PHONY 2012 or The Oxymoron of War as a Humanitarian Effort


For whatever reason, I was put off by the KONY 2012 video before I even watched it. It just didn’t “feel” right to me.  After about a week or so of seeing it virally posted everywhere, I succumbed to the peer pressure and clicked on it. I was immediately sorry.

I had first heard about the “Invisible Children” project a few years ago when my daughter brought home a t-shirt with the name of the program on it.  The logo was simple and looked as if it could have been created by one of those they were trying to save.  I loved the idea and the t-shirt.  My daughter still has it. I think the message is a good one.

I don’t however think propaganda is anything other than what it is. Bullshit.

A really good sign of this is when the creator of the film wigged out and danced in his underwear on the freeway or peed on someone or roped his doggie in the middle of town or whatever it was he did when he couldn’t live the lie any longer.  Folks’ll do that.  They’ll just wig all the way out if the brainwash doesn’t hold.  Good example = that guy.  I’d be lookin’ for him in the obit section anytime now from an “apparent self-inflicted” whatever it is, or an “accidental fall” from a high window of an old hotel.  Or maybe that was how he saved himself.  Convince people you’ve lost it and your no longer considered a threat to the operation.  Crazy like a fox ~ that masturbates in public. 

As I watched the video, I instantly caught on to how they were promoting violence. We don’t need to fight fire with fire.  We need to quench those hateful fires with peaceful protest, and demonstration. As a people we are convinced that the way to achieve any goal is by bullying and force.  Not true, that is the way to continue a problem. Picture this, trying to “save” the bad guy from running off a cliff by butting heads with him, when all that does is hurt our head. We can simply move aside and let him run off of the cliff. We pompous Americans do not have to fix the world. Give it time, it will fix itself.

Another thing I’d like to address about this propaganda vid is the fact that our government is capable of tracking anyone down anywhere at anytime, (don’t think they can’t) yet really, really bad guys like Kony, Ghaddafi, Bin Laden et. al. seem to somehow elude them with duct tape and palm fronds.  That is, when it’s convenient.  When a boogie man is needed to divert the attention of those who are enthralled with MS media and the fountain of deceit it spouts.  Bait and switch fraud at it’s finest.  Bait = we’re gettin’ us a villain.  Switch = or these 10’s of thousands of civilians that are on mineral rich real estate, so we can rob them of it all.  It’s almost the same thing.   

Fact is most people feel compassion for children if they have none otherwise.  Appeal to that part of our nature and it’s a shoo-in, we will follow the leader who saves kids from bad guys.  Even if it means doing something we wouldn’t in other situations.  Like pick up a weapon and shoot people.  Not that the propaganda vid came right out and said that was the point. The message was hidden (not from me and other truthers) in the plight of “Invisible Children” when it’s really about what they have that we want.

If out government was about protecting children we would never have had the “Monarch Project” where underprivileged children farmed from  charitable organizations like Boy’s Town, are drugged and pimped off to corrupt political leaders to be sexually abused at secret parties and underground meeting places.  Our government only cares about children if they can bring in money for war or satisfy even more perverse needs.   But didn’t Pelosi look good up there when she first came into office?  With a flock of kiddies surrounding her like a veritable Mother Goose.  Then we have Angelina Jolie with all of her kiddies, bringin’ sexy to the battlefield.

Question: How does a whack job who used to wear Billy Bob Thornton blood in a vial around her neck, and by her own father’s admittance, is out there, end up an ambassador of any type for our country?  Can you say Illuminati?  (side note: I don’t know what heroin makes you feel like, but I do know that all the heroin in the world wouldn’t make me feel like doing Billy Bob.)

So, appeal to the women and parents with the Phony 2012 Invisible children propaganda, then grab the others with sex appeal. George Clooney is on the bandwagon too by the way. What level of evil allows these “stars” to promote killing?  Libya, Syria, Afghanistan, are among the many places with resources desired by the greedy warmongers that make money off of death. They are the ones killing children everyday!!! The real truth is these places and the people who inhabit them pose not one ounce of threat to America.  Try telling that to the average Faux News faithful. They will react with violence I bet. It’s been fed to them like pabulum.  They are victims of brainwashing.   How we are in danger of the “Boogie Man” of the year, and need our Big Brother to save us.  Don’t try to tell them anything different.  A great avenue to vent displaced anger, the boogie man.

The TRUTH is that Kony hasn’t even been seen for about 5 years now, believed to be dead already, and his territory of terror was far, far away from where we are looking.  He liked the forest in the North of Uganda.  Yet we’re looking for him where?  Is that him beside that natural gas deposit?  Oh, is he over there behind the oil derrick? I was sure he was just swimming in that pool of precious metals.  It is sick and disturbing.  I am beyond repulsed.  Anyone paying attention sees it’s the same old story. 

If anyone is fooled by this and think we are actually looking for Kony or doing good for the “invisible Children” . . .  they are not fulfilling their full potential as a human being.  And by that I mean check for yourself, stop depending on others for the truth.  With mainstream media twisting and spinning every lie they can in the faces of those who are too tired or flouridated to get up off the couch and do the research for themselves, is it really any wonder?  Honestly, I just want to slap brainwashed Americans awake. But if I do, that means the terrorists win.


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