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One year ago today our planet suffered a horrible disaster.  The likes of which had not been seen since Chernobyl.  The Fukishima Daichi incident was not the primary concern at the time.  Rather the largest ever recorded, 9.0 earthquake that crippled the nuclear reactor there and caused the tsunami that took the lives of nearly twenty-thousand people was considered the main problem. It was immediate, there was no time to evacuate. For the 20,000 their problems were over.  For the ones who remain the problems had just begun.

A young Japanese mother has a reoccurring nightmare.  She is standing in a long line of people. They are all carrying bundles of various sizes, and submitting them to haz-mat suit wearing officers to be screened for radiation.  She sees most of the bundles are contaminated with radiation, and thrown into a raging bonfire. The smoke rising up turns to demons that cloud out the sun.  As she approaches the faceless officer, she is shocked when the wand shows her bundle to be contaminated.  As the officer reaches for the bundle to toss it in the fire, it moves in the mothers arms.  It’s then she realizes the bundle is her own child.  Awakened by the horror of it she gets up to check on her small infant. As she watches her baby sleep she remembers the world one year ago, before the child was born.  She dreams a little about how it would have been to raise the child on the family farm she grew up on.  The home that generations of her family resided on until March 11, 2011. The noise from a snoring neighbor brings her back to the 2 room aluminum reality that is her new home.  Here her child will need to be very quiet so as not to disturb the neighbor in the box attached to theirs.

The radiation levels are high in the food, and water and air that surround them. The government tells her it’s all good.  Eat the food, drink the water, don’t worry about anything. Don’t move so far away. Some whack job even has the gall to say they will only become contaminated if they don’t smile.  This young mother cannot remember the last time she smiled.  Surely it was over a year ago.

destroyed city ~ clean up one year after

It is overwhelming to try to understand the measurement of radiation as it applies to “safe doses”.  REMs, RADs, who cares.  There is only one thing to understand.  There is no such thing as a safe dose of radiation.  If anyone says so they are big, fat, stinkin’ liars.  And I hope they rot in the nuclear waste they promote and produce.  If it were safe, even in low doses, why is it an x-ray tech gets out of the room to take your x-ray?  And wadd’up with the lead apron?  Because, it’s not safe in any dose.  It’s cumulative and it never goes away.  It’s also beyond understanding as to why, in a time like this when we can pull energy from the sun, wind and water, would we need nukes.  Plain and simple, we don’t.   Greedy bureaucrats have invested in military weapons and this is why we still have 104 nuclear power plants in the US alone.  Never mind that a war where nuclear bombs are let off would be a world not even a bureaucrat would want to live in, even in a luxurious underground bunker.  You’re gonna want some fresh air, and birds, stuff like that.  Where you gonna jet ski, go for a hot-air balloon ride?  Under the Denver Airport?

       A child separated from her pet because she is too contaminated and must be isolated.

Half life my ass, the waste produced by a nuclear power plant takes 230,000 years to biodegrade.  Don’t listen to any malarkey otherwise.  And the barrels that  it’s stored in are becoming dented from lack of concern, and rusting from neglect.  The plants themselves are old and leaky.  We are destroying our planet for access to luxury.  Gas, lights, television, how much do we use compared to how much we actually need. What can be done? Where to begin? Will we see it change in our lifetime?What can you do?

Everything!  Change your lifestyle starting today.  Use less. Don’t waste. Write letters to everyone from power companies to political leaders. Get verbal, tell a friend, tell a neighbor. Make a flyer.  Make a poster.  Make a banner. Attend rallies to protest the use of nuclear energy and ammunitions. Go off grid with an alternative power source. Conserve. Recycle. Pray.

I don’t know if we will live to see this change, but I hope so. The alternative is bleak.  Already the damage has been done from 3 Mile Island, Chernobyl, Fukishima, as well as other disasters going on for decades.  Whether it was a naturally occurring incident or one that was HAARPed into being, the incident occurred.  That’s that.  It’s been a year and children who were forced to eat contaminated foods served by their schools are among many showing signs of thyroid and liver damage.  The Japanese government has been in denial until their usually passive people have revolted. Over 16,000 attended a rally today in a baseball stadium in Koriyama about 37 miles from the disaster site.  The purpose was to remember of course, but to also  let TEPCO know they want to be compensated for their homes and farms they will never be able to return to, for the crops and cattle lost from forced abandonment, and for the death and illness caused by the corporations nasty greed. 

As always I look for the rainbow through the rain, (even the chemtrail induced kind) so I choose to believe this will promote a change for the better. I hope it brings to light the fact that we can do without building new nukes, or bringing the old ones back up to standard for reuse. My hope is that people wake up to the fact that it’s not worth it in the long run. I see a world waking up to a new paradigm where nukes are no longer needed. This spring is going to be very exciting. I believe we are going to witness some very major changes brought about by the people here on Earth.

Namaste, my babies.  Remember 3/11

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