Commander who pulled a carload of us over because he thought we were drinking in the car. I was in the back, seated between two large men, trying to discourage the driver from stopping the car for another civilian. That was when I saw him get out of the car and draw down, it was all the two men could do to hold me back. By the time the ancient ball of fart dust made his way to the car, I had already told him my rights, his rights, and a couple of what I had lefts. He was a shaky old fuss budget and he had no business being behind the wheel of a car with the same description, let alone packin’ heat. Neighborhood Watch doesn’t exist in our sub-division any longer. If they’d only had a brain.
These stories of tragedy and near tragedy are paled by comparison to the current events and recent history events of mass shootings by so-called “lone gunmen”. Truth is truth, we have more weapons than we will ever need. Yeah, guns are cool, they make loud noise, they’re powerful. But what else are they? Overused. Treated as playthings. The cause of so much sorrow and pain.
I don’t think I’m afraid of the “Gun” part of “Gun Control” as much as the “Control” part. Yes, I agree we need better regulations. Something that would prevent guns from being used in the same time frame one consumes alcohol would be a good start for instance. Maybe a built-in breathalyzer on the scope? At present it seems guns and booze go together like a redneck jigsaw puzzle. Yeee haaaww! Do we drink and do other dangerous sport? Drunk sky-diving? Bungee jump baked? Surfing sloshed? So how is it that the marriage of guns and booze seems to be accepted as natural?
The other concern I would address would be guns in the hands of power-hungry oddballs behind a badge. What is really going on here? Increased and regularly repeated psych evaluation for any cop who wants to pack. Otherwise grab your tazers boys and girls, and a stick and a badge, but leave the gun in the lock box. And the first sign of unnecessary aggression and there goes the bang bang. Earn those bullets back like Barney Fife if actions require it for the safety of others. So many have lost their lives at the hands of over zealous cops that it tends to deter from any heroics performed that may truly honor them. Please let me be clear here by saying there are still heroes on the force, and the fact they are in the minority makes them all the more brave for their actions. I would like to see this turn around in my lifetime, is it just a dream?
Can I click my heels together now?
My father taught me to shoot when I moved to the country. I wasn’t as interested in learning as I could have been. He felt safer for me learning and so I did. I’m an okay shot. I never felt the need to use a fire arm yet. The cougar that had eaten all of my grandfather’s pet pygmy goats was still at large long after the grandparents and the goats were gone and living in the cave behind the property. I wanted to feel safe when my children went down by the creek. Rather than hunt her down I spoke to her in the ways of the Traditional People. Heart to heart, after deep prayer, I explained that as a cougar she was wise but not as wise as a human and the wisest thing to do for a cougar in her situation was to move it’s habitat so as not to be a perceived threat or danger to my children. I gave the message that this would end badly for her. The cougar was never seen after that day. I didn’t need the gun, others may have rather used it, I like my way better.
Not exactly pro or con guns, I can see how for some they might need them to feel safe from wild animals or other intruders. For way too many though they seem to be extensions of a sick society that praises power and war over love for one another and peace. Which is where the “Control” part needs to be addressed. I in no way think the government should have all of the guns and civilians none. That is trouble waiting to happen, it’s the absolutes thing. We want a natural balance. We might never get it perfect, but we can strive toward that goal, absolutely.

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