I Got It!


I was having a get together and asked one of my friends if they would be able to attend. She said not if a certain one of my other friends was going to be there. I asked why she didn’t want to go if my other friend was coming and she said that my other friend was “too nice” and “noone is that nice”. Several things happened after that, one being I never hung out with the friend who thought the other was too nice again.  I wondered why I wasn’t “too nice” for her to hang out with also.  I am nice. . . really, really freakin’ nice.  And the most important thing I took away from that conversation/invitation was that I was going to be “Too Nice”.  And I was!!! I CHANGED MY WORLD!  It affected everyone, everywhere I went. It was amazing. Then I slacked off a bit and let the world get to me and became average nice again.

So here it is, my new, New Year’s Resolution :  I am going to be TOO NICE for the entire year!!  Not as easy as giving up chocolate, but I believe I can do this.

Happy Year of the Dragon!


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