SUPs Who Needs ‘Em?


Think for a minute how many disposable or ” Single Use Products” you have in your house.  How many homes in America have razors.  Do we own any other type anymore?  Below is a list of just some of the things off of the top of my head that we are using without a thought from one day to the next, and most of us aren’t even aware of the impact it’s having on our planet.

Plastic flatware  ~ refuse this at the counter, bring your own. There are many inexpensive, reuseable “picnic” sets that snap together in metal or recycled plastic.

Take out food packaging ~ if you eat out, just sit down and eat out.  You could bring your own containers if you don’t mind the wierd looks.

Plastic shopping bags ~ why are people so self concious about bringing in their own shopping bags??  C’mon people!  Not enough are even recycling them.  They make great little waste basket liners, tie the handles in knots and tuck under . . .viola!  Why buy MORE plastic bags to throw away?

Styrofoam ~ the stuff packed around electronics is sometimes sturdy enough to be used for risers.  Cut them with an X-acto knife to the size you want, set up a random stairstep arrangement, with smaller blocks toward the front (3 or 4 are best),  and drape with a nice velvet or satin. You can add a layer of lace, and tuck into edges and corners before you place the tchatchkes. This looks nice in a hutch for small collectables.

Pet toys ~ make your own!  Recycle denim, t-shirts, rope bits, get creative.  Your pooch could care less about the toy it’s the love from you they want.  Knot an old pant leg and play tug-o-war, next thing you know it’s Bowser’s favorite toy.  Embroider their name on it, or a face if you want, stuff it with some other recycled stuffing, maybe an old pillow that has been washed and cleaned.  Cut it open and re-use the stuff inside so you only discard the ticking.

Cardboard ~ This is the best weed blocker imaginable.  Just lay it all down flat in one layer on the bottom of your flower, or raised bed and cover with good, thick layer of weed free dirt.  The plants get a tremendous head start on the weeds and the worms absolutely LOVE the paper.

Disposable diapers ~ just try cloth in the daytime, with a soaker covering the rubber pants.  Use disposable rarely if ever.   Like the swimming ones, or for overnight.  Learn your childs potty pattern and use them for the messier times.  Usually around 20 minutes after they eat in my kids cases.  You might want them to sleep in disposables, otherwise you wash the bedclothes every day rather than once a week and how much is that helping the planet.

I could probably go on and on about this but I’ll give it a rest for now.  I need to head out to the barn to see what I can donate to the rummage sale scheduled this weekend at my kid’s charter school.  Another EXCELLENT way to recycle!!


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