Crazy Town


Have you heard of the group of almost twenty high school girls who developed some strange neurological disorder all at the same time? Around a dozen of the girls all attend the same high school in Leroy, NY.  Erin Brokovich has entered the scene to explain her theory that it is the effects of a chemical spill some decade or so ago that have since then been latent.  A brief blurb on a 24 hr. mainstream news channel, mentioned Morgellon’s (although the newcaster mispronounced it) could be the cause. I am glad to see Morgellon’s being talked about as if it is a real concern and not “delusional parasitysis” as the powers that be would have us believe. What ever the cause, it is disconcerting and horrific for these girls.  I wonder why only one male has been effected by these “Tourette’s-like” symtoms. This makes me think it has something to do with hormones.

Deepak Chopra is saying it has to do with technology. Specifically internet addiction. That would be an easy fix ~ too easy if you ask me. I think it is something much more complex. Something that might not be an accident, or an addiction of any sort.

It has also been speculated that these girls are victims of the Gardasil vaccine. That would be a tragedy. It would not explain the boy becoming ill, as he would not have been given the shot.  This is a very strange sydrome and has to be very hard on the families as well as these children.

see the Today Show story on this here

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