Try Mac & No-cheese


If you want to try something tasty and super nutritious, cook up some pasta (any kind will do) and when it’s done drizzle it with nutritional yeast “cheese” sauce.   You can use the pasta water, any kind of milk, or broth to make the flakes thin enough to use for a sauce.  Adjust thickness to suit your individual taste. Add any veggies you would to other pasta dishes. Very tasty! I like to top this with a spoon of salsa and some pickled veggies. I use cracked black pepper but you won’t need salt at all.

Another delicious way to use nutritional yeast is in twice-baked potatoes ~ add soy or almond milk (original flavor, unsweetened) to the yeast flakes to make the “cheese” sauce.  To the scooped out potato add your veggie bacon, sauted veggies,  a couple spoons of non-dairy sour cream, and 1/2 of the sauce. Drizzle the rest over the top and add cracked black pepper or red chili flakes before you re-bake to brown tops.

These are just a couple of ways to eat healthier starting today!


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