Where to Begin?


We thought we were doing the right thing eating tofu and “soysage”.  Now we find out the United States soy crop is 85% GMO.  What do we do now? And knowing that soy is in almost everything we eat, added as filler to pre-formed  meat products, and as emulsifiers in mayonnaise, and even some cosmetics, what do we do? The best way to avoid GMO soy is to not eat soy.  However that is not so easy. Soy is in so many things that we eat & use everyday.  The following is an adapted list I found that was very complete. I’ve deleted the redundant (you probably already know that soybeans and soy sauce are soy products), added descriptions to items on the list, as well as a few suggested substitutions. I hope you find it helpful. Do your best to go organic whenever possible, grow whatever food you can for yourself, and above all ~ Don’t Panic, we will get through this evil that is Monsatan!!

Akara     : a bean fritter ~ try it the traditional African style with black-eyed peas instead of soy

Bulking Agent    : a filler, to make the food appear to be larger

Boullion     : soup base

Carob     : sometimes used as a chocolate substitute

Edamame     : immature soybean still in pod

Emulsifiers (if unspecified)     : stuff that keeps water and oil from seperating in mayo, salad dressing and milk, & more

Gum Arabic     : in pure form (before soy is added) it is the sap from the 2 types of acacia trees

Guar Gum     : a white powdery thickener made from beans

Hydrolyzed Vegetable Protein or Hydrolyzed Protein (HVP)    :http://www.foodpoisonjournal.com/foodborne-illness-outbreaks/what-is-hydrolyzed-vegetable-protein-or-hvp-and-what-products-might-contain-salmonella-tennessee/  (ew!)

Isoflavones    : one of 2 main groups of phytoestrogens (plant derived hormones) known to cause ED and lowered libido in men

Isolated Soy Protein     : hulled, defatted beans ground to powder and the protien is extracted,what remains is sold as soy flour.

Kinako     : flour made from roasted beans

Kouridofu     : kouri = freeze-dried, dofu = tofu

Lecithin     : waste from soy oil processing, contains all the toxins (pesticides, etc.) can be a solid or a gummy liquid.

Miso     : a flavoring paste made from the fermented beans

Mono and Diglycerides    : hydogenated oils used as emulsifiers

Mono Sodium Glutamates (MSG)     : debilitates the hypothalamus, causing obesity 

Natto     : gross, fermented beans in a snotty thick liquid. . .absolutely repulsive, noone in their right mind would eat this.

Natural, Organic or Artificial Flavors (if the flavor isn’t listed in brackets beside it then it’s most likely soy-based)

Olean     : remember Olestra?  mmm-hmm, this is it’s poison base

Shoyu Sauce     : (soy) sauce made from fermented beans

Soja     : another name for soybean

Tamari     : a dark, thick soy sauce

Tempeh     : fremented bean cakes, usually cut in squares or blocks

Teriyaki     : soy sauce, and mirin (sake & sugar), & more sugar

Tofu     : bean curd

Tofutti     : bean curd ice cream, sometimes called “ice bean”

Vegetable Broth, Gum, Paste, Protein, Oil, Shortening, Starch   : all are made with soy products

Vitamin E    : derived from soy bean oil

Yuba     : the thick leathery skin sliced off the tofu block

Instant coffee    : ground beans used as an extender, grind your own organic REAL beans (worth the extra work, for sure)

Margarine  : just use butter anyway, but soy is used as emulsifier and a fat

Canned tuna  : if it is packed in oil, it may be soy oil . . .if you must have tuna, eat water-packed tuna only

Mayonnaise  : uses soy oil and emulsifiers

Please read this article on “Why Soy is Bad”   www.optimumchoices.com/Soy.htm

As it turns out we now need an alternative to our alternative.  Not to worry, there are so many other sources of protein it would make your head spin.  And if you aren’t the PMS or peri-menopausal woman, or a man worried about your libido, you may be fine using the phytoestrogen rich (organic) soybean in your diet.


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