One Race ~ Human


Sweet tea, Skittles, an emergency alert medical pendent . . . in America today these things can get you shot to death.  That is if you’re black.

Richard Chamberlain Sr. fought for our country, HIS country . . . and where did it get him.  He raised a respectable, intelligent son that seems through his television appearances, letters and fb posts to be both strong and kind.   Some of that had to have come from his father.

Richard Chamberlain Sr.

So how does it happen? How is a man murdered by those very men his taxes paid to protect and serve him?  And in the “safety” of his own home, where he should have felt secure.  How does a good man accidentally alert the police through a “medical” alert pendant?  Is White Plains, NY so strapped for cash that a medical team wasn’t available?  And let’s say it is entirely appropriate for cops to respond in a situation like this. I wouldn’t know, I don’t have a medical alert pendant and I’ll damn sure not get one now.  If I’ve fallen, I’ll just stay the hell there.

It seems logical that NY cops would be trained to handle medical as well as many other types of emergencies.  It would therefore hold to reason that in the process of that training the officers would be shown proper procedure for responding to a medical as well as any other type of emergency. Maybe these guys were absent from cop school that day.

Or maybe racism is still rampant in the good ol’ USofA.

If not for Treyvon would we even have known of the Richard Chamberlain Sr. case?

Treyvon and his father

Zimmerman is an example of how the system really works.  If your daddy is a Judge you can do any crime you want, including murder and nothing at all will be done about it. Zimmerman literally stalked Treyvon Martin, then chased him down and shot him in cold blood.  He stood astride him and watched as he lay dying in the rain soaked street.   This was a thrill kill.  Zimmerman is also the product of his raising just the same as Mr. Chamberlain Jr is.  Judge Zimmerman has gotten his son out of trouble many times in the past.  Meanwhile pics of Treyvon flipping the bird and flashing a gold plate “grill”, are meant to make us think he was some kind of thug.  And the empty baggie in his pocket with traces of marijuana in it that’s supposed to show us he was a drug dealer too.  I don’t care if the baggie was full of weed.  That’s still not a good reason to kill a kid.  There aren’t words to describe this feeling I have when I see his mother before the cameras trying her best to hold it together. One mother to another, I can only imagine her pain.  The hopelessness of realizing your son’s murderer may walk, scot free.  Not to mention the added pain of seeing how the media is doing such a great job of portraying Treyvon as the criminal, and his murderer as the victim.

So what in the name of all that is holy happened?  How is it that a man, a veteran at that, is in his comfortable bed asleep one moment and in the next he’s taken from this earth, just gone.  Nothing left but a memory.  His death brought on by unneccesary egotism, misplaced power, racism, and ignorance.  And it took 5 months for us to hear about it.  We may have never heard about it if not for the Trayvon Martin tragedy. Is it a coincidence the “99%  Spring” is upon us?  I can’t make sense of any of it.  Of course, there are theorists who would say it is all part of the “controlled opposition” plan.  It would in theory be the beginning of a government “created” uprising.  This would then, (in theory,) be good cause for masses to be detained and transported to the FEMA camps throughout the nation. Then the theorists claim humans will systematically be killed off, saving only the finest specimens for future breeding.  Several flaws in that plan gub’ment, not the least of which is that you are having humans do your bidding.  Humans have feelings, well, some still do.  So they recognize things like love, and pain, and loss of freedom, and sorrow about the state of the world in the faces of the protesters.  Another thing not taken into consideration is that the world is watching now. Through social media we are able to see things the media moguls who pull the politicians puppet strings would otherwise censor.  We see you gub’ment.  We are watching you.

Boooo, boooooo, Mayor of White Plains, you’re not doing your job.  An apology? A verbal apology? Five months later?  That’s all you got?  I hope you don’t expect to be re-elected. It should never have taken so long for us to hear about this, let alone our rights be recognized, action be taken, or justice in any way served.  Shame on the White Plains city officials. Shame on you. I hope you are soon held accountable and the officers who committed this murder brought to justice while the world watches.

Here is the NPR account of the Chamberlain murder

Below is a letter written by Richard Chamberlain Jr. to his father

Dear Dad:   Words cannot explain how much “I MISS YOU.” I know that in our last conversation you told me you loved me before getting off the phone and I told you the same but I also live with a feeling that I could and should have done some things differently in our relationship. Although I was independent as a very young child I always knew you were there in the background and maybe subconsciously it made things a little better but one thing is for sure you never realize just how much you miss someone until they are not there anymore. As each day goes by I miss you more and more.   I am apologizing Dad for not being the best son that maybe I could have been. I think of you every day and every night as I lay my head down to rest I still don’t know why it had to be this way, but God knows why and maybe one day it will be revealed to me. Is God trying to get my attention? Well he definitely has it and whatever steps have been ordered I am no longer afraid to follow. You will always be in my heart and in my soul and I guess it’s true that I am more like you than I realized. All of the strength that I have; you instilled in me. I love you for the person that I have become today. When you died it felt like a piece of me went with you.

You will be forever missed and loved. So until we meet again, DAD. I LOVE YOU and MISS YOU DEARLY.

You’re Son Kenneth Chamberlain Jr.

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