My Favorite Tofu


This is a great vid on how to make your own tofu.  There is no need to buy an expensive cheese mold like the one you see in this vid you can make your tofu round, by using a strainer or colandar that’s strong enough to hold a heavy weight for pressing.

The absolute best way to eat tofu is dredged in nutritional yeast after a light frying.  That is all there is to that, you simply fry thin (1/3 “- 1/2”) slices of tofu in olive oil and minced garlic. When golden brown place on paper to drain for a few seconds, then dredge in the nutritional yeast.  Turn it into a sandwich or eat it in a tortilla. This is something I learned working in the cannery on The Farm in Summertown, TN. When I worked there we fed 300 hungry workers everyday.  I don’t remember one compaint! That was a very rewarding job.

Another great way to prepare tofu that will take you by surprise is in a fajita. Here’s how I make them:

You need: Tofu, Vegetarian Chicken Broth Powder, Onion, Bell Pepper, Garlic, Black Pepper, Celery, OG Taco Seasoning, Olive oil. Tortillas and Salsa

Slice tofu in finger length pieces and sprinkle lightly with powdered vegetarian chicken broth.

Slice all veggies in thin pieces about 1″ long. Sweat onion and celery in olive oil, then add pepper and lightly brown all. Remove from pan. Veggies should be somewhat crispy still. Add more oil if needed. Lastly add seasoned tofu and fry to golden brown.

 Gently toss veggies back into pan, add taco seasoning, mix lightly, and serve on warm tortillas with salsa.

These are 2 ways to eat tofu that will appeal to even the stubbornest carnivore.

I hope you enjoy!!


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