Ground Wave Emergency Network works on a VLF or Very Low Frequency.  GWEN is believed to be used in tandem with HAARP to create man-made weather, and “natural” disasters.   This system was to be completed by 1993, so it has been around for quite awhile. We can really only speculate what effects this will produce in the long(er) run.

We are being told that this system has been replaced in 1999 with satellites called Milstar SCAMP terminals and that the GWEN towers are no longer functioning.  Ummmm, not sure I believe our government scrapped that project using VLF and replaced it with satellites.  If you think so, please explain that to me.

Most of the GWEN towers are sold to us as “cell phone” towers. 

They don’t look like they would be too difficult to dismantle if say the project was actually scrapped.  I see these things all over the place, don’t you?

Here’s a little diagram to show you a little more information about GWEN towers.

I encourage you to educate yourself on this topic and let me know if you think our government is still covertly using GWEN towers.


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