Jin Shin Jyuts-“who”?


Jin Shin is a form of acupressure that works the energy fields which flow through our bodies meridians.  Jin Shin Do requires a more firm pressure, whereas Jin Shin Jyutsu is a light touch therapy.  I discovered the benefits of Jin Shin Jyutsu when my family all came down with this horrible 2 week flu that had the nastiest symptoms ending with 3 or 4 days of blood-shot eyes. Not at all attractive, trust me. And all four of them got it, bad.

I thought I would escape the inevitable, as I usually do, but I started to feel it coming on. I decided I would try “Big Happy Janitor” from my “Instant Healing” book by Barbara Semple. It required 20 minutes of time to myself, but with everyone sick that was not  easy.  When I did  get a moment, I found the first symptom that my family had all suffered with for days went away completely, so I did it again the next day when the headache portion of the illness came into play. And like before all gone. My third and final day of flu symptoms my therapy was interrupted, which resulted in my having one blood-shot eye for half the day. It was weird, and funny to see.  I went through the entire 2 weeks of symptoms, then had no flu what-so-ever after the 3rd day.

That was a few years ago and I have to say I don’t miss getting sick.


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  1. Regardless of its causes, no one likes to experience feelings of nausea for long periods of time. Some folks take over-the-counter medications to assist ease their stomach pains, and sooth the sickening feeling. While these sorts of solutions are very successful, they’re not constantly readily available. Still, there is hope if you’re stuck out in public some place when the feeling starts to hit you, and that’s to use a simplified form of Chinese acupressure for nausea treatment.

  2. Acupuncture is an ancient practice that originated from China. Studies have shown that acupuncture releases hormones including endorphins, which creates feelings of natural well being. This hormone is an enabler of antibodies and helps attack viruses and infection.For centuries, acupuncture is the only infertility alternative in China and they had practised it with tremendous success. Quite typically, infertility solutions will contain acupuncture for fertility to be use in conjunction with herbal prescription.

    • Yes, I am aware that the practice originated in China, however I did not know about it being the only method for curing infertility for so long. That is a testament to the benefits of the modality. For me acupressure is easier. Extra tools aren’t needed which makes it instantly available. Of course, there are many tools that can be used to aid the therapist, but in emergency all you really need are your hands. I also agree that herbs should be used in conjunction with these modalities and lots of water!!

  3. This article dispels some of your questions and puts to rests the myths surrounding this 5000-year-old holistic health science. Yes, acupuncture has been in existence for 5000 years; compared to western medicine that is just over 200 years old. Does it hurt? Why would I will need it.

    • In my experience as a reciever of acupuncture therapies, there can be some discomfort if the needle is place in a point that has a large blockage. Although, in general I haven’t experienced anything I would define as pain. I am more comfortable with acupressure as I can feel blockage and energy flux through my hands, and that somehow makes me feel more connected to the reciever. Jin Shin is wonderful because it is a form of acupressure that provides simple and concise methods for healing one’s self, as well as others. Blessings to you Harris

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