My Dream of Zero Waste


I recently saw something on TV about a family who could fit a years worth of garbage into a mayonnaise jar.  They had two small kids and I wondered, what about the shoes the kids wore out that year. They weren’t in that mayonnaise jar.  Did they use them for planters?  Were they so eco-friendly the shoes could be composted?  What do you do with all the shoes Zero-Waste family?

I might be mailing junk mail back to the sender as per an online instructional video on how to get rid of excess junk mail.  This guy opened each one and stuffed everything but his information back into the prepaid return envelopes and even added extra if I remember correctly, like flyers or postcard ads, then mailed it back to the credit card, insurance, or whatever company.  I’m not sure if it will get the message across without at least a note or something saying STOP sending stuff, excessive-paper-wasting-company, but it does help get rid of garbage.  And it will keep the postal service in business a little longer.

Seriously though, I think about how I can use anything before I dispose of it.  Packaging is a biggie!  Companies that make the products we buy just aren’t getting it.  Do we need all of that plastic and cardboard surrounding that item?  It really aggravates me.  I think at this point in our history ALL companies that produce or manufacture goods should be complying with the utmost in standards not just for preserving our environment but also to repair the nightmares and damage they’ve caused with their greed. If the package is telling me the manufacturer doesn’t care about the planet, that tells me they certainly don’t care about me or anything else. . . but, money.

Recycling can sometimes look like a bad episode of hoarders if you don’t keep up with it, and some see no need in taking things into the recycling centers unless it’s worth the gas money.  However, we have to remember the real reason to do it is not for the nickel a can or whatever, it’s for our children. It’s for the future of this planet.

I only buy bottled water in dire thirst emergencies.  Hey, sometimes it happens and I’m not prepared.  I will however refill a plastic water bottle until it can no longer be recognized as an actual bottle (or until I lose the cap).  The newer ones have “less plastic” which means they’re flimsier, with a tiny, rougher edged, bottle top that can only be unscrewed by oompa loompas. Better is my large counter top water filteration system, and my refillable sports bottles.  Maybe not as conveniant.  The system and the bottles have to be cleaned and “single use products” certainly do not.

It’s a great goal to strive towards a zero waste home, and we will be putting more effort into it around here.  I’ll let you know how it goes.


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