I am going to forgive!  There are some folks out in the world that will hate you if you are too happy.  (learned that the hard way. I used to be way too happy.) Now that I’m half a hundred, I think it’s time for a new perspective on life. Sort of a “back to the future” look at things. I used to love everyone initially. (That doesn’t mean I liked them all.) They really had to work hard to get me to stop. Then something occured over the years that made loving people icreasingly more difficult. I won’t bore you with the details, let’s just say . . . it happens that way sometimes.

Now, I have a choice to stay where I am or return to the place of unconditional love for all mankind good or evil.  This goes along with my not so typical New Year’s resolution.  As I’ve said before, it’s a bit harder than cutting down on chocolate, but I may be able to do this.   Can I pick some person who is seemingly rotten to the core and find it in my heart to overlook their misgivings (especially those that were misgiven to me in particular), without harboring a grudge in any way at all?  Ten years ago I wouldn’t have had enough people to make a list here, but things do change.  Things like the world, the people in it, myself, my choices . . . I can do this.

Fogiveness, not a problem. Breathe in . . .breathe out . . . release.  Namaste my babies!

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