Manchurian Candy


Who is Candy Jones?  Is her story important? Is it true?  You’ll have to decide that for yourself.  Click the pic for a short bio.

There is a very distinct pattern in cases like Candy’s, beginning with early abuse in childhood, and including “black-out” moments when the puppet is unaware of their own actions for certain periods of time.  It’s also very practical to make the victim seem crazy, or in some way unstable.  While Candy was a well known model, and author among other things, she was also known as quirky, and married her second husband, “Long John” Nebel almost as if to prove this.  He was known in the ’70’s for his radio show where he discussed the paranormal, UFO’s, and of course psy-ops.  So it was assumed by most that he, by suggestion through hypnosis, was responsible for the mental torture which his wife experienced.  This is actually another chain link in the brain-washing method of mind-control developed in Nazi Germany, and passed onto us as part of Operation Paperclip. Don’t take my word for it, look into it yourselves.

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