Toppling Tesla’s Tower of Power


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Jack Warden was a wealthy banker and lawyer who lent Nikola Tesla 200 acres to develop a “Radio City” around his “Wardenclyffe Tower”.   J.P. Morgan backed him for awhile, but pulled out before the project could be completed.  Coincidently, around that same time Morgan and other venture capitalists such as George Westinghouse and John Jacob Astor all backed out at once, Tesla’s lab was destroyed mysteriously by fire.  All of his work ~ up in smoke.  He went into a severe depression right after, and it’s no wonder.

This structure was a wireless telecommunications tower Tesla intended to build to show how radio waves could be transmitted without the use of wires. That’s right we could have had wi-fi from the get go.  Tesla coils, Tesla turbines, alternating current motors. Think of all the other things that could have made life easier for us over 100 years ago, but have never been developed for public use.  These other technologies have however been developed into weapons. What kind of logic is that? Greedy logic, that’s what kind. The kind that makes the most money for the 1% ers. Tesla wasn’t in the plan for that.  He was going to make it less profitable for the oil and coal barons.  He had a plan to give the world FREE energy.  He had to go.

So, Otto Skorzeny (Hitler’s ex-bodyguard) who was living in the US at the time, went to his hotel room with Reinhard Gehlen (another Nazi), tricked Tesla into revealing secrets of his knowledge, and then smothered the 86-year-old man to death. We get Skorzeny’s deathbed confession via Eric Berman aka Eric “Orion” who dated Skorzeny’s daughter during the Nazi’s final days. It seems ol’ Otto was a little more than pissed at his buddy George HW Bush for confiscating about $100 million that Eva Peron had bequeathed her lova’ lova’ when she died. Otto did the wild thing so well, Evita left him all that Nazi stolen, Swiss bank and Vatican laundered, Argentinian moolah.  Then the GHWB CIA took it. That was it for ol’ Otto and he decided to spill the beans. So he told his daughter’s boyfriend everything. Including the confession that he was the CIA hit-man responsible for Tesla’s murder, and at one time a Nazi bodyguard for Hitler.

Otto & Adolph

Along with that confession came a box of more than a hundred photographs. Some of them showing Nazi war criminals aging comfortably through their American years on Kodachrome and Polaroid.  Among these photos appeared one in particular that might interest anyone who seeks TRUTH.  It shows a young George HW Bush in a German Navy uniform. Only his name at that time was Scherff, not Bush.

In this photo below you see in the very back is Joseph Mengele, with Otto Skorzeny to his left in t-shirt. Otto’s accomplice in the murder of Tesla, Reinhard Gehlen sits at the very left in a German sailor’s uniform. The other sailor is George H Scherff Jr.  with his parents to his left.  Coming to American as an “orphan” he was “adopted” by Prescott Bush, who many believe is Scherff Sr.  As Scherff Sr. was an accountant for Tesla, young “Curious George” was afforded the opportunity time after time to enter Tesla’s lab and get into things.  He was known to take documents from the lab. Bad boy Georgie. Curious George was also apparently linked to the JFK hit through his mafia, ahem, I mean CIA work, but that’s whole ‘nother story.  Seek the TRUTH.  It’s out there, go find it.  Knowledge conquers fear.  Educate to empower!

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  1. Nikola Tesla’s intention of providing free electricity to the masses was never fulflled. The greed and power of others kept Tesla from achieving his goal. One of the most talented scientists and inventors to ever live, Tesla does not get the credit and recogniton he deserves.

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