Home’s Cool!


If you’re fortunate enough to be able to home school (or crazy enough, it takes a little of that too), you quickly learn the benefits. For instance, you can do “pajama day” any day, not just once a year!  You don’t need to find that missing shoe before breakfast,  eating barefoot is okay. You’ll find you don’t need both socks for math ( if a boy has two socks on when he gets out of the room, and one sock falls off of his foot into the abyss before he actually makes it to his desk, how many remain?).   Field trips can be planned, organized, and done without board approval, and best of all, everyday is “take your pet to school day”.  Nothin’ helps get you through history better than a furry friend.

It is also the hardest, most thankless, least recognized job I have ever done.  I’d do it again in a heartbeat.

When you think about it, every parent home schools. Starting with teaching them to walk, how to feed themselves, brush the teeth, and the hair . . .and working into the hours of homework they bring in for you to help them with every night from traditional public school.

We did have a whole lot of fun, but sometimes I was reminded of the reality that most kids are just ran through a system. Where the round peg needs to fit neatly in the round hole, no square pegs allowed. I have 3 square pegs, home school was not a choice for me.

They know things already.  Soul-Knowledge they are born with.  They’re much smarter than the older folks will admit. They know when the text is lying.  And they know when they’re being brainwashed.

Levi was doing economics and the question was something about the cost of war. He said, “Mom, the book asks if war makes money or costs money”.   I listened attentively as he continued, ” I think they want me to say it costs money, but war is only to make money for the greedy, so how can I lie?”

Inside I ached a little as I explained he just needed to put the answer they wanted on his paper, but in his heart know he was right and the book was wrong. We had already talked about the war machine and who profited in the long run. Sure, it costs. It costs lives.  It costs for the cities destroyed.  It costs the ultimate breakdown and destruction of ethics and morals.

But for the greedy it makes money.


Even if you can’t home school for whatever reason, you can always continue to feed that Soul-Knowledge your child is born with.  Be aware of it, nurture it, let your child know the value of it.


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