The “Forever 27 Club”


l-r : Kurt Cobain, Jimi Hendrix, Amy Winehouse, Jim Morrison, Janis Joplin, Brian Jones, Robert Johnson

Is it just a coincidence that so many famous people in the music industry have died in the 27th year of their life?  When I heard the news of Amy Winehouse’s passing at the age of 27, my first thought was, “they got another one”.

She had reportedly stopped drinking and drugging right before her death.  There is no official OD reported. The news never really said how she died did they?  I remember the insinuations that her drug abuse may have been the cause, however that was never said right out.

Her neighbors reported strange sounds coming from Winehouse’s place the night she was murdered.

I don’t watch much MS news, however you’d think we would have heard something about this over on our “side of the pond”.

Another bit of the telling tale, is Kurt Cobain’s mother’s words the day after he died. In this incident it would seem membership is voluntary, as he had obviously mentioned the “club” to her prior to his suicide.  It is assumed (how would we really know what motivates a person to insanity of this caliber) they enter the club believing the 27th year of life to be the year our bodies are at optimum mentally, physically, in every way.   It is believed that they think by ending their life in their prime they will live forever at that age in the afterlife.  Can you say ~ fuh-reeeee-eeks.  Sheesh, you’d think they could find a better hobby group. Here’s another account of Cobain’s mom letting the cat out of the bag.

Ultimately you’ll need to decide for yourselves whether this is a valid claim, and that groups like this do exist, or if it’s all just a big bunch of coincedences strung together over the decades.  Please continue to research this topic on your own.

Jones and Hendrix


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