Is Ohio Going Down the Drain?


Well quasi-Dem Kaptur won the primaries, beating out Kucinich.  I understand she was endorsed by Republican newspapers as well as a few of their top dogs, including Bob Dole and Voinivich.  As if that’s not enough, she’ll be running against “JOE THE FREAKIN’ PLUMBER”!

I’m trying not to cuss. 

Why do I care what happens in Ohio?  After all I live in sunny California, where laid-back was invented.  I should just chomp my granola and get on with my life. Chomp and let live.  Our primaries aren’t even until June 5th.  Who cares about Ohio? 

Except it’s not just Ohio. It’s a global issue. They call it corruption.  It seeps into the souls of those susceptible to greed and avarice. And it’s rampant.  I don’t believe for a minute that Joe the Plumber got where he is the “good old-fashioned way”, nor do I think Kaptur gained her victory honestly.  I think Joe is a sad puppet in the play, and was a possible plant from the very beginning of his instant fame.  So sad.  Can we take back our government?  Was it ever our’s in the first place? Do our votes even count? Why even bother?

Because, that’s why.  It is an exercise of one of our last freedoms.  Even if the chit counters are full of chits, and the computer tallies are rigged, we still have a voice! It is what we have. We can express our desire for justice and freedom.  We have the choice to communicate that or not. I choose to let my small voice be heard.  I will vote, even if every one I vote for on my ballot has to be written in.  I can’t sit home and not do anything.   It depletes the small amount of hope I’ve retained through these many years of being exposed to the reality we are not a democracy at all.  We are and have been a plutocracy. 

So again, it’s seemingly a hopeless situation. Why bother to vote?  As I mentioned before it’s an exercise.  Think of it in those terms.  Exercise doesn’t always produce spectacular results instantly.  It takes time.  Especially for something so out of shape as our US government seems to be.  Keep exercising, it’s bound to show results sooner or later.

go here to keep up with things in the primaries


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