Those are my daughter’s initials. Sequoia Opal Aurora Rose and then the last name too.  I couldn’t make up my mind. I was on my way to work as a counselor at the Domestic Violence shelter one morning right before she was about to be born, and decided that was one too many names.  I had to keep Opal that was my Grandmother’s name.  And no way I could give up Rose, I decided it would have to be Aurora.

That was it Aurora would be the sacrificed name.  I was very happy with myself that I made the decision so quickly, I am usually very indecisive.  As I beamed proudly I approached my turn at a place called “four-corners”.  Only I couldn’t turn.  I was mesmerized by what I saw about 3 miles ahead of me to the side of the road.  I instantly heard Stevie Wonder singing “there’s a ribbon in the sky for our loooooove”, and my jaw dropped.

There in front of me, stretching from about 10 feet off of the ground, going a mile into the sky easily, was the Aurora Borealis!  I had seen it twice before here in California, on cold, clear winter nights at around 10pm each time.  Both times the sky became a scarlet, rippling, iridescent curtain, shining across the horizon, against the coal-black, star-speckled, darkness.  This was very different. It was only one thin strip, in the middle of the morning, and it was green and blue and purple and yellow, but mostly green.  It wasn’t red at all.

I went right past my turn and was a little late for work, but when I told everyone what I had seen, it was agreed that was a good reason to be late.  I wish 16 years ago I would have had a handy camera phone but alas I didn’t.  However there were witnesses for the 2 red Auroras viewed at night from my back deck, so I know I didn’t imagine them.

I understand it is rare, but it does happen that the Aurora comes down this far.  I definitely consider it a blessing and a gift as well as a message.  My daughter loves her name, she’s called Quoi or Sequoia by everyone, but for her art she uses Aurora.


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