Simply Clean


Before you go buying the newest poisons to “clean” with, take a few of these items out of your pantry and cupboards and see if you’re not surprised with the results. These are my top 5 favorite household cleaners.

Alcohol ~ good for windows and mirrors, excellent to dab (use a Q-tip) on house plants to control aphids, great disinfectant for kitchen and bathroom surfaces, removes sticker residue, sap, tar and other gooey stuff.

Baking Soda ~ this is incredible for taking odors out of carpets – add lavender buds if you like or just sprinkle it into the carpet and vacuum, or as a soft scrub cleanser on stainless steel or any surface that you don’t want to use an abrasive cleaner on.

Lemon Juice ~ great for dandruff, but will lighten the hair also, put the peel in the garbage disposal to make the kitchen smell lemony

Peroxide ~ stains come right out of whites, also use with baking soda as a tooth brushing product.  (add stevia powder to the soda to make it taste a little better and easier to use) Pour over toothbrush bristles, (don’t dip) and sprinkle powder over bristles or in your hand to dredge bristles in and brush away. You can also blend all the ingredients together at once and store in a small dark colored bottle until you use.

Vinegar ~ also good for glass and mirrors – dilute 1 part to 3 parts water and add a couple drops of liquid soap, takes care of dandruff and restores the hair’s natural ph balance.


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