More Wild Food


Aren’t these lovely?  Wild harvested Morels.  Such a tasty treat.  Look around in your area to see what you can harvest in the wild.  You might be surprised.  These went into a sauce for pasta, but they are also great in soups, omelettes,  and sauted with garlic in butter.

Try this super easy tempura batter:

1 C. ice water, 1 C. flour (any kind, experiment if you want), and 1 large egg.

for the mushrooms: slice in quarters or half, lengthwise. Pat dry, and drop in batter. Let rest a moment so batter can seep into the grooves.  With chopsticks or tongs, remove mushroom from batter and gently place in hot oil to deep fry.  Remove with a strainer or “bird’s nest” when golden brown.  Serve like they are or with your favorite dipping sauce.

You can use this same batter with almost any veggie.

(note: I have no idea why my picture doesn’t show up here, but if you click the little box it will take you to see it)

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