Hidden in Plain Sight


The other day I was telling a family member about the Georgia Guidestones.  I was really surprised to find out that they had never even heard of them. I have a hard time understanding why more people don’t know about this. It’s not at all hidden.  Go Here   As a matter of fact it dictates a clear agenda, and even has a signature of sorts that might lead one to believe it is a message of good.

In reading the stones message it doesn’t seem all together bad.  That is if you ignore the #1 item on the list of “commandments” which states we maintain a population of 500,000.  Only a drop in numbers by 6.5 billion, easy right?

Easy if you create vaccines to decrease the population or if you contaminate the food and water and air perhaps.

I don’t want to scare anyone.  I only want to make people aware of the TRUTH.  We all need to be prepared.  Turn off the TV for a start and see it for what it is, a distraction from reality.  Do your own research please.  And spread the truth as far as you can.


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