My New, New Year’s Resolution


Okay, well I haven’t really come up with a new one yet. I’m trying to think of one that has even a slight possibility of my accomplishing it. So far I’m battin’ zero out of 50. But I’m an optimist.  This year I almost made it.  Well, I amended my resolution in February so maybe to some of you that wouldn’t count. . . . I’m countin’ it .   So, what did I set myself up to fail at in 2011?  As usual it involves self-restraint (maybe I should try a new theme in 2012, like philanthropy, I’m really quite good at that one).

I thought I chose an easy one when I proposed to use up all of my craft supplies before buying any more this year. That should have been simple, given the massive amounts of yarn that I have already accumulated. Yet. . .uh-uh, not so. Quickly realizing the impossibility of that fantasy, within moments I changed it to yarn only. And I would have made it too if I were color blind or from some place in my head that didn’t care about clashing.  So, again it was amended, but not until April when I needed a sage green boucle.  Some may say yarn is a “want” not a “need” and to them I say ~ y’all might need to learn how to crochet. It is addicting and there is no re-hab available as of yet. And your people won’t let you stop, “Mom, can you make a hat like the one in this picture?”, “Auntie, I need another one of those!” and my favorite, “how come he got one and I didn’t”.  Not that I mind at all. The reward of knowing that something you made with your own hands is wanted and loved by someone you love is such a pleasure. That great feeling you get seeing them wear it or pull  it out  of a drawer or closet to show off to company.  Spiritually uplifting always!  If it comes down to a choice ~ resolution, schmesolution, I choose pleasure.  (shame about the whole self-restraint thing)

So, in April I realized I had been requesting  of myself that which could not be done, and that was when I applied my final ammendment.  This was a first for me, every single year prior I had simply given up somewhere between week one and week three. This was different, I had made it almost 4 months, I still had 14 1/2 tons of yarn left (you’d think there would have been some sage boucle), all I needed was another chance. My new ammendment was to not buy more than $100 worth of supplies of any type this year. I was at about $97 by the end of November.  Pretty good for me, nay, very good for me.

And I would have made it too ~ if not for Christmas and a certain girl-child who among the many things she recited to me in a verbal listing, wants pink and green dog and bunny puppets. I’m all outta pink!

Another benefit to this particular resolution is that my yarn supply is no longer embarrassingly large, and making me feel that I am teetering on the edge of hoarderdom.  I used up a lot of what I had, and only bought the fill-in bits.

Oh well, there’s always next year!


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