Free Your Mind


Can you remember being a child? Wake up a long forgotten innocence.  Forget the bills, the teen drama, the bad neighbor. . . just stay for a moment in that time of exhilaration you knew as a child.  Running as fast as you can against the wind, rolling in a sunny meadow, searching the clouds or the stars for familiar shapes, trying to breathe in the fragrance of a flower so deeply you almost forget to exhale, playing with your friends until you are laughing outloud . . . touch those memories that take you back there to that place of innocence.  Then, let the memories go and keep that feeling with you. Fill your soul with it.  Let it overwhelm the day-to-day negativity  that tends to bog down our creative, natural self. Fly into the New Year with the heart of a child!

Trust yourself, you know what’s best for you.


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