I Got the Feva’


Whew, did I need me some springtime.  I haven’t been indoors long enough lately to be able to blog.  Had to hike and explore and clean and start my garden.  Oh, let me start there. . . my happy place.  Several raised beds varying in size from 3.5 sq. ft. to 6 sq. ft., enclosed in what can only be called a maximum security penitentiary for plants.  I teased the hubster that they weren’t going anywhere.  He scowled, (take a joke mister) and told me it was for the free range cattle and deer.  I looked around.  I didn’t see any.

I asked him to leave the pig-wire off of at least one box.  It makes for rather difficult access to my sproutlings. He did what I asked.

I hate it when he’s right.


One of the herd, that made herself right to home. I call her “Luck-bone”.                                                         As in: “get on home, Luck-bone, hyah”. . .  ’cause I’m all cowgirl like that.


This is at the top of 10′ poles.


Deer fur about 9 ft up, ‘nuf said

So, now after “Big Red” the free range heifer got caught up in the maze of boxes, (she was like a land bound whale with fur) and the deer made a meal or two of my spinach and kale, I’m beginning to understand the barbed wire. I drove Big Red out using my broom handle as a staff, but I never caught the deer. All they left behind was the evidence, nibbled plants, heart-shaped hoof prints, and a few little “gifts”. Honest to goodness, wild food flourishing by the creek, unfenced and open for the taking.  Yet, critters are drawn like magnets to the plants we throw our love and energy into.  It’s really a miracle when you think about it.  An irritating miracle.  Despite the fact animals are drawn to love energy, and I am fascinated by this, now, as the kids are saying, it is on. It’s gonna look like a FEMA camp around that garden, and  I’ll be like Papillon’s Dega without the piglets. (I’m practicing my Hoffman).

The rancher came and drove his cattle off of my land after so many times of them walking right through the fence.  It was not built to keep cattle in or out, and is in need of repair, (Big Red and the girls are not helping!) so that is a project on the list.  The fence posts are all still good and we have new wire, it’s just a matter of having the time to string it.  Oh, not me, no I’m never gonna’ be that country.  I’m a little country, but it hardly shows. Maybe when I get my boots.

Being drawn to the country makes me a little bit so, but if it’s extremely dangerous like barbed wire, I go all East Bay instantly.  I can get hurt out here people, I ain’t lyin’.  I smashed my pointer finger moving boulders the other day so hard, I honestly thought I would faint dead away from the shock.  I literally staggered into the house trance-like and into the kitchen for a bowl of ice water, as blind as Stevie Wonder the whole time. The freezing water numbed it, but otherwise didn’t help much. The pain traveled up my arm into my chest and back and ribs, it was so intense!  There are so many nerve endings in the tip of the finger, I was made instantly aware of every single one of them.


                                 Bad finger blues ~ see the lightning bolt? It’s still there.

Then it dawned on me, I’m a healer, I could heal me.  Hey, what an idea.  So I did my bid’ness, and the pain subsided after about 5-10 minutes. The finger was still wicked purple, and so swollen I couldn’t bend it, but the blinding pain was gone. I should heal me more often. So now here it is about a week later, and there is virtually no sign of injury other than a teeny, tiny red lightning bolt at the end of the finger.  I’m not certain but I think this could mean that now I’ll be able to shock people at will (even without the aid of fuzzy socks and carpeting). Right out my bad finger.  ZZZzzaaappp!!  Watch out! Don’t try me now ~ I got a superpower y’all.  Hope I don’t hurt myself with it.

Another thing I’m doing that I have wanted to since I moved to the country more than 2 decades ago, is photo journal the wild food and medicine plants as they grow in their natural habitats.  Many books, blogs or other information on the subject seems to show the plant in it’s fully mature stage and most people don’t know what to look for otherwise.  My idea is to show how the wild flower or herb looks in several stages of it’s life so folks don’t accidentally remove a beneficial herb believing it to be a noxious weed.

I have so much to share, but first I need to get back outside, I’m wasting daylight.

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