Sometimes I forget to do that myself.  I get caught up in the hustle bustle, and just want to get things done and over with.  Then I seem to be given gentle cosmic nudges to remind me, all I have is time.

A while ago I was in a crowded store, reading labels as I’m known to do, when I was gently reminded.  I think the circus was in town, the place was packed with wackos of every description.  All most of them were missing was a big red nose and some floppy shoes.  I’m sure they all came in the same tiny car.

I couldn’t get out of the aisle I was pinned up against the frijoles in, so I just smiled at people and waited until I saw an opening. Meanwhile the giant, hairy, leather vested man behind me was getting furious. Literally huffing and puffing, and swearing out loud.  I thought he doesn’t look like the gentlemanly type, he’ll want to go 1st.

He did, no surprise . . . and at the same exact time the aisle we were in became desolate.  Just the two of us.  I was still pinned up against the frijoles, only by one giant, hairy man, rather than a rushing crowd.  My smile was soon enough a toothy grin and then I had to laugh right out loud.  In his mad haste he had almost pushed his cart into the cart of an oncoming tiny angel woman. (not why I laughed)

She knew exactly what she was doing as she shuffled by at a speed you might call reverse.  I would guess she was almost 90, and about 4′ 9″.  She shone like a bright golden star.  Her dimpled smile went from ear to ear, across tiny, pink, apple-cheeks.  The giggle in my heart ripped through my lips as Big Hairy let out a large sigh. I couldn’t stop giggling as I watched him shuffle in behind her.  He was going that way!!


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