Pro-teen Protein


The kids are not shy when it comes to telling me what they want to eat. They have finally stopped trying to get me not to use the “O” word when I ask them about what it is they are eating or drinking. Being teenagers they of course know more than me about everything in the world and according to them “everything kills you so why bother sticking to organic?” and I have to admit they seem to be right. Our air has been chem-trailed, our water fracked, our food GMOed. Why not suck down a Monster drink and a Snickers and forget your troubles. Because, Mommy says so that’s why. Now come home, and eat something healthy.

Quoia’s Favorite Falafel

You need: sauce pan for deep frying, slotted spoon or long handled small metal strainer,

Oil, enough to fill pan maybe 2 inches up

Chickpeas, cooked (save broth), let sit overnight in fridge before using, (you can also use canned)

Bread Crumbs (if you don’t want to use eggs, mix with Oats, grind in coffee grinder)

Onions, Celery, Garlic ~ finely minced

Cracked Black Pepper

Cumin, dash or 2

Eggs (optional) 1-2

1.  Smash the beans to mush, add enough bread crumbs to equal half the amount of beans. So it is 2 parts mashed beans to 1 part bread crumbs. (save some crumbs to roll falafel in)

2.  Add minced veggies, and spices. Mix thoroughly. Add more bean broth if needed to maintain a doughy consistancy. If too mushy add more crumbs and oats.

3.  Add beaten egg or not. This is where you’ll need the sticky oats to help bind everything together if you don’t use eggs.  Blend well and chill 20 minutes to an hour. (this is best but not neccesary, can be fried immediately)

4.  In saucepan or deep skillet heat up oil for deep frying.  With tablespoon scoop out small amount of dough. Drop into finely crushed bread crumbs. Roll lightly to form football shape and place in the oil.

5.  When lightly brown remove from oil and place in warm oven on a stone or in pyrex to keep until you finish making the rest.

These are also really good cold the next day.

The sauce we use is another easy one.  Only a few ingredients : Cucumber, Plain Yogurt, Garlic, Onion, Lemon Zest and/or Juice, Red Chili Flakes (opt.)

1st shred the peeled cucumber and chop into smaller pieces, Add a few spoons of yogurt and the finely minced garlic and onion. I shred the onion too.  I like alot so maybe 1/2 of a small onion and 4 cloves of garlic for a 1-2 C. batch of sauce.

Adjust all ingredients to suit your personal taste. We add a few drops of lemon juice and/or minced lemon zest, and of course as with almost everything red chili flakes.

Warm up a pita, open it and stuff it with lettuce, tomato, falafel and sauce.  I’m pretty sure you’ll enjoy


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