This is incredible.  Where are these little nano-bots coming from? Chem-trails? GMO’s? Water supply?  Smart dust? I’d never even heard of such a thing!  Get ready to be blown away.

I find it odd that an entire study has been going on about this and yet nothing in the news or anything in the gazillion commercials pushed down our throats by Big Pharma.  Shouldn’t there be a pill with horrific side effects worse than the disease itself being touted as the answer to this dilemma?

Oh that’s right, according to our government’s puppets at the CDC this is not real.  It’s simply “delusional parasitysis”. . . hmm, these delusions have code markers.  .  .these people with Morgellon’s  have quite the imaginations don’t they?  Not as good as the CDC though. 

Here’s more by Rady Ananda on her excellent blog “Food Freedom”.

I encourage you to look into this for yourselves.

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